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WMD Déjà vu: Iran Has Nukes

Take a step back to 2003 with me.

Then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld presented intelligence reports that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He even said he knew where they were: "We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat."

But these reports were false. Rumsfeld knew no such thing. He lied.

But that didn't stop Washington's attack on Iraq. Rumsfeld's blustering lies fit right in with the other administration misrepresentations about mobile bio weapons labs, aluminum tubes, and uranium from Niger. When the truth went out the window, a ruinous war came in. The United States invaded Iraq.

Among the most visible supporters of the so-called "cakewalk" in Iraq—remember, Rumsfeld stated it would only last six days or six weeks, but not six months—are current Republican presidential candidates Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum and all the neo-conservatives in Congress.

Is it any wonder national security, U.S. military operations and Iran's nuclear program have been at the top of Republican Party debates?

Romney: "The world is more dangerous. It is not safer… The right course is to add ships to our Navy, to modernize and add aircraft to our Air Force, to add 100,000 troops to our active-duty personnel, and to strengthen American's military."

We spend almost as much as the rest of the world combined on warfare. And it’s still not enough for Mitt?

Gingrich: "You think about an Iranian nuclear weapon. You think about the dangers to Cleveland, or to Columbus, or to Cincinnati, or to New York… This is a real danger. This is not science fiction."

Is Gingrich trying to tell us that Iran is going to deliver warheads that it doesn’t have with wind-up, rubber band driven balsa wood drones? Just like Iraq? Seriously, Newt? It sure sounds like science fiction.

Santorum: "Ultimately, we need to make the case to the Iranian regime that we will not let them get a nuclear weapon, and that means working with the Israelis if necessary, and coordinating missile strikes or air strikes to take out that capability if we believe it's reached that point."

Santorum even told people at an event in Missouri that they would not be safe from a nuclear Iran. If Iran is so dangerous to people in the nation’s heartland, maybe Rick should be contrite about his enthusiasm for the war in Iraq, which only created a bigger Shi’ite power bloc in the region, much to Iran’s great benefit.

ALL of the Republican presidential candidates are warmongers…

…with the exception of Ron Paul, who said: "We don't know if they [Iran] have a weapon. As a matter of fact, there's no evidence that they have it. There is no evidence. Israel claims they do not have it, and our government doesn't."4

Looks A Lot Like 2003, Doesn't It?

Is there as little point in reviewing the evidence of the Iranian threat as there was of reviewing evidence about Iraq's less than 10 years ago?

Let me be clear, there is no evidence that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon today.

Consider the recent testimony about Iran's nuclear program to Senate Select Committee on Intelligence by the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper: "We don't believe they've actually made the decision to go ahead with a nuclear weapon."

And here's a Pentagon spokesman clarifying Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's remarks on Iran: "The Secretary was clear that we have no indication that the Iranians have made a decision to develop a nuclear weapon."

I'll say it again, there is no evidence that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon today.

Still, it is a dangerous environment. Panetta says there is a "strong likelihood" that Israel will attack Iran this spring. Others think Obama could be squeezed by electoral pressures to join an Israeli attack on Iran in October just before the election.

Or a larger war could be triggered by a misunderstanding or foolish incident—even one contrived by a party with something to gain. Remember, there was some party that wanted war with Iraq badly enough to actually forge documents about uranium to provoke a war.

A forgery that no one has ever been held accountable for.

Charles Goyette is editor of Freedom & Prosperity Letter, a monthly political and financial newsletter. His new report, 7 Deadly Threats that Could Destroy Your Wealth in 2012, delves deeper into the very real threat of a war with Iran as well as six more threats to your family, finances and freedom.Download your FREE copy here.

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