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Ron Paul Revolution In Progress. See It For Yourself


Kelly Maher presents footage from the Denver County GOP Assembly of Ron Paul delegates trying to shout down Denver County GOP Chairman Danny Stroud, Treasurer Alex Hornaday, and Secretary Brett Moore. Filmed on Saturday March 10, 2012


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Just found


the first Ron Paul supporter that yells for a point of order - guy standing on floor in front of microphone - was only yelling because the microphone wasn't working, or was turned off.


I was there, observing and volunteering for the RP campaign in the balcony (and my husband was a delegate on the floor). Those microphones in the front of the auditorium were ON at the beginning of the meeting. I saw one of the board members walk stage right and talk to someone behind the curtain, at which point, the microphones no longer worked. But the chairman denied knowing how to turn them on. Sure.

In any case, my husband was elected to both the congressional district caucus and state caucus in Colorado. RON PAUL 2012!


I think we can all agree that the Kelly lady's a bitch. It's what we know that matters, that Ron Paul delegates are running things by majority rule.

YouTube Comments

If you read through some of the comments for this YouTube video, there are some people that were there explaining what was happening.
Example: "What happened today (I was there) was that the chair was trying to rush through procedure and did not recognize members requests for point of order from the floor. The Republican Women had been given a schedule and had made plans with independent business, ie the food trucks and the vendors and then the schedule had been changed 4 days before the assembly thereby disrupting the schedule for the businesses ... clearly corrupted by power, the chair refused." ~ intuitiveart 12 hours ago

Yeah...we all wan't to know

Yeah...we all wan't to know what happened with auction.Auctioneer has been quite fast to sell GOP soul....

Why does Kelly Maher not tell

Why does Kelly Maher not tell us why they were shouting, what is the story? This is misleading and I hope that we will get the full and true story here soon instead of this video that tries to show DR. Paul's supporters as "uncivil".


If Kelly Maher was an honest person then she would have posted the whole video especially the part leading to the "shouting" part but she didn't.

So here is what happened and I'm quoting a comment at the same story and video posted at denverpost: http://blogs.denverpost.com/thespot/2012/03/10/denver-gop-as...


They are not screaming at the chair, they are trying to be recognized with a “point of order” request. Once that requested is made, the chair is immediately suppose to recognize the request, which he didn’t, so after that he had multiple people shouting the request.

It’s basic Roberts Rules of Order.

The Chair does not rule the convention, the body (attendees) do. The Chair is suppose to keep order via Roberts Rules of Order and follow procedure and follow what the body votes for.


So I'm confused

What was the point of order? Did We get our voices heard, did we do well there?

they were trying to have a vote on new rules

and the corrupt GOP establishment was trying to prevent it.



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I heard that

the corrupt GOP's won. But the vote counting was done (kinda) openly vs. what they were trying to do - which is count the votes "at home" then report the "results" a few days later. BTW, I also heard that we SMOKED the assembly in many of the districts in terms of Delegates.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

good question

I don't know why Kelly Maher doesn't tell us more about what happened I wish she would.