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Ron Paul gets first WIN!..

...media panics and changes their own rules! Now the popular non-binding (beauty contest), doesn't count anymore. Now, MSM are going by delegate count. That's OK with us, can we make this new rule retroactive and let the media declare Ron Paul a winner in bunch of other caucuses?

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Odd - Romney had only 3 candidates

Paul had 6 candidates for the 6 open delegate slots. Romney had only 3. Gingrich and Santorum even fewer. Why would Romney not contest 3 of the slots?


You know what I took from this?

1 less delegate for Romney, 1 more for Paul. Case closed, lets look to the next Caucus.

did romney call the doctor to

did romney call the doctor to congratulate him?



Because Ron Paul didn't win anything but 1 delegate. This is because there was NO straw poll voting at their caucus. (ie no voting for candidates themselves). All they did was vote for delegates, and a majority of them were uncommitted ones (probably incognito more than actually uncommitted).

All that the percentages mean is that there were 29% of the delegates present that OPENLY declared they were supporting Ron Paul, and 26% OPENLY declaring support for Romney.

But you can't disregard those 130 other "uncommitted" ones who clearly pushed the majority to Romney.

You're confusing the issue

The voting was for individual delegates, yes, and those delegate candidates declared their affiliation in advance. So more votes went to Paul-affiliated delegates than Romney-affiliated delegates. Now, the Paul votes were spread inefficiently so only one of his delegates made the top six vote-getters versus 3 for Romney and 2 for uncommitted.

One of those uncommitted delegates later declared he supported Romney. But that doesn't mean the people who voted for that delegate supported Romney. Nothing can be read into the uncommitted votes, other than that they were unwilling to commit to Romney (or anyone else). Hardly a ringing endorsement for Romney to get just 26% of votes for his delegates.

The real question is why there weren't only 5 or 6 Paul-affiliated delegates so his votes could be more efficiently allocated and get more winners.


I'm only refuting the idea that somehow Ron Paul won a "popular vote" contest because there was none.

As for what the delegate voting means, that's a whole nother matter.

It IS a shame that the RP delegates were not more organized. If they had chosen 6 of them to go forward, (that was the max any of the delegates could vote) the rest of the group could have all voted for them and each would have gotten a minimum of 113 votes each. (plus any that the uncommitted voters gave).

However, I DID read somewhere else on here that 3 of the alternates were RP supporters so if 3 of the Romney delegates do not show up at the National convention, these 3 can take their spot!

But that's another story for a future post in August. :)

I've mentioned this a couple of times but...

it obviously isn't in the popular conscience yet.

Comments left on the VI GOP website report that the numbers beside the delegates do not represent individual voters.

If you look at their results, you will see a long list of people's names, some of them were delegates for Romney, some for Paul etc etc..and the vast majority were uncommitted. Why someone would show up at a caucus to represent being uncommitted is beyond me.

However, here is the part everyone keeps missing:

Everyone at the caucus got a maximum of six votes to cast. They could give them to whichever delegate they liked. There were six delegates for Paul. One delegate got 29 votes, the others got less. Why all Paul supporters did not all vote for all the Paul delegates is a mystery. Someone who was at the caucus needs to explain what happened.

As of now, it is IMPOSSIBLE to know who the popular candidate was, especially because you did not have to use all your votes. The virgin Islands caucus was a very very strange one.

Read the comments:

There also appears to be an update at the top.

you think we are that naive

You really believe the people here can't read and understand the information they are digesting? They understand the vote was for delegates who were either committed to certain candidates or uncommitted. And when the voting was done, the Ron paul delegates had the most combined votes of the candidates.

Why one Ron Paul delegate got more votes was maybe because of some people he knew personally voted for him while using their other votes for uncommitted or Romney. Local people voting for other local people because of who they are and not who they support.

It's impossible to know

who was the popular candidate, knowing only the figures presented.

Won in Virgin Islands!

Ron Paul 29%
Mitt Romney 26%

Participate in America's future- Research Ron Paul- Truth will Prevail! You too, will be proud one day, to be able to say: "I was a Ron Paul supporter."