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Delegate, Caucus, Convention, Primary, & GOP Meeting Reports In Many States

Reports from Delegates, Caucuses, Primaries, Conventions, and GOP meetings all across the country are posted nearly every day on the DP so far I have consolidated into this thread just a sampling of posts I have found from Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas Oklahoma, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, the Virgin Islands, Washington State, and Wyoming.

I'll try to gather more of these kinds of reports up from events in other States and territories and post them in the comments below.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated sometimes it is too easy for posts to get lost or go down the memory hole here on the Daily Paul. I thought we needed to make these reports easier to find as they tend to get drowned out fairly quickly by all the activity on the front page and active forum topics.

The threads you'll find below prove how well we are doing in spite of the mainstream media blackout and the corrupt establishment the Ron Paul Republicans are showing up in force and seizing delegate slots across the country.

If you haven't yet please join us we need your help at your next local GOP meeting, as you can see from some of the reports below we need as much backup as we can get to go up against the crooked cronies in the party.







    Mendocino County




    Denver GOP Convention



    Athen's Clarke County
    Cobb County
    Dekalb County
    Forsyth County
    Fulton County
    Multiple Counties
    Unknown County



    Harrison County
    Polk County
    Story County
    Unknown Counties











    Minneapolis State Senate District
    Wright County
    Unknown County and District Reports





    Clay County
    Greene County
    St. Charles County



    Clark County
    Storey County

______________NORTH CAROLINA__________________




    Oklahoma County County


    Major County

______________RHODE ISLAND______________________


______________SOUTH DAKOTA_____________________






______________THE VIRGIN ISLANDS________________


______________WASHINGTON STATE________________


    Benton County
    King County
      Pooled Caucus Reports Vashon Island
      34th Legislative District, 7th Congressional District





    Hot Springs County
    Sweetwater County

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Wow 7 hrs is ridiculous

I can't believe it took that long


you are a machine. Keep up the great work, mindblowing to say the least!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


Just trying to do my part to rally the troops. Victory is within our grasp. If we all show up prepared, organized, and unwilling to back down we win.

Another link

for Denver, CO:

This one has more background info.


added to the thread

Alaska did better

than expected! Here is the link....
It is very important to go to your area conventions and become a delegate and bring as many people as possible to vote for you and the rest of the Ron Paul supporters. If you do not want to commit to becoming a delegate, than go to vote and bring as many with you to vote as well.

Liberty is on the march, tyranny is on the run!

It's all about showing up

being counted, knowing what you are doing, and never backing down.

these reports give us motivation that we can make a difference..

..Its on us to show up and take over everywhere.

That is right

It ain't over yet it is up to us to restore the Republic in the Republican Party.