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Delegate, Caucus, Convention, Primary, & GOP Meeting Reports In Many States

Reports from Delegates, Caucuses, Primaries, Conventions, and GOP meetings all across the country are posted nearly every day on the DP so far I have consolidated into this thread just a sampling of posts I have found from Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas Oklahoma, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, the Virgin Islands, Washington State, and Wyoming.

I'll try to gather more of these kinds of reports up from events in other States and territories and post them in the comments below.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated sometimes it is too easy for posts to get lost or go down the memory hole here on the Daily Paul. I thought we needed to make these reports easier to find as they tend to get drowned out fairly quickly by all the activity on the front page and active forum topics.

The threads you'll find below prove how well we are doing in spite of the mainstream media blackout and the corrupt establishment the Ron Paul Republicans are showing up in force and seizing delegate slots across the country.

If you haven't yet please join us we need your help at your next local GOP meeting, as you can see from some of the reports below we need as much backup as we can get to go up against the crooked cronies in the party.







    Mendocino County




    Denver GOP Convention



    Athen's Clarke County
    Cobb County
    Dekalb County
    Forsyth County
    Fulton County
    Multiple Counties
    Unknown County



    Harrison County
    Polk County
    Story County
    Unknown Counties











    Minneapolis State Senate District
    Wright County
    Unknown County and District Reports





    Clay County
    Greene County
    St. Charles County



    Clark County
    Storey County

______________NORTH CAROLINA__________________




    Oklahoma County County


    Major County

______________RHODE ISLAND______________________


______________SOUTH DAKOTA_____________________






______________THE VIRGIN ISLANDS________________


______________WASHINGTON STATE________________


    Benton County
    King County
      Pooled Caucus Reports Vashon Island
      34th Legislative District, 7th Congressional District





    Hot Springs County
    Sweetwater County

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If this is continuously

If this is continuously updated, I hope it gets stickied somehow at the top.

good idea

make sure if you see any results posted that aren't included yet put them here in the comments section.

Anyone have anything on

Anyone have anything on Virginia? I heard in another post that John Tate said at a Hawaii rally that we were going to pick up 40 delegates from Virginia.


I haven't seen anything

Please post a comment here if you find anything

Michael is right, this is a tremendous contribution!

How about Maine? When we get all of this together, we should compile a report and release it to the media.

Feel free to submit a thread here in the comments

I haven't seen any recent results from Maine, have they had any conventions yet?

I posted some results from Maine

A date behind every link please!

A date behind every link would be nice, so that we know which links are new added ones!

good, better, Paulaner (--> german beer)


I put the date of the event is that what you meant?

Yes! Thanks a lot!

Yes! Thanks a lot! =)

good, better, Paulaner (--> german beer)

Your welcome

Just read an article that

Just read an article that said Santorum says he will take the majority of the delegates in Iowa, is this real life?

Deal with it ;)

We'll see at the State convention

We should get iroots over there to video it.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Thank you very much for undertaking this task

It is a tremendous contribution.


He's the man.

Thanks Michael

Great idea to consolidate all

Great idea to consolidate all the reports! Bump for Liberty and Visibility! Great job! When you get them all you should List them in your main post for all to see! It could be a mass open thread of useful information!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!


When I see new reports ill be

When I see new reports ill be sure to send your way! Thank you!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Your Welcome

That was me.

We still have BPOU conventions scheduled for this coming Saturday and the following Saturday (the 24th which is my birthday. I might spend part of the day at another BPOU to help them organize.)

Talked this morning to another supporter in the metro area of Minnesota and his BPOU convention is tomorrow night. I hope for his sake that they don't end up with a 9 hour convention like ours was.

9 hours?

What could possibly take that long?


I went to the 36th legislative district caucus and it was nearly 10 hours! The GOP establishment tried to play games with us by refusing to give us the bubble ballot sheets after we elected our chair in an attempt to make her look bad.

Ours was about 7 Hrs Long

The redistricting thing screwed a lot of things up and they got more delegates showing then expected....