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Convention Chaos in Forsyth County Georgia

I just returned from the County Convention in Forsyth County Georgia. Seems the Nominating committee for delegates and alternates made a HUGE mistake in that they chose delegates and alternates for districts that had new district lines drawn for the year 2013.They said that I was an alternate for district 9 but then disqualified me because I would be living in district 7 in Jan. 1 2013. This was all decided during the time votes were taken to accept the slate of delegates. One precinct in the county also had split district lines for 2013 and was able to elect delegates to fill the alternate slots for misalloted alternates that were wiped from the slate.When I tried to stop the vote for
the 9th district until the delegate /alternate District/precinct issue had been resolved............I was told I was out of order.....In other words.........They broke their own rules. This should be sent to the Georgia State GOP and investigated.

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Organize RP supporters to form a quorum & vote out the Chair

Then have the new RP friendly chair you selected call a vote to reselect delegates.

Problem solved.

Get on it already!

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Sent to the GOP?

The State GOP is like getting George W. Bush involved...The people across America must not put any trust or confidence in the GOP anymore. The leaders apparently frauds...they need to go into public service and strip them of any authority. Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice shame on ME...GOP: Get OUT PUNKS...

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I was told the Georgia GOP is

I was told the Georgia GOP is thrilled to have so many delegate slots, and they are encouraging their counties/districts, etc. to go by the rules. So while I see us being ignored, etc., if there are clear rule violations we need to let the appropriate people know. Who that is, I am not sure. Perhaps the state GOP, the Paul campaign, the Secretary of States office. Also any truth that you guys were there til after 6 pm wearing the down the establishment folks?

Contact the Ron Paul Campaign...

Go to their offical website and e-mail or call them with this concern. Maybe they can resolve it for you. These G.O.P. state chairs have invented new ways to stop the Ron Paul momentum. Not one of these G.O.P. chairs have any honesty or intergity, when it comes to representing the American Voters.

It's a private party. They

It's a private party. They can break their own rules. They did it last cycle and got away with it.

WRONG: If you are in the party, you are party to its operations

and terms.

There is no one person who owns the Republican party as private property, sorry to disappoint you.

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We need to investigate this further

thanks for the update, and thank you for your efforts. We don't die, we multiply!!!!!

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The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


Ron Paul has an Army of Rabbits. Screw us and we multiply

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

This will happen

All the more reason to get more involved bring even more people and take over the party positions they use to rule us out of order, the same thing happened to me at my caucus the chairman broke the rules and ruled me out of order when i motioned to allow 2 minute speeches for each presidential candidate. In hindsight I should have become a PCO earlier and volunteered to be temporary chair the caucus and I should have worked harder to bring a more decisive majority to elect myself chair if necessary. We need to double our efforts to fight back against their corruption.


Need help here!

Does anyone know how to get this out to the Paul camp?

Maybe their lawyers can investigate this.

State leadership and legal counsel

Many violations have been documented. State Ron Paul leadership must act. Legal action need to be taken. I am not sure how the national campaign can help. I doubt they can. But at the State level, we must be serious in challenging it legally.