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RON PAUL @ University of Illinois this Wednesday, March 14th at 7pm!


Due to the overhwelming demand for tickets, this event has been moved to a new venue (see below).

If your original ticket listed Foellinger Auditorium, it is still valid -- you do not need to sign up again. Simply bring your voucher with you any time between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM, and you can enter Huff Hall before the general public.

Event: Ron at the University of Illinois - Youth for Ron Paul

Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 7:00 PM (CT)

George Huff Hall
1206 South Fourth St
Champaign, IL 61820

For more information click here:
Ron Paul at the University of Illinois - Youth for Ron Paul



If you live near Champaign, IL and are interested in helping our meetup group brainstorm ways to promote Ron Paul, feel free to join us. We could always use more help in getting the word out in Illinois about the primary on March 20th.

Here's the link to the meetup group info: http://www.meetup.com/ronpaul-305/events/55295292/

Here's a cool back story that happened Saturday. After our Champaign Ron Paul meetup group finished handing out Super Brochures around the U of I campus, my boyfriend and I headed off to grab a bite to eat at the local Food Co-op. I was wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt, and as we were walking down a hallway in the mall, a gentleman saw me and introduced himself as Tim Johnson, a congressmen for the 15th district in Illinois. I've seen yard signs with his name and his name was mentioned in our meetup group as well. He is friends with Ron Paul and will be introducing him at the university, I was very happy to meet him in person :)

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Yea! Thank you. I'm

Yea! Thank you. I'm listening to Coast to Coast, George Noory, a Ron Paul supporter. Someone just called in and got on the air reporting the 5000 crowd at the event, and talking about the stealth delegates.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Full Video

I am compiling a (nearly) full video now--only parts cut out is when I accidentally stopped the camera for a few seconds. In the mean time, enjoy some more pictures and two video clips that I hurried and threw together!
http://imgur.com/a/sxyBV#1 <-- Pics
http://youtu.be/cDnDK-p9NrU <-- Intro vid
http://youtu.be/0xBy7XRXOHA <-- End the Fed chant + clip of crowd

Over 5000 reported this Illinois media

nice article with a video attached .... (not sure if this was posted already - still very worthy -

More video...

I will be updating with a video clip where RP started talking about the Fed and the "End the Fed" chants were INSANE. I zoomed out and got a view of the crowd at this time as well.


Here's a video of the intro...may wanna turn the volume down lol

Blown away!!

Just wow!

Debbie's picture





More pics added at link below me


Uploading pictures to this album on Imgur.

Nice Crowd

... BTW, you can remove the green cast if your camera has the ability to adjust the white balance. Anyway, thanks for the WIDE view.

More pics uploaded!

More pics uploaded!

My phone is running an

My phone is running an experimental build of Android 4.0, so the panorama option on the camera was a little sketchy. I will try to toy with the lighting and what not. I also have some pics from a digital camera that I'm in the process of uploading now.

Great ...

I'm looking forward to more pictures of this event. TIA

Pictures? Video?

I just checked out the live feed replay but it was too late. I want to see this crowd! Does anyone have any pictures or video from the rally?

Oh, there we go. Thanks for

Oh, there we go. Thanks for whoever posted those

Wonderful as always

I hope they make youtube clips from the interviews afterwards with all of the international students .... for those critical saying no diversity ;;; lol .... liberty brings us all together

Here are crowd pics posted at RPF (two sides of stadium)



Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul


WOOOOOOWWWW!!! That's ALOT of people! I hope someone was able to get some sort of panorama like they got at MSU. I have a good feeling about this! :)

RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took a couple panoramas but

I took a couple panoramas but they weren't great from my seat. Want me to post them?

I early voted today in IL.

Everything is done on the computer touch screen. I made sure when I finished, I reviewed the receipt on the right side which they kept. It matched my vote. It was accurate. But, the real question is what happens to the information after we vote?

It's not the peoples whose vote counts but, it's the people who count the votes.- Stalin

we voted too

My fiance and I decided to vote early, too, so we have time to help out on the day of the primary next Tuesday by handing out brochures or something of that sort. We each had a paper ballot today though, no receipt :/

"Just ask" the party

"Just ask" the party officials at your precinct or even better, the state GOP. ;) Yes, I'm being sarcastic and parodying the words of some likely party hack that recently rooted on the DP. ;) The truth of the matter is that you do NOT know whether your vote is actually counted or discarded in the final tally....but thanks for making an effort to do the right thing by voting for Ron.

WOW just got back from my

WOW just got back from my first ever live RP rally...it was great! Will post a couple pictures shortly.

Send it to drudge.....

I did.

I did too...

... send it to them 5,000 times!

Plano TX

That was awesome!! We are

That was awesome!! We are growing!!

Over 5000 people there! Soon it will be over 10,000 and they will still ignore us. Flood the voting booths! Record everything! Know that Ron Paul will win! The message must be getting out there because these crowds are massive!

No msm coverage but plenty of eye to eye contact and word of mouth seems to be working!
Ron Paul is not going away and from the size of his crowds freedom and liberty is here to stay!

Ron Paul 2012! Common sense!

we are not far away from getting the critical mass..

..we just need to push even more after such great events to multiply the message the good Dr. shares!

Claim america back from the banksters!
These flyers are all free to print:
http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3 <-

I've Become Indifferent to the Mass Media's Games

Who cares whether NBC just stopped reporting Ron Paul's results in future primaries? I'm becoming amused actually that the GOP is likely losing the delegate battle to Ron Paul despite the mass media's blackout of him. Who will have the last laugh? The games that crooked people play. Just wait for the RNC to discover the depth of corruption within the GOP. Hmmmmm. LoL at the mass media and GOP establishment.