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Win the infowar - in your neighborhood

The media blacks out Ron Paul and spins his message of Liberty whenever he is mentioned.

They fear him cause once people know what the good Dr. stands for
he wins their minds and hearts!

Thats why we need to win the info war in our neighborhoods!

We already have the most dedicated supporters. What we lack a bit is the mass backing behind us but that is only due to to the media spinning the message!

Its now on us to gain a critical mass. Once we have the critical mass the game is over for the establishment.

Additional to the great super brochure we have many free to print flyers available now.
Here are some ressources:

Pick some flyers and take over your neighborhood! Its now on YOU to win the info war!

If every Paul supporter prints some hundred and distributes them in their neighbourhood then we multiply our chances to win the nomination and set the foundation for a PRESIDENT PAUL!
Imagine everyone knows as much about the good Dr. Paul as they know about the other candidates that are supported by the mass media...
Its just a lack of real information that sways people to vote for Romney and Santorum.

Its now on US to wake up the sleeping people all over america that rely on the mass media.
Tell them: Ron Paul is here to restore america!
Freedom, Peace and Prosperity!

+ Dont forget to show up for your county and state GOP conventions to be -or vote for- a RP delegate.
+ http://www.dailypaul.com/219612/ron-paul-phone-from-home-wal...

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Ho about louisiana waking up tomorrow with

a flyer in their mailbox?

these can change minds and hearts last minute..

wow paul showed up in the tv.

5 minutes of media spin and then he could drop his wisdom again for a couple minutes.

still a battle out there to win

the whole establishment is panicking and

when we inform every neighbourhood out there about Ron Paul we will win.
One neighbourhood at a time for every individual RP supporter.
Multiply that means no way to stop us.

Cause once people know about Ron Paul he and his message wins minds and hearts!

Most Effective Brief Explanation of the Fed

This is a PDF, but a 32 page Disney cartoon booklet on the Fed, best sent online. Ron Paul's early research assistant, Gary North, calls it "the most effective brief explanation of the Fed that I have ever seen." Especially good for Christians because it also critiques the Fed from a biblical and moral perspective.


today 5000 people heard Ron Paul speak in Champaign Illinois!

and total media blackout!!!
Imagine that!
Then you see a romney event with some nice chairs and the commentator says hundreds of people where there!

Its like beeing in a wrong movie!

On us to change that! Take over your neighbourhood and inform the people about Dr. Paul!
His message is already backed by the majority but they dont know it yet :D
Time to get the word out



I've been printing these out

I've been printing these out and putting them on people's windshields. Just make sure the car is parked on public property and its legal.

And printing flyers such as

And printing flyers such as these in larger quantities isn't as expensive as I thought, either. Office Depot has a 25% off coupon for printouts, and stores like Staples also honor other company's coupons. Yesterday, our RP meetup group printed off 4000 flyers with ballot information on them for the upcoming primary that we'll be handing out, and the cost was only 6 cents per page (1-sided, BW, 8.5 x 11) prior to using the coupon.

My hope is that organizations can get together and distribute the information on cars in parking lots (especially church parking lots, since that is such a huge demographic that still needs to wake up) or by going door-to-door.

its really easy..

it costs pennys -> copyshop or own printer..
the time is well invested.

Organized distributing of information is great but remember that one person can fill up a whole neighbourhood! Multiply this with thousands of people doing the same and we have an organization.

Great idea with church parking lots! This can win thousands of votes and supporters! After church they are in the right mood to check on pauls 100% christian stance while obeying the constitution for 30+ years!

lets make it happen and promote this idea of informing everyone about Dr. Paul!!!

after yesterday it should be clear...

..that we are losing the info war!!
People dont know what Ron Paul stands for!

Its up to you to change that. If you and all other RP supporters fill your neighbourhood with RP information then we can only win!
Its easy just print some flyers!
Imagine thousands of people informing their neighbourhoods about Ron Paul. This multiplys very fast when we keep up the pace!

Once people know what the Dr. stands for without the media spinning his message he wins their minds and hearts!



Another strategy to fight the media blackout

Flyers and handouts are great, but to make a significant impact in this election we need to reach large numbers of people every day. That's why we created http://ronpaulmycar.com - to help people turn their cars into Ron Paul billboards. A Ron Paul ad on your car is seen up to 1,000,000 times each month by voters in your community, and every where you go you'll be spreading the message of freedom. Best of all, a RP ad on your car opens countless doors to real conversations with people whom you may never have met.

Check out the site, let us know what you think, and if you're ready to use your car to support Ron Paul, you can get 10% off by entering promo code: Rand.

Thanks, and if you have any questions you can call me any time at 877.258.2837 ext 4.

- Jeff

Jeff Blake, Founder

Turn your car into a Ron Paul billboard! http://ronpaulmycar.com

great idea

hope you dont do it just for profit..

a good day today for Ron Paul in the media despite..

some technical difficulties ;)

Still its on us to follow this up. A neighbourhood full of flyers tomorrow morning..how would that be in combination with todays interviews?

easy to print out free flyers:

more blackout today by the media


enough time to win over neighbourhoods!

Free Handouts

RPHandoutGeneral.pdf (slightly grainy) and RPHandoutGeneral.xls (very crisp and editable).

This includes comparisons of all candidates including Obama, along with critical facts that are not in the mainstream news.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, free download, print and distribute to ALL political parties!


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

these additions are great

very aggressive. we certainly need such handouts too for the ones that dont get what is on stake for the future!

Greensboro, NC

GREAT IDEA! I'm already on it. I've made a personal commitment to distribute the Candidate Comparison Sheet to everyone in my neighorhood (approx. 400 homes). If I can afford to have more printed, I will distribute them to another neighborhood in our community (approx. 500 homes). If every Ron Paul supporter commits to a minimum of covering their own neighborhood, it could make a profound difference.

wonderfull! your commitment is what will change the public...

opinion in your neighbourhood.. and sets the foundation for Ron Paul to win over minds and hearts once they see and hear him. I hope many follow your example!

Its like a puzzle that nears its completion. Grassroots info war, commited delegate hunt and RP's great speeches!



who wins?

Ron Paul or the media?

We are in this to win it

we need to push now even ahrder to win over people everyhwere.

flyers are easy to print and distribute.
...get em out!