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Ron Paul Wins Virgin Islands - Media Claims Romney Wins

In case some of you haven't heard due to the fact that the main stream media is not reporting the truth, Ron Paul WON the Virgin Islands! The media is trying to claim that Romney won 7 delegates when it is a nonbinding caucus. This is more proof that the mainstream media is trying to shut out us Ron Paul supporters! Here is my message to them. Try to stop us!!!

Below is a link to a video breaking it all down, I suggest you watch it and see for yourself the actual Virgin Islands GOP Official Website with the true numbers on it!


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No he didn't win.

Because there was NO straw poll (beauty contest) voting at this caucus. These numbers above simply represent the delegates themselves.

In other words, there were 29% (or 113) delegates who OPENLY declared their support for Ron Paul, There were 26% (or 101) who OPENLY declared their support for Romney.

But there were also 130 UNDECLARED (or as I believe, "incognito") delegates who also voted and clearly they were mostly voting for the Romney delegates.

Keep in mind that 3 of those 7 that Romney has are "super delegates" which means they were not actually voted on at all, they automatically get to be delegates by virtue of the offices they hold (this is true in EVERY state by the way). And clearly those 3 all supported Romney.

So Romney got 7 delegates , Ron Paul got 1 and there is still one uncommitted one who could go either way.