US Congressman Ron Paul wows crowd of 150 in NH

Pembroke, New Hampshire
Saturday, February 24, 2007

US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul was still hearing applause as he walked out the door of a private home in Pembroke on Saturday evening after speaking to 150 supporters who donated thousands of dollars to seed his bid for the presidency. Paul arrived at 9 PM and stayed to mingle with the adoring crowd until 11:30 PM as they drank coffee and dipped fruit from a large arrangement into a chocolate fountain.

While visiting New Hampshire on a presidential exploratory trip, he also appeared at the NH Liberty Forum in Concord, where he had been endorsed for the presidency on the Friday evening before by former Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik.

Paul’s speech, which was recorded professionally by California filmmaker Bill Dumas, centered around the financial state of the country, the war in Iraq, and the limited roll of government, and was met with long bouts of applause by the standing-room only crowd.

Supporters believe that Paul’s message can unite fiscal conservatives, republicans, libertarians constitutionalists, and others who are disillusioned with the direction in which the country is headed, in the cause of less government and reasonable spending and on getting the country back on track with regard to foreign policy.

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US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul has breakfast in NH
Manchester, NH
Saturday, February 24th, 2007

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers, NH’s largest taxpayer advocacy and government watchdog group, likes to meet one-on-one with candidates and those exploring the possibility of becoming candidates and endeavors to introduce them to the people in the ‘grassroots’. Ed Naile is the Chairman and he had breakfast with US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul on Saturday morning. Dr. Paul was in NH appearing at the NH Liberty Forum in Concord.

Ed writes:

I had about an hour and a half breakfast with Texas Congressman Ron Paul at the Merrimack Diner in Manchester yesterday morning. Some old friends from past campaigns were there as well. About a dozen of us. No press.

Congressman Ron Paul is legendary among many Libertarian leaning Republican conservatives and Libertarians in general. He is a living, breathing, elected, example of what our Founding Fathers had in mind for limited government. From speaking with him I think he realizes that the march FORWARD to the time in our past when US citizens had so much more freedom is going to be long one.

He seems to agree with what I believe could be the starting point of that return to less government, and that would be a financial crisis created by our dependence on foreign banks to float our economy. Many voters pay little attention to our dollar’s value. The ones that do pay close attention to Congressman Paul.

Later in the day he was shown a grand evening at a private residence with about 150 people attending. It was set up with the help of our of our CNHT Directors. You won’t see much in the press about it, but 150 is quite a large crowd for a Congressman this early in the campaign. Enough to make some of his issues part of the debate on the Republican side, I would say.

Here are some of his core principals:

- Rights belong to individuals, not groups.
- Property should be owned by people, not government.
- All voluntary associations should be permissible — economic and
- The government’s monetary role is to maintain the integrity of the
monetary unit, not participate in fraud.
- Government exists to protect liberty, not to redistribute wealth or to
grant special privileges.
- The lives and actions of people are their own responsibility, not the

Congressman Ron Paul is also pro-life and pro-family. Note that is pro-life stand includes ending capital punishment and unnecessary war.

He is for returning to the gold standard.

100% tax fighter! He gets awards consistently from national groups for his anti-tax/big government votes.

Congressman Paul holds an anti-intervention view of foreign military involvement with a provision for hunting down and dealing with terrorists on an individual level.

He is not your average US Congressman by any standard, and a close look at his votes will always stir an interesting debate.

Please write to info (at) janeaitken (dot) org for further press inquiries.


Note: This is not an official Ron Paul press release but news from the NH grassroots from a supporter who organized the reception.

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