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Good News in MN this weekend at my BPOU...

We had a good turnout for our county convention to vote for 30 Delegates to go on to the State convention.... There was about 180 delegates to show up and about 70% plus were Ron Paul supporters... Have a good feeling that we advanced all RP supporters on to the next level.

I can't stress how important its to become a delegate to the convention and also become alternate delegates.

Some of the precincts had 5 delegates alloted and like only 2 show up as main delegates, so if you can be appointed as an alternate delegate please do so. My wife was an alternate delegate and was placed in as a main delegate.

Even though we had good organization, it was amazing one of my friends precinct won 6 out of the 8 Delegates were RP supporters, but only 2 showed up to vote today!

Please remember if you want to change things become involved in the Party. We picked up a number of board positions. We also had a few Liberty people running for mayors!

If you want change get involved!

IN Liberty!

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I'm sure we would win

if people who agreed to become delegates would just SHOW UP. I believe the nomination will be won by whoever has the most dedicated supporters, unless Romney can buy his way to 1144 before the convention. I thought that Ron Paul had it in the bag for motivated supporters, but now I'm starting to wonder.

It would sure be a major tragedy if we fell just short. I am broken up over the fact that the next convention is while I'm out of town. I am trying to make up for it by writing an E-mail to convince Santorum supporters (send me E-mail if you are interested)

Have some questions

First, thank you, Northstar Freedom, for all your work, time and effort to become a delegate.
Does anyone here think that maybe the RP delegates that didn't show up may have actually been from 'the dark side' and pretended to be RP supporters?
Reading this blog, one will find a lot of info and everyone knows RP's strategy so why wouldn't the 'dark siders' try to thwart our efforts?
As great as hearing good news is - I sometimes feel we are seriously showing our hand and we KNOW the GOP is going to do everything in its power to stop the good Doctor from being its nominee. Why wouldn't non-RPers try to become RP delegates just to screw us up?
And is it possible for real RP delegates to somehow secretly strategizing with other RP delegates to ensure they will all attend the meeting? I know that may be difficult to do, but when I read that 6 of 8 delegates are RP supporters but only 2 show up I have to wonder how dedicated those 4 absentee delegates are and if they really are RP supporters.
Perhaps I'm a bit too overcautious, or have become jaded, but after watching the GOP fraud caucus results again and again, I just think more care needs to be taken.
I truly do appreciate those who show up and are fighting for positions within the GOP and running for office and my comments aren't meant to take anything away from those true patriots. I just don't want to see us be had by old guard GOP thugs.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

The problem was the redistricting thats going on with the States

Not all people received a call from the GOP and they had old delegates on their list, so I had to talk with the district chair to be seat along with another Ron Paul supporter who showed up today. But it went both ways as some other Candidate delegates were not at the meeting as well. So its possible some didn't show because they didn't receive a call but a dedicate supporter knows what is going on... But they say on average 10% to 15% of regular and alternates wont show up for the conventions...

There was one precinct where 5 Delegates showed up and they seated 6 and 5 alternates showed up to for that one spot. But it was sure good to see candidates running for mayors,house representatives and US spots that were very Liberty minded.

Folks please work to become a delegates there isn't much to the process.

I agree

With all these Ron Paul delegates we have...how many are playing us and are really Romney supporters? If there was a good way to investigate our delegates..we need to get started..

What stopped some RP delegates from coming...

to the convention was the cost. It cost $15.00 if you pre-registered and $20.00 if you registered at the convention. Lunch cost another $10.00.

A husband and wife would have had to shell out $50.00 if they pre-registered and wanted to eat.

Students got a special rate of $10 for registration.

One delegate went to the microphone and complained about the cost at our convention.

Perhaps the RP campaign should look at these fees and help delegates for RP with the expense if they can't afford it.

Minnesota Mary

Any delegate who needs help need only post and ask

Ron Paul's campaign is running on a shoe string and needs more money coming in. Many of us cannot give to him directly anymore having reached our limits either earlier in the year or last year like I did. But personally I would be happy to help some delegates attend. I have started my own business again to be able to support this effort.

Folks this is a critical time. Please reach deep - into your savings or 401Ks to help Dr. Paul. If we continue down this road there will be nothing left of our 401Ks anyway. Better to put it to a good cause now with someone who can lead our nation back to sound fiscal policies without which we will all end up desperately poor. Now is the time to invest in our future in every way you can - in the delegates, in Dr. Paul's campaign first, in the full time volunteers working for our liberty, the dailypaul, rev pac, etc.. Some of us can work for the campaign full time and some of us can't - but we can support those who can. Dig deep - there won't be anything left if we continue down this path and it will take all of us - our effort, our time and our money to make this happen. Don't expect help from the GOP - it is not coming - this is something you and I have to do. NOW IS OUR TIME, THIS IS OUR MOMENT...DON'T HOLD BACK IN ANY WAY!


Congratulations Northstar!

Sounds like your county is another hot bed of Ron Paul supporters!

In Blue Earth County we had some RP delegates that never showed up for the convention also. Why hog a delegate spot if you don't show up? Makes no sense.

Minnesota Mary

With redistricting the district had old delegates from the

previous election cycle, so we had to talk to the Chair and get seated. We were supposed to receive calls from the GOP but they never called... That could have been a problem for some who didn't show up including delegates from the other campaigns. It was good to hear we had two good candidates for US Senate this time with military experience who follow the Constitution.


I cannot really commit to getting my feet in these

committees and putting myself out there as of yet, but I donate what I can and spread information where I can. I look forward to the day I can step into the spotlight a little more, but can't do it right at this time. I do appreciate all who can get involved and look forward to sticking my neck out a little further in the near future. Keep up the great work!!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!