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Breaking! Las Vegas, Nevada. Ron Paul Delegates SWEEP The Clark County Convention!

Chairman Gibbs brought the meeting to order by asking for any Santorum supporters to please raise their hands. A handful of people raised their hands. Then he asked for Gingrich. He got 2 handfuls. When he asked for Romney, his people clustered near the front of the main room raised their hands with a great cheer.

When he asked for Ron Paul what looked like about 2/3rds of the crowd of over 2,600 delegates leaped to their feet as one and unleashed a thunderous ovation that lasted for 30 seconds. It was absolutely electrifying.

Things settled down and we got down to business. We were allowed to self nominate ourselves as delegates to the state convention. Clark County which is BY FAR the most populated county in the state is allowed 1900 delegates. As only a little over 1,200 volunteered, all who signed up were confirmed as delegates. I do not have any exact numbers, but I can tell you we are likely to have an even larger majority at state than we did here. And this was DECISIVE.

We heard from local candidates running for office. Senators Dean Heller and Joe Heck both spoke and were received with something less than whole hearted support, and deservedly so for their unconstitutional votes for NDAA and the patriot act.

But the best part was filling the 14 seats on the Clark County Republican Party Executive Board. These are the people who set local policy. Each of the candidates was given only 30 seconds to speak.

Are you ready for this?


When the results were announced a Ron Paul cheer went up and if the Romney people were balloons you would have heard the air draining out of every one of them with a big, sad whoosh.

The Clark County platform now OFFICIALLY calls for holding elected officials to their oath to defend the constitution, or face removal from office. The party platform now also calls for the repeal of the 16th amendment and a full public audit of the federal reserve.

What does this all mean? It means all the garbage the media has been feeding us is precisely that. It means the campaigns delegate strategy works. It means this party is JUST GETTING STARTED!

People, turn off your televisions and get to work. And if you want to have the experience of a lifetime standing there sweating and crying for joy, go be A Ron Paul delegate at your county and state convention. UNBELIEVABLE.



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The CCRP Secretary is one of the biggest Ron Paul supporters ever. I know her personally ;)

This is what the new E-board did at their first Central Committee Meeting, 10 days after their election:

Clark County Republicans Encourage Elected Officials to Reconsider Support for Tax Increase

News Release - March 25, 2012

Las Vegas, Nevada – March 20, 2012 – at its bimonthly meeting, the Clark County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) adopted a resolution to encourage elected officials not to raise taxes by extending “sunset” taxes past expiration date.

On March 13, 2012, Governor Brian Sandoval issued a statement that he will be extending the so-called “sunset” taxes past their scheduled expiration. The “sunset” taxes were passed in the 2009 legislature as temporary taxes with a built-in expiration date of June, 2011, which was then extended to June 2013. In Governor Sandoval’s proposed budget, this expiration date will be extended back to June 2015. This action directly contradicts his 2010 campaign statement that, “raising taxes is the worst possible thing you can do” after a recession.

In his recent statement, the Governor is trying to posture himself as being against tax increases, asking taxpayers to not consider the re-extension of a tax that was scheduled to expire as a tax increase. The Clark County Republican Party (CCRP) considers the prevention of the scheduled expiration of a tax as being analogous to directly raising taxes. It is deeply disappointing to see Governor Sandoval once again renege on his “no-new tax” promise by preventing the “sunset” taxes from expiring as scheduled. Raising taxes on Nevadans in the midst of this terrible recession is not an appropriate solution to the state’s budgetary woes.

Moreover, the “sunset” taxes specifically reduce the prospects of an economic recovery by making Nevada less attractive to new businesses. The original temporary taxes included, amongst other things, a doubling of both the private-sector payroll tax as well as the cost of business licensing. To prevent their scheduled expiration will only further discourage new businesses (and the jobs that they create) from coming to Nevada.

The Republican Party must stand with the people and offer an alternative to big government ideology. In addition to offering resistance to the call for ever higher rates of government spending and taxation, it is imperative that Republican leaders honor their promises made to their constituents. This breach of trust by Governor Sandoval must not be replicated by fellow Nevada Republican policymakers.

The CCRP has also observed that Republican Senators Michael Roberson, Greg Brower, and Ben Kieckheifer expressed their support for this tax increase. Considering Senator Roberson campaigned on the promise of repealing these specific taxes, supporting their extension now is particularly disconcerting. The trust between citizens and elected officials is of paramount importance to the CCRP. Any actions that compromise that trust are detrimental to the integrity of the Republican Party as a whole, and must be avoided whenever possible.

The increased budgetary burden imposed by the President’s Health and Affordability Act is substantial and must be addressed by Nevada policymakers. The solution, however, is not to raise taxes again. The non-partisan, non-profit Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) has just released their Solutions 2013 pamphlet which offers Nevada policymakers 88 pages of policy changes that can result in reduced expenditures, without resorting to tax hikes.

It is the responsibility of Republican leaders to promote fiscally responsible, conservative solutions that put the taxpayers first. As such, we encourage our Republican elected officials to reconsider their support for this tax increase. The CCRP asks all Nevada Republican voters to express their concerns directly to the Governor and any other Republican policymakers who support this misguided proposal.

A late report re: GOP CC convention

I was there and it was glorious to see.

I was with a new RP supporter (72 YO) I met that morning. He did not know about lights out in 2008. He was appalled. He was also extremely annoyed that they wasted our time debating the planks all afternoon.

When it ended, we were walking down the hall. He turned to me and said, "I won't vote for anyone else but Ron Paul!" Immediately this horrible woman in a red suit attacked this very lovely gentleman in the most rude manner. "You're not really a Republican! What the hell is wrong with you Ron Paul people; you're going to lose us the election!" She ran away from us quickly but continued to complain to her cohorts.

I almost responded in my best NY subway style but saw he was confused by her attack, so I let it go. I tried to explain the whole situation to him.

I've had it. I'm going to attend every Republican meeting and support these newly elected RP supporters. I'm also a delegate so I'm going to Reno on the May 5th.


I thought the state convention was in Sparks?

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Yes, we have the E-Board. We

Yes, we have the E-Board. We all should be involved and supporting our community. We've got this! I'll be there as well all the way!

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶

One adjective is not enough...

to describe how awesome this is Bobspirit! Thank you so very much for reporting this to everyone. Everyone should understand that this is how we win and how we transform the Republican party to achieve our revolution.

My recent county convention had only 151 of 308 delegate slots filled. As you and others point out, showing up is the most important thing people can do. Even if you don't want to or can't go to Tampa those that can and will need your support at each convention level.

For those reading who live in North Carolina, many county conventions have yet to be held. Please see my thread here:


Check the State GOP calendar (also linked within the thread linked above) for confirmations and be sure to bring as many registered Republican Paul supporters as you can because you ALL we most likely become delegates straight through to the State convention.

Once you become a delegate, begin connecting with others like myself in other counties so we can organize our nominees and ensure they receive support to go to Tampa even if initially bound to another candidate. Jesse Benton spoke specifically about this on MSNBC today. Working smarter is the way we win.

"Criticizing Ron Paul for not passing bills in Congress is like criticizing a nun in a whore house for not turning tricks. He was there to stop the "whoring," not become one!" ~ Blake Buffington

great work Clark County !

THIS is how its done !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

I did a count myself of the big room...

Eyeball count looked like roughly 1000 people in the big room. There were only two other rooms filled with a few more hundred people combined. So I'm thinking the 2600 number may be actually incorrect. So instead it looks like most everyone who attended is participating at the state level. Yes, we still have 700 lost opportunities but that's allot less than last time. So I want to hand it to everyone who's trying so very hard, we just need to keep getting as many MORE people involved as possible. So I am also trying to convince as many people I know around the country to take the initiative to become a delegate in their own primary or caucus. Everyone knows the straw polls are rigged so our delegate and GOP convention system will be picking our republican nominee for president. Everyone in our fight for freedom has the same responsibility to become a delegate, not just going to vote. Yes, we have lost, but we have also won...AND WE CAN KEEP WINNING MORE AND MORE... KEEP TRYING HARDER... WE STILL HAVE ALLOT OF CAUCUSES AND PRIMARIES LEFT TO GO THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY... WE CAN STILL BEAT THE CLOCK AND FILL UP ALL THE DELEGATE SPOTS WITH RON PAUL SUPPORTERS IN THE REMAINING CAUCUSES AND PRIMARIES COMING UP!!! So again I encourage anyone who is willing and able, to become a delegate and JOIN US IN THIS FIGHT!!! If you haven't already, and your primary or caucus is still yet to happen, contact your local RON PAUL campaign HQ for more details and information on how to become a delegate... Anyone registered republican to vote can DO THIS! Go to ronpaul2012.com - http://www.ronpaul2012.com/ - and call the number listed on the Contact Us page and ask for more info on how to become a delegate...

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

ron paul for president 2012

The sun is rising at last and shining its light on Ron Paul - the only credible man for US president 2012 and restoration of the US to its constitutional foundations - I am one of many RP supporters from UK - keep the steam roller chugging on.

Revolution LOVE!

Ron Paul for President! Stop the black out!

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
Quick Humorous Satire course on Ron Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_65316&...

Yes, the Clark GOP Secretary

Yes, the Clark GOP Secretary is a true blue RP supporter... The only one on the board until yesterday...Haha

SO that gives us 15 of 21?...


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Well that makes my heart

Well that makes my heart sing!!!!

700 Lost Oportunities

1900 permitted
1200 confirmed
700 more that could have been Ron Paul delegates to the next level.

As I keep trying to say, those who show up, win. This county did not fill its delegation. This happens all the time. What happens is, the big-wigs don't even show up, often, but get appointed later. That couldn't happen if every delegate and alternate slot were already filled with a Ron Paul supporter.

Even if you are not able to go to Florida, if you can make it to the next level, do it. You need to be there to vote for those who will go.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

It was beautiful! Then the

It was beautiful! Then the the crowd breaking out in chanting "Ron Paul!" at our county convention, as we swept the election of our E-board. Could hear the Romney supporters (there were minute supporters there for the other two) deflating. Hahaha! I turned to my friend and just said, "Good will always win."

Ron Paul R3voLution!

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶

ccrp2012caucus.org "website not found"

Anyone know if they have taken down their site or has it been like this for a while?

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

The caucus site is

The caucus site is nvgopcaucus.com

The Clark GOP site is clarkgop.org

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶

Good Job!


Keep fighting... Ron Paul will stay in 'till the end and Paul supporters can have a huge impact at a contested convention. There is yet still hope for us.

Similar in Jefferson County Iowa

Kudos to the local Ron Paul supporters for great organizing power. Last night we got 12 of 12 - 100% - of delegates, and the vast majority of alternates elected to the District and Iowa State conventions. All are totally committed to Ron Paul. It is inspiring to think this could be happening all over the country.

The Significance of this cannot be Understated

Forget about the election of Ron Paul for just a moment. Look at what has just happened. Because of this delegate process, the true, fervent supporters and the grassroots effort was able to change the local political scene. This is just one area. I imagine that the same thing is happening in Iowa, Maine, and other states across the nation that have caucuses. Ron Paul is taking over the GOP from the bottom up. Instead of attacking and trying to secure the nomination by the typical route, he is, by this strategy, effectively changing the face of the GOP. The political system is changing, and Ron Paul may be a modern-day William Jennings Bryan (who was able to change the face of the Democratic Party).

I am looking forward to the 2012 election, but if this is true, I look forward to the future of the GOP. We are fighting back, the corrupt leaders cannot hold their ground for too much longer now. This is so much bigger than just a presidential election.

The Jerry Doyle Show ought to be flooded Monday!

This happened on his turf and I'm sure he was there. How has he been covering the race going into your County Convention?


Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass


1. If you haven't already, it is imperative that all delegates report and STAY IN CONTACT with your local campaign HQ. Listen up Folks - we need to stay together!!! Strength in numbers!!! If you don't do this you could be left out of some very critical information which could result in counterproductivity to the campaign. Also, since the establishment is in full swing with the shenanigans, it's very important that we all know each who we are and if they try to isolate any of us for anything, it will backfire. We MUST keep in contact with HQ on what is going on with us individually to ensure fairness throughout the process...

2. Carl Bunce, our Nevada Campaign Chairman held daily delegate training sessions for the weeks prior to our convention explaining the process and training us on Roberts Rules of Order - the recognized guide to running meetings and conferences effectively and fairly. I personally attended two delegate training sessions to get all of my questions answered. This is very important and an effective tool to use to get your message across - especially if you happen to be a loudmouth like me LOL... Or, just for anyone who wants to express themselves at the conference. So be sure to check in with your local campaign HQ to get everything you need to be prepared.

3. During our conference, it appeared there was a strategy of trying to move the confirmation of delegates to the end of the meeting likely after everyone is left not leaving a sufficient quorum, whereas they have an excuse to adjourn, leaving all of us hanging... this is what happened in 2008... NEVER again!!! So, if you get to the delegate conference and you look at the agenda, and it says the confirmation of delegates is the last order or a late order of business, be sure there is someone - preferably the leaders from campaign HQ to help move the item up on the agenda, and also be sure there is another motion made to be sure the confirmation is not open for reconsideration. If the confirmation is left open, this allows for dirty tricksters to bring it up again later, pull shenanigans and leave everyone hanging... Don't play into the tricksters!!!

4. Be sure you get a receipt when you fill out your delegate form to move to the next level. For us, it's county then state. So our forms we filled out were for the Nevada State GOP Convention that is set to take place on May 5th-6th. Usually it should be a form, white slip etc.. with a carbon copy... So you fill out the form, the secretary signs for receipt and you get the pink or whatever copy... That's what happened at our precinct level... However, in our county packets, it appeared that the white top slip had already been torn off and was not included purposely... I came to this conclusion when I later asked for a receipt and I was allowed to go through the boxes of forms to find mine and have it signed and for me to take a photo which serves as my receipt now. While going through my district box, I did see a few white slips of the same form in there... This is why I am still suspicious of the process, and I am still wondering if they are going to still try to pull some tricks using this method of trying to not give us receipts when turning in our delegate forms. I posed the question to the chairman asking how do I know my pink slip won't get lost somewhere in the process... just like all the ballots throughout this campaign that have supposedly been lost... I got a huge amount of concurrence when I brought this up as a point of information during the conference. Many came up to me, even the Secretary that handled the forms, afterwards and said that my question was very legitimate and we all need to be ON THE WATCH for these types of potential behind the scenes dirty tricks... So my point is... DEMAND a receipt!!! Even if you need to ask the secretary to sign and date your form, and take a picture of it with your phone for lack of a photocopier nearby.

5. HAVE FUN!!! This is the real Revolution and be proud to be part of it!!! We are taking back our country and the criminals will be SHUT DOWN!!! Be on top of your game!!! Get there early, and stay late... Listen to what is going on and step up when the need arises!!! Remember, as Dr. Paul has said to all of us... "Now that you know what is going on, it is your responsibility to take action!!!" Good Luck Folks!!! STAY STRONG AND LIBERTY WILL PREVAIL!!!

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

We Like Loud Mouths that Shout the TRUTH

You must have been the gal with the long hair and hat! I loved when you got up to the mic. Thank you. How many people do you think did what you did with their state delegate form - dug it out and took a picture? Just curious if you saw others.

Have you heard that the Secretary is a RP supporter? I heard that rumor but don't know if it's true.

The campaign here in NV did an excellent job! They put in a lot of hard work and it's paying off! I'll see you Sparks!!!

I was there!

It was truly inspiring to be a Ron Paul supporter at the convention yesterday. I had never been to one before and didn't know what to expect.

Up until new year's eve of this year, I was an Obama supporter. When he signed the NDAA he lost my vote. I began searching for truth in politics and every search for truth and honesty lead me to Ron Paul. I don't consider myself a republican. I am no longer a democrat. I am a persuer of freedom.

Ron Paul (or no one) 2012


To help you in your truth search even further:

This first video (from 2006) is what gave the key first early impetus to the Ron Paul campaign way back in 2007 (Ron Paul was featured prominently in this). Russo (who filmed this) died a few short months after Ron Paul launched his campaign back in 2007. Watch this:


You're going to want to watch this stunning interview that occurred in early 2007 with Russo as well. Russo was best friends with one of the Rockefeller family members (owner of the Federal Reserve Bank). He spills all he learned about the evil agenda behind the Fed from that friendship in this interview. It's mind boggling. Russo, wisely, did not include all he knew in that film (above) because it was so over the top most people wouldn't have been able to handle it then. Of course now with the NDAA a reality what Russo testified to is much more believable now. Needless to say Russo had broken his relationship with Rockefeller for moral reasons. Watch this here (you better sit down!):



Very glad to have you! It's

Very glad to have you! It's not easy to push yourself to search for truth in politics. I applaud you for doing so and am proud to count you as a fellow Ron Paul supporter!




You guys ARE AWESOME!!! WAY TO GO!!!

Also, totally agree w/ comment below: update the website ASAP to show the world LIBERTY has returned to Clark County, NV!

I'm SO PROUD of our RP folk in Nevada!! :-D

14 Delegates from Nevada

Thanks God for the 14 new delegates from Nevada for Ron Paul. Please take care of them until the end! Go liberty.

Positive support for Ron Paul ideas! Support from the Restoration and Liberty Movement on http://cristianpaduraru.com

That's not 14 national delegates

It's 14 new members of the Clark County Republican Committee.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

All 14 delegtes!

When you are on the right side and our Creator is working to help us take our country back, maybe just to watch we mortals do what we must to make it a republic once again. He may be curious what we will do with more individual liberties and real freedoms. I am ready to walk in a FREE country!

Carol J Goodwin