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New Article: Georgia convention has Ron Paul Delegates trying to come out of the woodwork!

I think this a great article - we need to understand - REALLY understand how to hijack these votes like the one county did so that Paul delegates can do that in their own counties. Anyway, I think some people were more than mildly mad!


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This is awesome.

This is awesome.

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

Right on!

I had a little mean fun responding to one Gingrich Neanderthal in the comments section.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Good one McClarinJ!


Sometimes you've got to become the haunted to get the kill!

A big shout out- thank you to the, quoted as, Paulites!

R3volution brewing!

Cobb County Tried Real Hard

I think more than a few rules were not followed. Part of the problem is some Ron Paul supporters annoyed/aggravated originally neutral people and they voted against us in the end. The good news is all of the people that went before the nominating committee before the convention are at least a delegate or alternate to either the district or state convention if not both. I know some people put in the time to stand before the committee, so while we didn't get all we wanted we aren't completely shut out.

The rough part is the convention was rather hectic, people got confused, and then tempers flared. I think even some Ron Paul people accidentally voted to close the option to modify the slate the GOP created. It got confusing, and it never really got cleared up which is what the people in charge wanted. It is important to not take things so completely personal when trying to achieve a goal. Keep a calm head, and state your position without obvious anger or frustration in your voice. People let themselves get distracted from the one and only goal, getting delegates. We should have done better, but it was a learning experience. There is always next convention. We'll get better at getting our message across without alienating potential future supporters of the cause of liberty.

They key is to keep pressing forward. We can do it if we continue to just SHOW UP!

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You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

Thank you Jason!

Now how did these RP supporters hijack this county? Anybody out there know?


Nothing special

I was a delegate at the Dekalb County convention. There were no tricks or strategies used in particular on the part of the Ron Paul supporters, beyond knowing whether or not a nominee was part of their like-minded group. They merely showed up, followed the rules, and just plain outvoted other people in 2 of 3 districts for the next round of delegates & alternates (district / state conventions). The last group was only barely a minority in their district and so were subject to things like the old guard voting to prioritize long time members for slots, including a number of individuals not present. It was estimated that even in that district, the Ron Paul supporters still managed to secure about 30% of the slots.

The kicker is that I really

The kicker is that I really believed we could have actually taken over the last district too! I believe we had the majority at the end of the convention when the slates for each district was announced.

I believe we could have made a motion to strike the third districts delegates and start over on their list to be approved on by entire county body instead of just the district.

But it was extremely late with no lunch . . . and 1st time going through. So we did very, very well but we possibly could have done better. But there is always the risk that if you start to really take control (like we could have) there is backlash . . .

I really hope they realize how close they came to being 100% shut out.

No worries Betty

Wanted to give you a boop, I mean bump ;-)



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

nice article

thanks betty you are right

Hi Betty,We are out here.

Hi Betty,
We are out here. The link did not work and I tried various combos. Love to read the article if it helps with the delegate process - could you upadate the link?

This is huge

Remember we can change the rules and make the delegates unbound at state conventions if we have a decisive majority spread the message this is how we win!

We need to know HOW to change these rules

Right now so we can be WELL PREPARED!!! Anybody know out there??


You'll need a decisive majority and you'll have to elect a chair

Because a non-RP chair will likely try to railroad you by ruling you out of order if you try to motion to change the rules.

Is anybody out there - this is really important!

If we don't study the success of others how are we going to be successful in our areas??


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