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Delegate, Caucus, Convention, Primary, & GOP Meeting Reports In Many States

Reports from Delegates, Caucuses, Primaries, Conventions, and GOP meetings all across the country are posted nearly every day on the DP so far I have consolidated into this thread just a sampling of posts I have found from Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas Oklahoma, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, the Virgin Islands, Washington State, and Wyoming.

I'll try to gather more of these kinds of reports up from events in other States and territories and post them in the comments below.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated sometimes it is too easy for posts to get lost or go down the memory hole here on the Daily Paul. I thought we needed to make these reports easier to find as they tend to get drowned out fairly quickly by all the activity on the front page and active forum topics.

The threads you'll find below prove how well we are doing in spite of the mainstream media blackout and the corrupt establishment the Ron Paul Republicans are showing up in force and seizing delegate slots across the country.

If you haven't yet please join us we need your help at your next local GOP meeting, as you can see from some of the reports below we need as much backup as we can get to go up against the crooked cronies in the party.







    Mendocino County




    Denver GOP Convention



    Athen's Clarke County
    Cobb County
    Dekalb County
    Forsyth County
    Fulton County
    Multiple Counties
    Unknown County



    Harrison County
    Polk County
    Story County
    Unknown Counties











    Minneapolis State Senate District
    Wright County
    Unknown County and District Reports





    Clay County
    Greene County
    St. Charles County



    Clark County
    Storey County

______________NORTH CAROLINA__________________




    Oklahoma County County


    Major County

______________RHODE ISLAND______________________


______________SOUTH DAKOTA_____________________






______________THE VIRGIN ISLANDS________________


______________WASHINGTON STATE________________


    Benton County
    King County
      Pooled Caucus Reports Vashon Island
      34th Legislative District, 7th Congressional District





    Hot Springs County
    Sweetwater County

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post anything you have here in the comments

I will try to sort it out somehow

there have been a couple posted I missed over the past

36 hours or so guys please help keep this updated by posting every time you see a new report just post in the comments, if you don't want to bother to check if it is already in the thread don't I will do it for you and update accordingly. I will try to post those posts I missed ASAP sorry I didn't do it already but a man has got to sleep sometimes after staying up 36 hours straight paulinating.

Added to the post

meant to "add" it earlier lol

I believe there was another post yesterday from Wyoming

We won another county! I should have bookmarked but I diddn't, I will try to find it please help!

hmm can't seem to find it

but I swear I saw it I even told my mom about it on the phone yesterday because she just moved to Wyoming, weird I'll keep looking...

Come on DP'ers we don't even have a sample from every state yet!

Let's make something happen everywhere lets all form local grassroots clubs like I did to organize peer-to-peer Vashon Island Ron Paul Republican Club that way no matter what happens in November we stay connected and start taking back our local government and GOP.

We should have a page on daily paul for "Ground Reports"

From grassroots reporters on the ground.


Michael can we sticky this somehow?

There have been several requests.

How come there is no delegates page?

But there is an off topic page?

can I get some help? I know I have missed some reports

please comment if you find any reports

Great work

GCN3030, my hat goes off to you for these great efforts. Simply awesome. You are another great addition to the r3VOLution!!!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


Glad you like it :-) please help by posting comments in here with links to reports like those above.


I want to thank you for the tremendous job of compiling all of this information. This is a lot of organizational work and I hope to print this off as it comes in. You have a lot here and I am so glad you undertook this task. Thank you and God bless you-

For Liberty and Ron Paul!


thanks I just cleaned it up a bit does it look better now?

let me know what you think

I like this the best

so far. The red hyperlink makes the words in the titles stand out. The bolded states and underscorese lines helped a lot as well.

I used to use a a line made of bold dashes in my library posts, but after seeing your use of the underscore, I switched all my posts to an underscore because it makes a more solid line.

I like it too

but I might play with the spacing a little...


...I wonder if the moderator might be able to provide you with a "page," rather than a post. That way, the info won't get buried (as long as you're grabbing it as it comes up, that is ). Just a thought, thanks for the work you're putting into this.

vote it up in the handbook

and comment with a link whenever you see reports and I will update

That would be cool

This thread does get buried quickly


AZ County Conventions to elect delegates to the State Convention will be held April 7 - April 21.

AZ State Convention to elect delegates to the National Convention will be held May 12.


for posting I hope enough of our people show up organized and ready to deal with corrupt chairman read up on your Roberts Rules of Order don't let them get away with what they did in Athens-Clarke County Georgia.

Alabama Primary

Ron Paul's Delegates get over 30,000 more votes than he does?

Nice. Way nice


"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

I am so glad you like it

please help by leaving a comment with a link to any reports you see that aren't listed.

Mississippi Primary

Screen Shots show county results went down for Ron Paul

Love the post!

Comprehensive posts are some of my favorite. I like the format you use with the state headings and the space between them. It makes the page easier to see.