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Did the Media Black Out Ron Paul's First Win?

During the first 2 months of the Republican presidential primary contest, the mainstream media consistently reported that Ron Paul had failed to secure a win in any state. While Paul had likely accumulated the majority of delegates in several caucus states, including Iowa, Maine, Nevada, Alaska, Minnesota and possibly several more, he had not placed first in the straw polls in any of those states.

Despite the fact that the straw poll is non-binding and ultimately has nothing to do with selecting the party’s nominee, the media consistently reported the straw poll winner as the winner of the state caucus. They even went so far as to project the delegates won by each candidate based upon that candidate’s percentage of the straw poll vote. This is misleading because the straw poll results have nothing to do with the allocation of delegates in most caucus states The delegate process is completely separate and takes place after the straw poll is over.

The media has not missed an opportunity to point out that Ron Paul has not won a state in this election cycle, although those listening carefully heard John King admit after the Arizona debate that Paul was in second place in terms of delegates. This was the result of several strong second place finishes and several wins - if one defines a win as securing the most delegates. However, the media recognizes the straw poll winner as the “winner” regardless of who actually gets the delegates.

That is, until Ron Paul wins a straw poll. Then the rules change.

Immediately after the Virgin Islands caucus, the Associated Press reported that Mitt Romney had won. However, there was something curious about this particular story. It reported the number of delegates won by each candidate, but did not even mention the results of the straw poll.

I’ll give you three guesses who won that poll (hint: it wasn’t Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum). Yes, as the Virgin Islands GOP website confirms, Ron Paul won the straw poll with 29% of the vote. Romney came in second with 26%, followed by 6% for Santorum and 5% for Gingrich.

Certainly, the Virgin Islands delegation is numerically insignificant in terms of the 2,286 delegates in play during the Republican primary process. However, so are the delegations from Iowa and New Hampshire. The importance of these wins is the momentum they give to the campaign and the effect they may have on voters in subsequent states

The media can’t have it both ways. They can’t report the straw poll winner as the caucus winner in states where Paul fails to win the straw poll but gets the majority of the delegates and then turn around and report the delegate winner as the caucus winner when Ron Paul wins the straw poll. Any reasonable person would scream bias at that.

However, the media may not be real problem here. With 10 primaries or caucuses being held on one day and several more within a few days before and after, the media has to rely heavily on what local/state GOP officials tell them about the results of these contests. If the media simply relayed in good faith what they were told by the Virgin Islands GOP, it raises the real question. Why was the Virgin Islands the first caucus that did not announce the candidate that finished first in the straw poll as the winner of the caucus?

Perhaps it was an honest mistake, but the honest mistakes that hurt Paul’s campaign are adding up. As I pointed out before the Washington caucus, the only vote-counting or election scandals during this primary season have occurred in states that Paul has been expected to have a good chance to win. As anticipated in that article, Washington joined that dubious list of states before the voting even started. Paul has taken the high road so far, explaining his lack of a win by saying that "changing one hundred years of history takes a little time." However, after drawing thousands to rallies in one state after another while his opponents have only drawn hundreds, if that, even Paul is starting to get suspicious of the highly massaged caucus straw poll results.

Although his support has increased by orders of magnitude since 2008, Paul admits that the chances are slim that he can win the nomination. They are certainly no slimmer than Newt Gingrich’s chances at this point. However, no candidate could have any chance to win with his own party teaming up with the media to thwart any momentum he might generate.

If the United States had a vibrant political system in which many parties competed on a level playing field, one might say that Ron Paul should take the hint that he’s just not wanted as the Republican Party’s candidate. However, the playing field is not level. Both the Republican and Democratic Parties receive government subsidies and benefit from a labyrinthine set of rules that give them a virtual monopoly on the political process. Without fairly conducted primaries, no American citizen is truly guaranteed "a republican form of govenrment."

If those lofty ideals don’t resonate with entrenched Republican Party leaders, then perhaps this will: Ron Paul’s supporters may not be a majority within the Republican Party, but you’ll need them to win in November. If they walk, you get four more years of Obama. Treat Paul’s campaign fairly and stop trying to give it extra adversity to overcome. Otherwise, you may be treated to another Obama inaugural address.

Tom Mullen is the author of A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America.

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How do you buy

a TV station? How much would it take? Is it possible? The WORLD would chip in.

The short answer:

Yes. He definitely should have won Maine, if not any of the contests before that as well (I'm sure those GOP establishment vote-counters were shoveling stacks of ballots into the furnace the night of the Iowa caucus, I'm just sure of it!)

At least the Virgin Islands straw poll was an honest one

And says a lot about the primaries and caucus straw polls stateside (i.e. they're all rigged by various means, especially if Paul could win the state).

The GOP apparently couldn't be bothered to rig a straw poll all the way out on the Virgin Islands, thus we finally find some honesty out there that justifies our suspicions over here.

Let 'em have it, I did!

Here's my email on the ABC7 website. It's easy LA, let 'em have it!

"ABC7 has forfeited any pretense of unbiased reporting with it's shameless and unprofessional lack of coverage of the Ron Paul presidential campaign. Many of us will have long memories regarding ABC7's shallow attempt to denigrate Paul's candidacy and will, consequently, create our own version of BLOWBACK by shunning the station, it's MSM network, and it's advertisers."

Rachel Maddow just reported

Rachel Maddow just reported the blatant disregard of the media on Ron Paul's popular vote win in VI. She was confused as to how Mitt Romney won by losing to Ron Paul. She showed the vote tally with Paul having 29% of the votes to Romney's 26%.

Yep they cheated him out of the Iowa win and GAVE it to Santorum

And Maine and NH and SC and NV and well he's winning every state and they are running scared. They can't even come up with a good plan of cheating except to leave his numbers off the screen or at the bottom with a split second sound bite.

Why isn't the camapign doing anything about this?

Yep, that's how it rolled in all the states. Maddow is only now realizing it?

People are not voting for Scamtorum or robmoney. The news is just scamming. We all know that. The usurper is scared to run against Ron Paul. The Usurper will lose to Ron Paul if the votes were honestly counted. Election fraud is rampant.

The people want Ron Paul.

PS- be careful for phoney news from bloggers posting as Paul supporters. They are really obots. Keep your eyes open. When they say my caucus had only this much for RP and this huge amount for _______fill in the blank, then it's an obot here lying to us.

Never doubt it.

Keepin' it real.

Anyone with a link to Maddow on this?

Do you have a link? I couldn;t find it on MSNBC or You Tube.

I'm with ya brotha....

This is BULLSHIT......

Ron Paul is totally blacked out on ABC7,

in Southern California.

You wouldn't even know he's still in the race if you've seen their coverage, and he's not even listed as a candidate on their website.

Tell them we want fair coverage in Southern California:


Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC

Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC was just on and he was discussing the delegate counts of the candidates. When he mentioned Paul's delegates he said "...and Ron Paul with a meaningless 31 delegates". What a douche!!! If he's not such an idiot, he would know that Paul has a lot more delegates than Newt and Santorum.

Of course the media blacked out Ron Paul's first win.

It was Iowa.

bankster error

... in the banksters favor. Do not pass go ... do not collect 200 "debt notes" ...

SteveMT's picture

There have been too many "honest mistakes" for this to be honest

There is a pattern of deception here, more than just coincidence, IMO.

You mean like the time

Gingrich had to cancel his rallies in SC BUT he won SC! (confused and scratching head) Me thinks RP won SC and they switched the numbers. I've thought this from the get go where they switch out RP's votes and GIVE them to another candidate based on various things in the RP camp where he has overflow and turn aways at his rallies 'cause they do not all fit into the venue. This has happened consistently. When is the campaign going to speak up? This is our campaign too......Speak up damn it. Who is leading RP's campaign anyway. They suck. Time to get some new blood in RP's campaign. They are keeping RP in the dark about what's going on. That's plain wrong.

Keepin' it real.

they black him out and spin his message...

No question! The good Dr. says it himself!

Its an info war they put open us!


two storys - one is not reported

The R3VOLUTION will not be televised! Its on us to get the word out everywhere

free flyers: http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3

Interesting how the "honest mistakes" ONLY serve to hurt Paul's

campaign. Those mistakes NEVER reflect negatively on the other campaigns.

That seems a bit too selective to be qualified as "honest" or even "mistakes."


Is what is going on.. The MSM has
1) Ignored him
2) Then it didn't count
3) Then he isn't presidential enough
4) Then "I went" and chickhawk flew over the cuckoo nest
5) Then he came in second and never won a contest yet..
6) Then he drew huge crowds that were "mistakenly" reported 75% less than the actual crowd size
7) The Caucuses allegedly threw away some straw pole results - he has yet to win anything.
8) He wins a caucus that is consistent with the numbers and it never happened.
9) Obvious collusion, tyranny in the open
10) Blowback.. breathe in deep organise and lets all exhale by the millions. That means start voting with your dollars. Economic activism is akin to sanctions on Iran. Sanction the organizations by the 10's of million in unison and certain days.

11) The fiat will influence and change behavior.