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Mr. Cardinal’s Futility

For about three weeks, a cardinal has been attacking one of our office windows. From sunup to sundown he pecks at and flies against the pane, banging his head in an effort of abject futility. Whether he’s attacking his reflection or seeking to get inside, I do not know. Whatever, watching his mindlessly repetitive attempts made me think he’s a perfect metaphor for the average American voter (AAV).

For years AAV has dutifully gone to the polls to cast votes for first this Presidential candidate and then that one, always expecting — based on the candidate’s rhetoric — that change was just around the corner. AAV, meet Mr. Cardinal.

Elections are rigged. Results are known beforehand. It’s all Kabuki Theater (see Ron Paul and the way he’s been cheated out of wins in Iowa, Maine and Nevada, etc.). The establishment controls the outcomes.

And to keep AAV distracted, the elites and their mainstream media co-conspirators are constantly throwing out nonsensical issues designed to elicit irrational emotional responses. The latest is the contraception issue suddenly ginned up by the White House and inflamed by the talking knuckleheads on both the left and the right.

For years, AAV has been unable to recognize the political system for the fallacy that is. AAV believes America is a democracy (or even the republic as described in the Constitution) and that elections matter. AAV also believes everything the Ministry of Truth (aka the corporate/government controlled MSM) says: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

AAV also believes:


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