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U.S. Soldier Leaves Base to Kill 16 Afghan Civilians

A U.S. soldier shot to death 16 Afghan civilians in their homes before returning to his base and being taken into custody, Afghan and NATO officials said.

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Surprised they didn't cover that up! Maybe this awareness will help people realize that we need to pull out! All this stuff is so crazy! We do have very good soldiers, I know that, but these long dragged on wars are causing some severe emotional/mental problems for all those directly involved! And too many innocent people killed! All has got to stop! Geez, even Newt is saying that now! Don't know if that's really how the eye of Newt feels, but I hope his people will listen anyway. All of this has become such an evil thing! We need to bring them all home & get help for those who need it, so they don't do that kind of thing when they get back. That soldier was in Iraq 3x then went to Afghanistan & has a wife & kids @ home! With the N.D.A.A. here, I fear that kind of soldier coming home without proper mental care! Scary!