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Maine Election Fraud and the Effort to Silence Ron Paul

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A Big eye opener for America!!

Thank You All

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Shouldn't this be prosecuted and the full weight of the law thrown behind it to investigate?

Americans vote for anything but freedom. Is that a level of ignorance?


I cried when Ron Paul said "To tell the Truth"..This video makes me want to become a US citizen, JUST SO I COULD VOTE FOR THIS MAN.
Powerful video, truly inspiring man. Please, let this man be the next leader of the FREE world.

Where do you live?

Or where are you from?

Land Down Under..

I am an Aussie, and we have NO ONE who even comes close to this wonderful, inspiring man in our political arena. Our current political leaders are an embarrassment, more interested in serving their own interests (and those of other interested parties) than those of the Australian people. We have seen our civil liberties eroded in an effort to "protect" us, continuing to be involved in wars ( and lose lives) that DONT concern us, to "protect" our nation. As an Australian citizen, I can articulate (and have been telling as MANY people as I can!) precisely what Ron Paul stands for. It is a sad indictment on my own country's political situation that I am UNABLE TO DO THAT for our current government and our opposition.
Please understand the rare, precious and wonderful gift that you have in Ron Paul, and get this man into the White House.

It amazes me that people in other countries know of Ron Paul

Because I couldn't name a single candidate from Australia.

But it makes sense that Ron Paul has world-wide appeal, because he tells the truth and he's right.

You are right..

Ron Paul's message is universal and people "know" the truth when they hear it.
Don't feel too bad about not knowing much about Australia's political leaders, many Aussies wouldn't have a clue either!!! LOL!
They are a very forgettable bunch and do not inspire the enthusiasm. passion and dedication that Ron Paul does in his supporters.
God Bless the man!

I share your view that he is a "fare, precious wonderful gift"

I thank God each day that we have someone like Ron Paul to support!

I wish people everywhere did also.

I cried too.

I am a citizen and I will vote for him as I did in 2007.



Original HD video

Fantastic video.

Hans Zimmer music ("Time") + Ron Paul + Judge Napolitano + Doug Wead + an epic story = pure awesome.

Excellent video, excellent content, excellent editing, and excellent choice of music. I had no problems hearing anything, and in my opinion, music is easily one of the most powerful forces in existence. Put the right music with the right video, time your editing well, and you can fire up anyone.

Thank you

Posted on Twitter.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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Here's more!

I posted this on the forum and somehow it gets pushed to some remote part of the site and is never seen like a lot of my work here, so I have to post my info several times now to get it out because the info seems to be censored.


Share this and discuss it.

Is it real?

Has it already been posted??


It was posted and voted down

It was posted and voted down because is too hard to prove and at this level of the race, without proof, it can hurt the campaing. Proof needed or credible witness.

The Truth is the only way to Freedom!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

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trivially fakeable with a mediocre voice actor

such a circumstance would neither be recorded nor "leaked" in this manner. The most telling point is that nearly every time it's re-uploaded, the poster's put another ad on its front. Just a quick buck.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Is it real? You tell me.

If it was ME, I would not have linked it here. It may be genuine but I don't have the ability to proclaim that it is. Seems fishy, though.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

I actually enjoyed the music

I actually enjoyed the music and found it added to the video..this really should anger every person that watches it..i'll be sharing it everywhere I can think of..

thanks for putting it together

Mitchell J. Toland Jr

The music can be found on the Inception sound track.

Composed by Hans Zimmer.

Please leave the dramatic music out, especially

when someone else is talking. It keeps getting louder and louder and harder to hear what the video is actually about.

It really isn't necessary. It is very distracting.


Otherwise, excellent compilation.

Itall started with us Washington County Ron Paul supporters...

Yes, the State of Maine, now run by Republicans thought that they could push the poorest people in the State around and just look how they got BLOWBAK right upo their a$$...The Maine GOP has done more damage to the State of Maine since Maine became a State.

The good news is that Maine is now the temmplate on how to lose prestige, honor and justice, and we have two US Senators to back this all up too...for they both voted for the NDAA and they are all for Romney which shows their blatant dishonest towards the Maine Citizens...especially the pooor people in Maine.

The GOP has given our Wonderful State of Maine a rotten reputation...now Maine has a lot of cleaning up to do ....we have to go in the barn...sweep it out, and take out the TRASH starting with the GOP.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

It actually started in Waldo County

As much I love my brothers and sisters in liberty downeast, I broke the story about what happened in my City of Belfast and my County Waldo, from there the snowball just rolled right down to East Machias.

But whatever the case may be a bunch of us Mainers are pissed at the leadership, support Ron Paul and will hopefully have the majority at the Convention.

Perhaps Maine can get rid of

Perhaps Maine can get rid of Charlie Webster. I'm dumbfounded why he's still there.

Excellent vid but I loathe the music

This is not a movie. This is a serious thing. They need to get that music the eff out of that video.

The Romney lady

Wead referenced a poll worker who transcribed votes and was a Romney supporter. Has that woman's name been given to the media for an interview? I think the way to get the big whigs is to go after the little whigs. The fraud occurs when little people are good soldiers for their cheating masters.


video here

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=era8KBFSmHU 50k+ views (mod should replace that link with this one)

made by donn jx2 he has made several awesome vids, here is his channel



have a link to the original video, where you can actually click at the end, where at the 4:02 minute mark it says "click here"?

Maybe I'm just watching too

Maybe I'm just watching too much "Lie to Me", but I'm pretty sure he gulped after he said "that winner, is Mitt Romney"... indicating a massive lie...

Facts are stubborn things and so are we.

The revolution is kicking into high gear now.
Tireless and Irate we shall eventually get our country heading in the right direction again through these challenging times.
Brush fires brush fires everywhere I see them.Now the wind has kicked up and a whirlwind may follow.
Thank God for the example of Dr.Ron Paul he stays so calm and humble in the face of absolute ignorance.
My brothers and sisters in LIBERTY.
We are Legions and we are growing every single hour of the day.We should not fear our future we should be encouraged and energized.
The corrupt establishment is being exposed.

Opresso De Liber
Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Conscious of Our Creator and Source of our Liberties.

Are there any Layers in the house?

I think it’s time we unite, and file civil suits against the State of Maine's GOP, and personally name Maine’s GOP state chairman, for fraud, and conspiracy to distort the election results of Maine's electoral caucus process.

The suite needs to be filed under federal RICO (conspiracy) laws, which require the presiding trial Judge to triple the award given by a jury to plaintiffs.

My guess is: Just ONE law suit will put a squashing halt to the other hoodlums trying to peruse similar actions in other parts of the country. The MSM will be all over this one, and these hoodlums will experience how expensive legal bills can be.

Where are the Layers in this house? What say ye?

By the way, that was one of the best videos I've seen yet on voter fraud!

The Winds of Change!

We should CAMPAIGN AGAINST all of them, if RP

is not on a ballot--that's what I say!

Yes, campaign against OBUMMER, RUMMEY, all the money whore-bag scoundrels.

All Wall Street & Fed Reservists' Obummer & Rummey care about is the GLAMOUR of the White House, the free parties, the attention, the free & extravagant trips abroad, Martha's Vineyard, the fancy homes, I mean, it's enough to turn our founding forefathers over in their graves---oh, and did I forget the fact they get "waived" from ObummerCare? Uh huh, right along with the UNIONS & McDONALDS, etc. If people don't think there is a CLASS WAR & A HIGH CLASS MONOPOLY, they are really stupid is all I gotta say. How far we've come from Congressmen just working the summers--the GREEDY GLUTS!