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Jesse Benton MSNBC Interview - March 11, 2012

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That woman is clearly on the payroll...professional propaganda

Everything she said steered towards Ron Paul exiting the race. It is so transparent, I mean bringing up the oval office, classic media twist, and from 4 months ago. Is she stupid, or does she just think everybody else is?

Not good

Sorry, but I don't think Jesse handled this one very well. He needs to be much more assertive of a positive message. Don't ever agree with these morons or grant any of their premises! Say what needs to be said to portray the vitality and success of the Paul campaign. Otherwise, don't do these interviews - they can do a lot more harm than good if the answers aren't strong and completely confident.

The next time someone asks what RP's plans are if not nominated

...The response needs to be, "Where are you going to look for a job after you're fired for this interview? Because your unfairly-leading questions are dishonest and I'm just wondering what your plans are beyond this position." Turn it back around on them and quit playing games with bimbos like this one. It's obscene.

Good job Jesse

He said a lot in a short amount of time.


What a moronic bitch! She puts forth her insinuating questions as legitimate, tough, journalistic inquiry. Another lame-stream pompous ass. Jesse did a good job setting her straight, but she got in too many anti-Paul sound bites! Bitch!

Who is this f*cking idiot

Who is this f*cking idiot woman? "He doesn't see himself as the President". Man, her masters must've really drilled it into her to push that! For his part, Jesse did an outstanding job countering this moron! And then she brought it up again! Unbelievable!

The MSM at the national level

is an enemy. There is no other way to look at it. The networks are openly hostile to the rule of law and fair elections.


Witch with a B...what's so wrong about a person wanting to be President for the service and good of the people only and not for power and prestige???!!!  George Washington did not want to be President at all and definitely didn't want to serve two terms, but he served for the people and not for himself. It was out of selfless service.

Ps...I just read/remembered George Washington even declined a salary as President, but congress convinced him otherwise. It's interesting that his salary was $25,000 then and Ron Paul is only asking for $15,000 more per year than the 1st President of the US. Which is pretty cool! Even though $25k back then could get you a lot more!


That reporter was an absolute moron. It was so clear that she doesn't like Ron Paul and wants to make him look like a fool.

That being said. Jesse Benton handled himself very well and stayed positive and focused.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

fuck the media!

Im sick of this!
We need to take over the education and information of the public!

Once people know what the Dr. stands for without the media spinning his message he wins their minds and hearts!


Its on YOU to win this info war!

Question from Australia

She comes across as really bitchy.

Is she always like that?

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Jesse killed her!

Get em brother!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


You know, the FEW things that the MSM try to use against Paul's campaign are pathetic. She made me sick. I thought Jesse slammed her and even called out the lack of MSM coverage. It's like a silent war going on and they are the enemy.


I completely agree with you... She made me sick as well... Asking stupid questions... I can't believe she gets paid for being unprofessional... I wish people who get on the news would just put the media in thier places... that would be nice to see...

I do want to hear what the campaign has to say!

But I stopped watching all TV news sources for the duration. I have never been able to understand if reporters are bumbed down or are trying to dumb other people down.

I haven't edited video so I don't know if this is possible but just for a little fun on the media let's take all the "news" videos from a day or week and just black out the audio of the interviewer and leave the audio of the interviewee.

She dont like Ron Paul and

She dont like Ron Paul and she is happy to show it

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Take a good look at this reporter.

She looks like a drag queen to me that confused her estrogen with her testosterone. She (?) will never be on Fox News.

Despite the interviewer, Jesse took the high road and did very well.


I want a cabinet position!

How does Liberty Czar sound? I would even work for free :)


what an annoying interviewer.

Isn't this the same lady that

Isn't this the same lady that was snipping at Paul over and over in a previous interview, focusing on his 'I don't dream of being in the White House' line when he first said it? I've noticed a pattern...specific interviewers are assigned to a particular 'talking point' for when they interview Paul or any of the major campaign staff.

There's a few others(MSNBC primarily) that whenever they talk to Paul, they, moreso than others, ask the same question over and over for the entire interview. "You know you can't win, so what are you going to do about being VP/having a speech", then just reword it, or "You're working with Mitt Romney, how do you respond to this discovery", then repeat it again and again.

I mean, I know they recycle questions between different interviews all the time, but lately, I've seen more "Alex Witt"s popping up in the last month, where they hound him or a staffer on the exact same topic. It's like the Dana Bash or Gloria Borger mess all over again...

Duh! Am I the ONLY one with a brain up in here?

Jesse forgot to bring up that the MSM has stopped covering Ron Paul except for one corporate outlet.
As Dylan Byers of Politico reports, NBC News is the only media organization that still has a reporter covering Ron Paul full-time.

More coverage of the stoppage;

reminds me of:

Ron Paul brilliantly shuts down dumb question
Jesse Benton really calm. Did the best he could do with this dumb questions..

I want more Ron Paul on TV!

Would it matter if say 50 000 people write an email, personaly signed, to every news network with cc: "adv. sponsor" that states I want more information on Ron Paul?
Even spinned information is better then no information..

Well, she was snotty and arrogant right up to the end

when she used her sweet tone of voice for the final "Thanks, Jesse".


:) how come not all people see that..its so obvious..

right into the face.

same reason Obama got

elected.....appearance is more important than substance.


Very good responses by Jesse

One of the best interviews yet, Jesse has improved his game.



Jesse seemed quite good.

On his game.

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MSNBS must have got their delegate count from Newt's

Moon colony

Thank you Jesse Benton!

Thank you again Jesse Benton, for saying exactly what I hoped you would say! AWESOME interview!

PS I hate the MSM

Ron Paul 2012!