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Some talking points to those that voted for the PEACE candidate Obama. For those moms who "still like their Obama."

In reading the forum "I Still Like my Obama" where a Daily Pauler tried to talk to their Obama-supporting mom about the NDAA which the president signed, and she didn't like the sound of it, but cut the conversation off anyway, I offer the further talking points below.


But...mom....what if, some president were elected into office who was a psychopath and abusing the office who would actually DID use the NDAA against somebody like me, declaring me an "enemy combatant", just for speaking out against his administration?

They send me to Gitmo, and you never EVER hear from me again. I can't get a lawyer. I can't get a trial. They don't even show me the evidence or even tell me what I have been accused of. They don't even have to have evidence!

Its just when the President deems it, with or without evidence, its DONE!

Even worse, Mom, now, if the president perceives I am a "threat" to the nation...he can go one step further. He can send a drone and kill me, without me being charged of ANY crime of any kind!

Never before in US history has the president assumed the power of judge, jury, and executioner of an AMERICAN CITIZEN as this president has and so freely bragged about it, as when he ordered a drone to kill Anwar Awlaki, a "suspected" terrorist, while he was driving his vehicle with his family, in the desert. Awlaki was never charged with a crime.

Right, mom, so Obama is the peace candidate, right?

He promised that "closing Gitmo" (where torture has taken place) "was one of the first things I will do when I get into office." [Exact quote].

Gitmo is STILL open, 4 years later.

He promised that also one of the first things he was going to do, is "bring the troops home."

He INCREASED the scope of the Afghanistan War, and of course, more young American blood continues to be shed.

He didn't "get the troops out of Iraq." They have been replaced with 17,000 contractors (basically paramilitary like Blackwater that the taxpayer still pays for). And we built a BILLION DOLLAR taxpayer-funded embassy that is BIGGER than the Vatican.

And now the President just marches into a country, like he did in Lybia with deadly firepower and unknown collateral civilian damage of innocent women and children, without even TALKING to Congress, let alone even bothering to get their Constitutional consent!

You know, that little thing called the Constitution, which HE swore to defend and uphold!

And now this same President is beating the drums for Iran.

How about on Obama's promises to end the Drug War, or at least roll back the draconian marijuana sentencing and attacks on medical marijuana. Guess again! It has gotten worse.

Federal officials are using more and more strongarm tactics in raids against medical marijuana facilities, not only threatening the users and suppliers of the business with jail time, but landlords as well!

Hey Mom, Obama promised to end special interests and put a stop to lobbying, and make his presidency and administration more transparent?

How's that all working out for you?

Oh you mean as soon as he was elected, his appointment of multiple lobbyists to his cabinet?

Oh and you mean his administration (including the president) refusing to submit to the public emails (including that of the president) and other evidence on the crony capitalism deals done in secret that wasted the taxpayer billions and billions of dollars?

Oh and you mean Attorney General Eric Holder pleading the fifth and refusing to testify on a number of ocassions, and actually lying under oath (!) most recently on the Fast and Furious scandal where another American mother's son perished under Holder's incompetence?

Where's the world peace?

Why are all our troops not home? (The year long deployments continue).

Where are all of those million non-violent marijuana offenders? (Still in prison).

Why is Gitmo still open?

Where's the government transparency Obama promised?

Why do special interests and lobbying still reign supreme inside the Beltway?

How does the President think himself "judge, jury, and executioner" of American citizens that he alone deems to be a "danger"?

Where is the Constitution that HE SWORE AN OATH TO DEFEND AND UPHOLD??

[Hope that helps!]

Norfolk, VA