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Ron Paul supporters plunge Denver GOP meeting ‘into madness’

Denver County Republican Assembly gets interesting when a group of Ron Paul-pledged delegates arrive.

WATCH: http://thedc.com/xCi1uq


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Thanks Greg...


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Maybe if we have a fist fight

Maybe if we have a fist fight between the Ron Paul supporters and "all those romney-santorum supporters" we can get some accurate press after we kick the shit out of them?

Just to show the difference between pacivity and upholding and defending the Constitution of course.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine Godfather of the American Revolution)

In the dark

This is madness to put this on without letting us know who the winner of the delegate selection was.

Since no mention of it, I can only assume that Santorum and Romney won the delegates from Denver County.

Please clarify!

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe


Plus no description of what was going on. Why was everyone yelling point of order? What were they trying to do?

I can only speak for my house

I can only speak for my house district (there are maybe 8 or 9 in Denver County), since I didn't see the results in other districts, but RP got about 85% of our delegates.

not madness from the attendess

the madness is the chairperson not acknowledging point of information ... this same thing happened in Nevada and other states 4 years ago ... when will this change.

More info from The Daily Caller


In Colorado on Saturday morning, video correspondent Kelly Maher videotaped a meeting of the Denver County Republican Assembly. When a group of Ron Paul-pledged delegates arrived, she told The Daily Caller, things got crazy — and Coloradans may have caught a sneak peek of Republican events to come later this year.

Maher told TheDC on Thursday that trouble was likely, and that she would be rolling video.

“The Ron Paul chair here went around the GOP chair and committed $900 worth of security from the Denver Police,” she warned. “And now they’re sending out strategy emails on how to ‘shanghai’ the assembly.”

And shanghai they did. The meeting, Maher said afterward, “descended into madness” when Paul’s supporters “started screaming from the floor.”

Maher told The Denver Post after the meeting that “the Ron Paul people showed up with an alternate set of rules and calendar for the day.”

“[One woman] was standing at the mic and kept demanding to be recognized. She kept calling ‘point of order,’ and that was the first yelling. Once the rules were adopted, the Ron Paul people demanded they be read aloud.”

“So [chairman] Danny [Stroud] called up [secretary] Brett [Moore] to read them, which made everyone flip out again because he did it in his ‘fast reader’ voice (he used to be the reader for the state House.)”

That's not entirely true

See my comment below for the real story.

They actually wanted to choose their delegates...

I hate reading comments on

I hate reading comments on daily caller. Sigh. I love the comment saying Ron Paul is as conservative as Obama.. Hahahahaha, idiots is harsh word to use... But sooo true in this case. Not meaning to offend.

Bringing an impartial

Bringing an impartial parlimentarian to the meeting will help. I don't know how a person assumes that role at a meeting, but if they don't have one yet it may be an easy entry. With an impartial parlimentarian, if you have the votes, you are more likely to carry the meeting.

Anyone who was there?

Anyone who was actually there have another video that might actually show what really happened? This video only makes for more confusion and questions. Would love to see and hear what really happened.
Way to go Ron Paul Delegates keep up the fight!
No one But Ron Paul 2012!

No One But Ron Paul 2012!

This is what I know

Our county chair appointed a committee headed by a district captain (who is also an RP supporter)to compile rules and an agenda for the assembly. This captain worked hard with lots of research to compile the rules. He wanted it to be fair for all candidates as well as transparent. The county chair didn't like the rules, and as of the Thurs. before the assembly had no other alternative. So the chair asked three lawyers to compile rules for the public which were vague and left open to interpretation. Both sets of rules floated around at the beginning of the assembly. One RP supporter tried to rally support for the rules. Other established Rep. went around denying there was any problem, and that it was all "those RP supporters." Anyway a very brave lady got up to make a motion that the older rules be adopted and was repeatedly ignored by the chair. She was polite and patient. He just pretended she didn't exist. People became upset that she was treated that way and began to say so. Finally he let her talk and then told her her motion was out-of-order. By then the neocons decided that this was just "troublemaking" and "disrespectful." We finally were allowed to vote on which rules to adopt. In my district, we were told to leave if we didn't like the chair's favored rules. The chair's rules passed, but we won quite a few delegates anyhow. Does that clarify things?

RE: This is what I know

I was there also, and this account is correct. The RP delegates did NOT get there late, and the protest was not exclusively on the part of RP delegates. The Chairman is quite unpopular among all elements of the Denver GOP for his whimsical conduct of the party's business. Ignoring a point of order is not permitted under the rules. His doing so set off a storm. Some of the people shouting were old GOP folks and indeed supporters of various candidates.

Ryan Call

I remember Ryan Call was at the Denver meeting four years ago. At that time he was the state GOP attorney. I assume he still lives in Denver, and he is now the state GOP Chair. Since Denver has a huge number of delegates, wouldn't Ryan want to be in Denver to ensure things would go as planned?

Ryan Call instead went to the meeting in Summit county, which has just 20 delegates. The Summit county GOP chair is Debra Irvine, who is also a candidate for the upcoming House District race. What would make Debra Irvine so concerned that she would get Ryan Call, the chief of the state GOP, attend a tiny county assembly?

They had a plan to railroad our supporters, and they had the votes to put some of it in place. Anytime we would make a motion Debra would say we couldn't do that. When we went to nominate delegates from the floor (those who were unable to attend, this is in state GOP bylaws) she again said we couldn't do that. Ryan Call actually corrected her and told her we could do that.

It took what seemed like an hour for the Teller committee to count the votes. During that time there were more candidate speeches and Ryan Call gave a speech. Then Ryan had a Q&A. It was awkward ... why was Ryan Call at our tiny county caucus? Why did the rules explicitly prohibit video taping?

A couple unexpected things:
State GOP Chair Ryan Call being so concerned about Summit county that he didn't attend the Denver meeting.
After the meeting, one of the pro-war delegates approached me and said he could no longer support Debra Irvine "because she is not a conservative".

La Plata County was a mess too!

It is weird that Ryan was in Summit Co instead of Denver...?

I don't blame these RP supporters for yelling out the motion...what are the people suppose to do when motions are ignored?

At our county assembly, the mic stopped working so nobody could hear the chair. We were at the point of writing in extra delegates that wanted to attend higher assemblies so the chair was reading their names for people to 'write them in' but nobody could hear at all. Many older people in the back were confused and about to give up on things. I stood up and calmly raised my hand to make a motion. The chair didn't see me as she was running around in chaos, so I nicely yelled her name to get her attention (I also know her fairly well so this wasn't rude). I stated that I wished to make a motion to recess until the mic was fixed...so she yells back at me "I can't hear you!" So...I walked up and told her my motion and explained that nobody could hear the delegate names and she said "we can't recess until the mic is fixed b/c its not going to get fixed." It was complete chaos and then finally the mic began working so that people could at least hear.

Also, the day before we had to clarify through Ryan Call that Alternates and Delegates from the precinct caucus could all be equally on the ballot for higher assemblies. Even though this was emailed to our chair from Call's office, the chair still had some listed on a separate page of alternates which resulted in less votes.

How about we all start bombarding Call's office with phone requests that the State GOP use Robert's Rules of order and abide by them....because it obviously isn't happening at the county level!!

Judy Spady
La Plata County

Good to know

I suppose Cory knows about all this? I did wonder where Mr. Call was. What did Mr. Call upset? Did he block all of your delegate votes?

rule change

At the beginning they had a credentials challenge of a well-known Ron Paul supporter who had made it to national as an alternate delegate in 2008. They challenged his credentials by saying he had to prove up his voter registration. They questioned why he registered to vote using the state's online voter registration system. He said he used the online state system because it is convenient and that is how it is supposed to be used. He showed his rental lease which confirmed his address. They asked for a copy of his income tax return, and he told them his income taxes were none of their business. Their hand-picked credentials committee excluded him from the entire meeting.

When the meeting started they proposed a rule change to give a free ride to all county elected officials and GOP central committee members. We tried to stop it, but didn't have the votes. In this free-ride group, they included the district attorney Mark Hurlbert. He is the multi-county DA for the 5th Judicial District. We objected to that because he is not a county elected official. He is a Judicial District elected official which encompasses multiple counties. They told us we were wrong and they approved a total of seven people for free-rides.
If the county coroner and county surveyor had showed up, they could have had two more votes aboard the free-ride train. They made all of that effort and yet they couldn't get two more county elected Republicans to attend.

At that point, there were just 13 delegates left to assign. We tried to exclude from voting the seven people who just got free rides, and Ryan Call said the rules disallowed us from prohibiting people from voting.

They had this well-planned. I wonder why they put time and energy into a tiny county. Maybe Ryan Call is unable to weigh the relative value of counties. Why would they risk pissing off everybody for just a few more delegates, when they could go to a big county and steal a few hundred delegates?

In the big picture there were just 20 delegates moving to the next meetings. The more I think about, I wonder if there is something strange happening with Debra Irvine, the Summit GOP Chair.


When and how were the rules changed? What a corrupt person Ryan Call must be. Also of interest: Danny Stroud, the Denver County GOP chair, wants to run against Diana Degette for her Congressional seat. I hope he doesn't win. I don't think there is any kindness or sincerity in his heart.

perhaps the Denver rules changes

... were the real reason Ryan Call wasn't in that meeting - as they were totally against Robert's Rules of Order. If Ryan was at the Denver meeting they could not have pulled those stunts. I suggest all remaining caucuses and assemblies seek to have an independent parliamentarian attend their meetings and put the GOP on notice.



Could be

I also think the man trying to rally support for the older set of rules did nothing but harm. It has been rumored that he is a GOP plant, and I was amazed by how much my District Captains knew of RP's plans.

Ryan Call+Danny Stroud=no trust for GOP authority

OMG is that guy

OMG is that guy "auctioneering" right over the screams for point of order....sure would like to know how this all played out...he must be the voice over for car dealership radio ads at the end when they are cramming all the fine print into ten seconds

"...the most memorable concern of mankind
is the guts it takes to
face the sunlight again."-Charles Bukowski

Reading of the Rules

After the vote to accept the rules (these being the ones executive committee wanted, not the ones that the vocal delegates wanted) it was motioned to have a reading of the rules. This is perfectly within Robert's Rules. It was a formality and they figured if they wanted to introduce new rules, then they should be forced to read them.

The gent reading them used to do this in the Colorado state house, which is why I suspect they had him on the committee. It made some people upset, but I followed as best I could and I never saw that he missed a word. Honestly, that was pretty fun, I enjoyed it. I think that's an important point, it was tense and there was some animosity, but this is very much how politics works and was neat in which to be a part.

This is the peaceful revolution

Here is the peaceful revolution working the heart of the establishment. Read Roberts Rules, attend party functions, get to hold any position in the party, band together in numbers, and execute.

Kudo's to these superb Ron Paul people. They have it together.

Can Someone Explain

Sorry. I don't know Robert's Rules. I will learn, I promise. But for now, can someone please explain the signifigance of what's happening in the video?

Here you go FSUJAG54


Be sure to bump that thread.

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

You really can't tell what is going on here due to the editing

If they refused to follow the agenda, or they were trying to change something against the rules, then the point of order is calledmout. I also think that it is used when the chairman refuses to aknowledge a motion from the floor. Either way, it has been edited, so we cant tell.

Find the rules for your county and print them

Bring them with you, it still doesn't mean they will follow them but it can not hurt! We can not bail from the GOP. The laws have been written by the reps and the dems to keep other parties OUT! If we are going to restore the Constitution we MUST do it within the system, if that doesn't work the shooting starts. We have to win this, have to. This nation is almost gone we are so far from where we should be. The sheeple are so accustomed to slavery they seem to fear freedom. Nobody knows what the Constitution says and they do not follow it. When you explain what it says and how it should be compared to what it is people look like you are nuts. Simply read the 10th amendment and explain how the feds can be harassing raw milk drinkers. How can the EPA or the FDA exist? Now lets look at the most unconstitutional of all the BATF. How can a department exist in direct opposition to an inalienable RIGHT!

There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want because you think it would be good for him. – Robert Heinlein


The most important statement in that article was...

the Ron Paul supporters hired Denver Police as their security, that was a genious move, totally genious. We need to remember that and use that move at all these mini conventions.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!