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What happened at the convention in my tiny county in Nevada.

We had a victory today in Storey County, Nevada. We're only able to send 8 delegates to the State Convention, but we started working weeks ago for this. You may recall, Ron lost by ONE vote in our county, but nonetheless, the votes were spread out among the other candidates quite evenly, even though we'd worked our butts off.

So, using our votertracker software, we identified all the precinct delegates for Ron, and also RP people who weren't elected precinct delegates who still might come to the convention. We worked the phones & those people like they were a fertile field. We went into our convention with a preprinted slate of ALL Ron Paul precinct delegates & alternates who are also Ron Paul. ALL of them WON! Our County Chair, who is Romney, didn't even win. We really did do our best to do ALL that we could do before this convention, in order to achieve our aims.

I came home elated, only to find out that Carson County's convention was FUBAR. The Chair made them declare for a candidate & only elected delegates in proportion to the vote in that county. TOTALLY against the rules. These people will have to file a Grievance with the state & if anyone has some ideas about how to do this successfully, please come forward. While I am ecstatic, my beloved friends in Carson have been rooked. Please help them.

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Heard that Washoe County

elected ALL the RP people. Precinct Delegates didn't show, so everyone who wanted to, got elected!

Washoe & Clark are the biggest counties in Nevada!

This is why we need to elect our own people chairman

They will break the rules and rule you out of order when you challenge them. We cannot trust the establishment we must elect one of our own chairman.

That's how it's done!

Nice work, Storey County!

Paul ante portas.

if you have the numbers 50 + 1 of the votes at the convention

You yell out a motion to elect an new chair, and you have someone standing right next to yell "SECOND IT"

Then a vote would take place to elect a chairperson

As long as we make up 50% + 1

As long as we make up 50% + 1 at the state convention it doesn't matter. Just make sure that the state sends all Paul supporters to Tampa! If they force you to declare, say "anybody but Obama"!

Carson is very important County

We have to act and fight back!

Thanks for the report & all your efforts.

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Yes, it is

with Carson City being the State Capital, it carries a lot of weight. That being said, maybe it could be said as the seat of our legislative process, maybe this means we ought to be even more suspicous of all of its voting practices...hey Carson City and State Legislators, this does not sit well with the voters!

We are making great strides everywhere

awesome job, keep up the great work!!!!!

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