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3. Are Ron Paul's ideas crazy?

3 Reasons It's Important to Support Ron Paul to Win the Nomination and Presidency

3. Are Ron Paul's ideas crazy?

Dr. Ron Paul's ideas about the U.S.'s economy, national defense and our Constitution are as real and solid as ideas had by another famous leader who was also initially not listened to. Winston Churchill saw the danger of Hitler leading Germany long before it became readily apparent. Others wanted to believe that everything was fine and that Hitler was being honest about his intentions. When Rep. Ron Paul talks about what is going on in our country regarding America's finances, the Constitution and corruption, he is telling the truth. It is ugly and scary, but ignoring Hitler didn't result in the problems going away for Europe. Problems have to be faced head on thoughtfully and responsibly. Winston Churchill's unrelenting warnings and leadership were crucial in gathering forces in time to avoid devastation. Ron Paul has an excellent and accurate grasp of our country's issues and has been talking about them for decades.

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