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Ron Paul Openly Muses About the Possibility of GOP Election Fraud

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I doubt Tarpley knows what he's talking about, so

I wouldn't give it much credence. It could be that the Romney group approached the Paul group, all to no avail.

Ron Paul doesn't make "deals". His record with lobbyists is well known on that fact. Why would he make a "deal" with Romney, unless Romney was to swear PUBLICLY that he would put Ron in as the next Federal Reserve Chairman. LOL

webster tarpley talks about secret deal between Paul and Romeny

Greetings Daily Paul people - it is very uplifting to visit this website...keep up the good work Ron Paul supports...

Several times now, I have heard Webster Tarpley mention a back room deal between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney...now Tarpley is saying that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Romney.


Please can someone straighten this out. If Tarpley is lying, I will never listen to him again...And I will spread the word that he is poisoning the well. COUNT ON IT.

If Ron Paul is lying ....... i'm not sure, I can ever, ever trust another human being again.


Please do a story on this!

Et tu, Webster?

I like Tarpley, but his invective against Ron Paul of late is distressing. I think Tarpley is mistaken. Ron Paul has no deal with Romney. Ron is simply picking the low-lying fruit off the tree to try to move up in the field until he faces Romney one on one. Everybody knows the GOP establishment wanted to crown Romney the nominee from day one with 0% of the vote counted. But 75% of GOP voters didn't want Romney. So, they flooded the field with candidates to prevent Ron Paul from gaining traction, just like they did in 2008. I think Tarpley's motivation is he is a progressive, and he has seen Ron Paul gain support among progressive voters because of his anti-war and pro-civil liberties stance, and he is afraid those progressives will be lost forever. I am disappointed Tarpley has been making these wild accusations about Ron, because libertarians and progressives should be working together to achieve half a loaf by ending the wars, ending the police state, restoring civil liberties, ending corporate welfare, ending crony capitalism, and ending the Fed. After we achieve that together, then we can argue about what to do about personal welfare and infrastructure and public safety regulations. OTOH, Tarpley did expose this Peter Thiel of PayPal is a Bilderberger and warned that his SuperPAC is a Trojan Horse to hijack the Liberty movement. On that front, Tarpley is correct.

what happened to Webster Tarpley

Thanks to the people who responded to my post.

I heard the interview with Tarpley on Jeff Rense radio...I went looking for information about him since I don't know too much about Rense. Boy did I get an earful. It may be best to avoid Rense altogether.

I thought for sure Tarpley would support Ron Paul, since both of them are anti-war. However, it's now apparent to me that Tarpley favours big government programs and he never truly addresses the problems relating to fiat currency.

Anyhow, it's hard to figure out exactly what is right or wrong, good or bad. I wish somebody would bring together a panel of people to discuss these issues. Not so much debate or argue about the pros and cons of Big Gov programs and fiat currency, but to share their life experiences and any relevant information that influenced their views.

Thanks again!

PS: the bit about paypal founder - that's depressing and also scary.

Full video of Springfield Speech.

At this link: http://www.dailypaul.com/219993/springfield-missouri-cheers-...
It seems to have feel overlooked in all of the recent posts. Please tell me what you think - I got some great crowd shots.

(If someone can embed at the above link I would sure appreciate it!)

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

To "STRIKE while the IRON is HOT"----that's the saying, but

we know that that has not happened, because the overall tactical campaign strategy was to stay in "at all costs".

I'm here to say that the "costs" weren't worth it. Why? Watching the Media pulverize & humiliate & degrade Ron Paul starting in Iowa the 4 days prior to the vote was enough to make me puke. Hearing the Governor of Iowa declare his repulsive attitude and threats about Ron Paul "should" have been enough for an outcry direct from the good doctor.

Instead, we had SILENCE, and that never made me happy, and the campaign knew it.

Then, we had Nevada & Maine shenanigans, and the campaign was virtually SILENT in that they never filed lawsuits or did anything in an attack mode, whether we would win a lawsuit or not, would not matter to any of us---ONLY THAT RON & THE CAMPAIGN DID SOMETHING!

So, here we sit & FINALLY after all these states, Dr. Paul said "something"....but I'm sorry, it's just not enough..."heresay"? Nuh-uh...we have more than heresay, and every single person on this board knows that. The campaign could have pushed back on the Media in a BIG way by filing lawsuits agains the networks with a high-powered attorney like L. Lin Wood, but they didn't. Ron just kept taking the abuses. If they had done this, it would have sent a BIG message to the public, that is, that something is really wrong with the networks in their coverage.

But, we didn't do a thing...so, I am not upset about Dr. Paul's "message" and the campaign in & of itself. I am upset with the lack of response, because I know it might have made a terrific difference at least in the DEPARTMENT of PERCEPTION..

Dr Paul felt the Missouri LOVE

I was there....I won't forget this day the rest of my life....All the positive energy, All the excitement from thousands of fellow supporters. I was proud to be among them and to know that there are so many likeminded individuals that I think will continue to grow in numbers and fight for our Constitution and our country. I NO LONGER FEEL ALONE! Together we have the power to win this REVOLUTION!

Ron Paul 2012

"When you fight on the side of good....The victory is so, so sweet"

Class Act

The man is a class act, and sharp as a tack. They baited him a couple of times and he gave honest, forthright answers which were totally consistent with everything he has said so far, without taking the bait. Bravo! Bring it Dr. Paul!

RomBama/TBTF has a stress test.. Insolvent on transparency

Ron Please don't bite on there "conspiracy" traps. We know there is vote fraud... The TBTF that levered the housing bubble will not be allowed to handle the swaps..

Rombama Goldman cartel had the BLS take over the jobs numbers in Massachusetts (Gov Patrick ex Coca Cola lawyer) outsource the numbers to BLS.... ALL OF 2011 JOBS DOWNGRADED FROM 41,000 TO 9,000..


You would think Bernake's son having 400k in student loans would anger these synthetic usury traders....



i think

ron's message is the only one to be considered. it is truly an indicator of what type of people make up this society when we see how our elections unfold. mostly i am embarrassed to be part of it all. stupid...stupid...baby boom .. way too many people during that time to even hope for an overall intelligent population

nearly 100% of humanity

... begin life with a light in their eyes a fire in their hearts and a critical purpose yet-to-be-discovered. What's your purpose, murphnmattie? I'm guessing you haven't yet found it, but I do know that tearing down your fellow man woman and child by calling them stupid isn't your purpose in life. Consider finding out why God put YOU on this earth - this will make you happy deep down . . .

Don't ANYONE shake your head in disgust,

...or even think about throwing your arms up and saying "we can't, because they won't..." We are NOT going anywhere, despite their blather about our "chances"!!!

We MARCHED(about 30 of us) in the HUGE St. Pat's day parade in Elmhurst, Illinois this past Saturday, and our crew distributed at least 2,000 SuperBrochures(maybe up to 1,000 more!)

Pictures are certain to be posted soon at http://illinois4ronpaul.com - here's one, a float made from Tony from Lake County Indiana who came out; http://postimage.org/image/t45x45nb7/

My little men were troopers; we lined up 90 minutes before launch, and the march took a good 40 minutes to get to the end...a great many of us plan on marching in Chicago's parade next weekend too!


It's looking like Ron is standing taller and seriously pumped. I think that this time around on the road has been an inspiration for him. When you have that many people constantly showing up it has to feel great. I have a feeling that before this is over. A lot of us die hard supporters that have been watching Ron's every move are going to witness sides of Ron we have never seen. I honestly believe that he has the patience of a saint and that is the reason why he hasn't made more of a stink about the bias. Although now that he has really seen the numbers and passion that is behind him before it's over he is going to open up the can of Woop Azz!! And the world will roar in support..

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Electon process must be transparent

The only reason for hiding the process is to cook up the results as needed. And use the media to prepare the peoples minds ahead for accepting the cooked up results.


I am so tired of the MSM and the GOP shaping the election by emphasizing Ron Paul's drawbacks and blacking out his success. In addition, I find it very hard to believe that his vote count does not match his rally count. Therefore, I suggest that the Ron Paul Campaign start hinting at going 3rd party. His campaign has to do something to combat the obvious force-out tactics headed by the GOP and the MSM. You do what you got to do. America's future is at stake. Meanwhile, we will continue to flood the rallies and donate what we got.

Don't Worry be Happy

It is obvious to me that the name of the game is not only “blackout Ron Paul” but “paint him as a loser who is mad to continue”. The media want Obama to be reelected and they know the strongest candidate that can defeat him is our Dr. Paul. So not only do they have to not allow the ignorant ones to hear the good news about liberty they must discourage the supporters. Let me give a few examples of their “discouraging plan” headlines just today:
1. Paul carries on despite low delegate count – msnbc
2. Ron Paul Wins Virgin Island Caucus, Mitt Romney Gets Most Delegates- Daily American
3. Ron Paul campaign in Kansas, looks to bounce back after Super Tuesday setbacks- Houston Chronicle
The other strategy is to paint supporters as “wackos” militantly taking over the GOP “at gun point”
1. Paul supporters seize control of Clark County GOP – Real Clear Politics
2. Ron Paul supporters hijack Denver GOP meeting- THE STATE COLUMN
3. Ron Paul supporters plunge Denver County GOP meeting into chaos- examiner.com
These are just a few of the slanted view reporting that is aimed at upsetting Dr. Paul's nomination. I am encouraged by these tactics because they know the true picture and they don't like what they see so it is necessary for them to distort, exaggerate and even lie to save their man Obama. We are on the way to a historical and happy ending to this race. Dr. Paul will be the nominee and president. So when you read these headlines just laugh inside or out loud because our efforts are going to be rewarded with victory and a new start for the nation.

Ron Paul is about to pull a full reversal, and he is toying w/

just toying around with his fascist federal reserve owned media opposition.

God has blessed this man with wisdom, understanding and the ability to convey both to anyone who will listen despite the money being printed and thrown by the bail in the other direction.

There is not enough gold, money or value in the entire world to buy your way into heaven; or even to buy Ron Paul.

The man is on a mission... just look into his eyes. He is looking right through time.


There is NO Question that what was going on in Maine and Iowa

is happening all through and through the GOP electoral process. Does the word CROOK, CHEAT, LIAR, THIEF best describe the GOP? Answer: You Bet. Another word: CRIMINALS comes to mind. Aided and abetted by the MSM. Also crooks.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Please note the difference between Iowa and Maine.

In Iowa we had overt bias on the part of the ELECTED mainstream GOP political leaders like Rep. Steve King and Gov. Terry Branstad making last minute negative endorsements AGAINST Ron Paul. But the Straw Poll process itself was fairly accurate. (With all of the confusion over the vote count we are still talking about just a handful of votes.)

In Maine we had blatant bias by the GOP central committee chairman who actually is responsible for COUNTING the votes.

The Virtual Conspiracy

How do you KNOW the straw poll process

...was "accurate?"

Did we have Ron Paul supporters monitoring the votes at every caucus site...NO.

Were there any grassroots observers permitted at the (first-time-ever) secret tabulation center? NO.

Did he win (like has always happened everywhere else) after the MSM ADMITTED HE WON ALL THE ENTRANCE POLLING? NO.

Again, Reagan Republicans admire his advice to always "trust, but verify."

Why are we the only campaign that has been asked just "to trust?"

I will go to my grave believing that Ron Paul won the Iowa Caucuses in reality and should have been declared the frontrunner for the Republican nomination FROM THE VERY BEGINNING of this election cycle. If that had happened, all the fraud since would NEVER have been attempted.

For the Republic and Its Creator,

Steve Martin
Host, The Aroostook Watchmen Radio Show
780 AM in Monticello, 1700 AM in Lewiston, 88.1 FM in Westbrook, 88.1 FM in Orono, 96.5 FM in Brewer

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

59% win for Ron in your county

Hi Steve, just a shout out to you. I conversed with you heavily on the main Meetup board last campaign. (I used a different screen name). Anyway I was thinking about you this time around and I have a strong feeling the main reason Ron got 59% in your county was because of you! Way to go and keep up the fight!

I don't think so, brother....

But, thanks.

Folks up here have a very independent, rugged-individualist attitude that comes from fighting the elements to survive. That plays well into everything R.P. stands for.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

That was great

I've never seen him make those comments before. He sounded tough.

He is right, this is a delegate race. We are doing great in the delegate race. My precinct voted for Romney, and then voted for two Ron Paul supporters out of three delegates. We are not bound by the straw poll vote. We will support Ron Paul.

The third delegate is a Gingrich supporter who doesn't think he will even bother showing up. The Ron Paul supporters are showing up where it counts. Sure, we are not the majority, but we will go out and work to save this country. That is what Ron Paul has been doing for decades. I'm proud to support him.


The ballot skullduggery is now so blatantly obvious when comparing rally turnout for Dr. Paul and the other candidates Ron has no choice but to talk about it ... the media is totally complicit in this, instead of doing some real investigative journalism into the allegations they are parroting stupid cover-up stories for the RNC all the while they maintain a very controlled near black-out of this campaign

Yes, but...

I don't doubt for a minute election fraud is rampant, and the campaign must keep up the pressure to hold these clowns accountable for the abuses, excuses, incompetence and outright fraud.

However, more importantly, Dr. Paul must begin, now, to tell his huge audiences that it's nice so many come to hear him, but THEY HAVE TO NAIL DOWN THE RESULTS AND VOTE! He has to tell them that it's all for naught if they don't show up for the vote! Everything is at stake here...the nation, our freedom, the future, our kids...everything! No Ron Paul supporter would even consider doing ANYTHING else rather than casting their vote for him! DUH! Makes me crazy! Do they think this is some kind of game?!

Nothing comes to those who wait.

They DO vote


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Having a chance to show light

Having a chance to show light on this corruption has fallen into our lap.

I expect we may hear of some resignations of...

some of the more recalcitrant paid staff soon...

You know, the ones who have been running around telling people to (basically) trust the GOP and not to suggest they would commit fraud--and telling supporters not to work with independent verification efforts (like WatchTheVote2012.com).

This stuff has been going on since the Ames Straw Poll in 2007, where they literally told everyone there not to work with grassroots folks who were trying to verify that (when we had the most people on the ground for sure and came in "5th.")

Ron Paul is turning on his handlers here to some degree. GREAT NEWS!

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Something to consider about

Something to consider about the straw votes correlating with the rally turnouts. I drove from Little Rock to Springfield(5hrs both ways) this weekend, and picked up two people in AR on the way. I saw an Arkansas and Texas tag with RP bumper stickers along the way to Springfield. When Sanotrum has a Rally, more than likely 95% of the people are within 30-45 minutes of the event. I would guess that Paul's events are drawing a much higher percentage of people coming from out of state.

I don't want to tell the campaign how to allocate resources and run events, but getting a head count of in-state vs out-of-state attendees could clear up some of the confusion. Just something to consider.

Btw, the Springfield event was great. If anyone is considering going to the next campaign event, my advice is to go. The rally energized and inspired me to work harder for the cause of liberty. It's also nice to see how many people feel the same way about what needs to be done to get our country back on the right track.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin