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Brian Doherty of Reason.com talks Unbound Delegates, Brokered Convention and Ron Paul Super PACs

Brian Doherty Senior Editor of Reason Magazine joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Brian Doherty of Reason.com talks Unbound Delegates, Brokered Convention and Ron Paul Super PACs' to discuss his detailed breakdown of the Ron Paul Revolution's push for delegates and a brokered convention. He also talks about controversial questions surrounding the effectiveness of Ron Paul Super PACs.

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Another Good One

Great interview on very timely topics, I'll be sending some people who have been asking about these topics over.

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What I have been telling the TEA-o-con's all along

There is a lot of truth here. I know very well, as I have managed to get plenty of democrats to vote for Ron Paul in the Ohio primary. But after last Tuesday the calls started coming in from them explaining that if Ron Paul does not win the nomination and/or is not on the ballot come November they will either vote for Obama...or not bother at all.
Here is the 'other' YouTube linky.


Ron Paul brochures - free download

Ron Paul brochures can be downloaded for free from the following website. They are written from an evangelical perspective and are very effective on Christians who really want to know and understand the truth. Give them a try!


Excellent brochures!

Wish I'd known of these before my primary.

Bump, Bump, Bump!!!

And Thank you!

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clothes shopping

I will be buying some duds to wear to conventions, I have some for here, but that won't work in Tampa
wish me luck and same to all who have worked hard the past few years
The Revolution Continues .............

Ron Paul wins either way!

Check this out. An analysis by Josh Tolley of the campaign strategy, how it is working and how Ron Paul wins the nomination either way. Great listen!

BREAKING NEWS: Ron Paul Winning Nomination (Either Way)!

great interview for sure

Keep up the great interviews!

good stuff.

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Bound delegates

Hey, great interview. At about 4:25 Mr. Doherty talks about bound delegates only being bound in the first round of voting; this I unstand.

BUT, I have also heard that even if you are a bound delegate, you can actually abstain, or not vote, in the first round, therefore having the vote not go for another candidate. Then these delegates can vote for Ron Paul in the secind round.

Any truth to this??? If so, shouldn't we be spreading the word and making this known...

RNC Rules Right Here

National Convention Rules


The most important question is...do delegates ACTUALLY VOTE individually at the convention even if they are bound....if so.... :)

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Excellent interview

Thanks Kurt & Brian.

Looking forward to the book, and the debates that spring henceforth.

Afternoon bump.

We'll be waiting for your next article, Kurt!

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Brokered vs. Open Convention

The differences (Brokered vs. Open Convention) are striking. Asking for the wrong one seems akin to extinguishing the liberty torch before it is ever lit at the RNC Convention in Tampa. Clarification from party rules experts is desperately needed. It is my impression that we hope for an Open Convention where the delegates are in control. Please confirm.

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Priscilla I believe you are correct. What we seek is an open or contested convention where there is a second or even third ballot. A brokered convention is where party powers get behind closed doors and bring out another candidate ala Jeb Bush or other party insider. In this scenario Ron Paul delegates will still hold significant power if other non committed delegates don't go for it. The worst scenario is if a deal is in the works as we speak and candidates release their delegates to vote forestablishment choice x. Hypothetically if the bound delegates of the big three are enough to get over1144 the establishment could avoid a second ballot. And as we have seen in Iowa, Maine and Nevada the'R'publican establishment is not above changing the rules last minute.

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Too right

I am sure the party's number-crunching nerds are fast at work trying to figure out a way to silence any RP delegates who make it through the gauntlet. Intimidation, censorship and outright property theft were rampant in Minnesota at the '08 RNC Convention. Oh, the stories I could tell...they are supremely vicious. Do you think we will be able to prepare our national delegates for such tactics? I think they should go to RNC Bootcamp before the actual convention.

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That's so true Priscilla.......

Recall what happened in Louisiana in 2008? The McCain State GOP apparati outright ignored Ron Paul delegates and installed/annointed their own. It's analgous to what just occurred in Atlanta.

Great title for an

Great title for an interesting article **wink wink**