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Ron Paul wins Hot Springs County Wyoming!

Such an exciting caucus day!!! Our County gets an alternate delegate to the National Convention (Wyoming rotates Counties every 4 years). The good news is, the alternate is on the floor at the convention and fills in if the other delegate doesn't make it, or can't vote for some reason.

Our caucus was estimated to take 3 hours, and it was a beautiful day here which hurt attendance. As the 3 hours approached, we were only about 1/2 way through so people started leaving (both establishment and some of our older folks). That's right, we have some older folks for RP here! We've worked very hard. Anyway, by the time we voted for the alternate delegate it was between me (I've only lived here 11 months) and the County district attorney who has been here forever and supports Santorum "because he doesn't attack the other candidates". ROFL. I gave my speech and did my best, then he got up, shrugged, and said he wanted to go. No speech, reasons, nothing. I still figured I was in trouble. They asked a question or 2 of us and voted...then the count...a preamble by our chair...the announcement - I won by 1 vote!!! On the floor at the convention!!! The deciding vote was cast by a lady at my church who I asked last week if she would vote for me. Every vote counts folks!!!

Also, one of our members approached me afterwards. It seems his brother, another Ron Paul delegate is the actual delegate from another County. We are carpooling.

More good news, 4 of the 6 delegates to the State convention (including my wife & I) are Ron Paul people.

My little county got it done. We can win this!!!

In Liberty,

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One of the old timers dropped out, we now have 5 of 6 delegates. Also, we have both of our folks on the delegate nominating committee. Never quit!

i love y'all! great job!!!

i love y'all! great job!!!

Way to go

Way to go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was an armchair QB in 08

Well, not exactly... I did max out my $$ (then and now) and did what I could to gain support among family, friends and the local neighborhood. But I was always a little envious of folks who would post and say they canvassed door to door and won their precincts, etc.

This year was a little different -- I didn't expect Dr. Paul to run again this year and given the unique circumstances of the VA ballot was more determined than ever that we had to win at least our precinct. We did! (and also won our district - VA03!). As far as I'm concerned we pulled off a win for the good Dr. and it feels great!!

I'm all in this year in hopes of being a delegate -- I'll know on 3-19.

Great Job Mike!

The best place to shop around is in the marketplace of ideas.

This is how we win

Awesome story keep up the good work become the GOP. Restore the Republic in the Republican party. This is about more than Ron Paul its about the message of individual liberty and limited government under the constitution.


We won one delegate in Weston County and three other alternate delegates in Campbell, Uinta and Sweetwater.

If you want to get in touch with them to make plans to attend the National Convention, please send me an email to RonPaulWY @ gmail.com

I have contact information for all of them if you're interested.


I'll send you an email tomorrow afternoon. My msn account is a bit moody.

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See you at the State Convention. At least ten of us (out of 25) will be coming from Sweetwater County.

Great work

Way to hang in there wyoming!

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Nice work. Perseverance pays-off.

Now you get to cast a vote for Ron Paul at the GOP Convention!

How to

brighten our day!
Thank You Wyoming!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~