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ALL 5 Versions of the RON PAUL PROMOTIONAL FLYER that Compares each of the 4 Candidates for GOP Nominee

Had some trouble linking all 5 versions of the Ron Paul flyer together so they could be seen on one webpage. Apparently only one version was coming up when people clicked the link to order. My deepest apologies for that.

I've since fixed the problem, but in case the gremlin comes back, PLEASE let me know.

ORDER the flyers here and proceeds go to the campaign:


FREE DOWNLOAD of ALL 5 current versions & PRINT them out yourself. (TIFF images and PDFs) Plus 2 additional comparison sheets done by a fellow DailyPauler. Thanks ProudAmericanFirst!


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"Candidate Fact Sheet"

In the discussion on another thread about electioneering near the polling places, I happened to read my state's position on what constitutes electioneering, and whether it is permissible.

It's not really clear, but the courts in California have held that it makes some difference whether you say "Vote for" in front of the candidates' name, so these are great.

I would like to see a little check box in each square so that voters can check the boxes to see which candidate they prefer. This might help some of us avoid issues with handing these out at polling places.

Also, I'd like a spot on one side left blank for adding local contact information, or a website that has video to provide the sources of the information, preferably video of the candidate saying it, and it really ought to point to a place for people to get more of them.

We should e-mail these to all our friends so that they can forward them to all their friends (I guess they call that "making it go viral").

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Janice thank you very much!

You can print Most-Powerful-Flyer in black/white as well and it will look good enough to freely distribute. I basically use the color printout to tape on windows or boards at events.

Janice, I have one last revision that I will send to you once it is finished (this time I promise!). This will make the statement loud and clear. I'll shoot you an email in the next day or so.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

In every remaining Contest bring these to GOP meetings

Every Supporter/Activist on here NEEDS to be attending every GOP meeting possible from now until their State Primary. NEEDS TO!!!!

Bring copies of these and hand them out. Just say you are here to promote Ron Paul, explain why and hand these out to everyone there. Do this. It is crucial!!!!

If Republicans see you coming to meetings and participating they will take you more seriously. If you hand out this information it is a no brainer. It may not over come the "I like him but..." - but it will help all the undecided, on the fencers, that are likely to vote Romney or Santorum just cause...

Seriously, GO TO EVERY GOP MEETING/EVENT you can!!!

Jack Wagner

Flyer for Convention!!!!

Let's do this!

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
Quick Humorous Satire course on Ron Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_65316&...


Once sovereignjanice puts it up (Most-POWERFUL-Flyer .doc and .pdf formats), download and print!

This flyer is very POWERFUL and includes Google Ron Paul and YouTube Ron Paul at the bottom of the page.

Distribute this along with the RPHandoutGeneral flyer!

Janice, please get this posted!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Sorry to be late getting back

Sorry to be late getting back to you, but your flyer has been up ever since you sent me the 3rd revision

they are great!

good job. They are fantastic to spread via email and web links. A bit hard to print them cause of the pictures.

why do the pictures make them

why do the pictures make them hard to print?

costs more paint for images

+ needs quality printer to make the images appear clear.
but not impossible..
great addition to the flyer weapon arsenal! :D

all together anyone who cares to read them cant possibly vote for any of the other guys..

little idea janice

how about a little footnote.. like google: ron paul or a link to his official page. But if it makes sense then google: ron paul cause top 10 are the best ressoruces on RP already. Nothing to hide like santorum :D

And to reassure you that this has a great impact. I hear it everyhwere that people use them and that they work.

Your footnote is duly noted!

Your footnote is duly noted! :)

I'm glad to hear the reassurance too. The feedback keeps me going and invigorates others to look at the flyers. Perhaps good feedback will turn people on to them who never heard these flyers were out there before.

good luck everyone in the

good luck everyone in the upcoming primaries

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ProudAmericanFirst and sovereignjanice: Thank You

Thank You for these flyers.

Great work.

Again, Thank You so much.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


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Most Effective Brief Explanation of the Fed

This is a PDF, but a 32 page Disney cartoon booklet on the Fed. Ron Paul's early research assistant, Gary North, calls it "the most effective brief explanation of the Fed that I have ever seen." Especially good for Christians because it also critiques the Fed from a biblical and moral perspective.


RPHandoutGeneral at bottom of page

Somebody mentioned that the handout that I created was pretty "aggressive".

I don't think it's aggressive enough! If anyone can comment on the handout and can provide harder hitting info please let me know and I'll make the changes.

I don't want this handout to pack a punch. I want it to obliterate any chance the opposition has!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

its pretty aggressive but why not?

Its on the one who hands it out to decide when to hand out to whom what!

Thats the good thing about having different flyers.

Its now on us to get the word out

Dr. Paul offered us enough information to be able to spread his message.
The mass media wont do it for him..so it is on us to do it for him!

If every Ron Paul supporter fills his neighbourhood, university, public transportation with these we are in for the win.
It starts with one single person that is you as it started with Dr. Paul as one against many 30+ years ago.

On us to bring this message to the people now! Every flyer can make a difference!

Multiply Ron Pauls message FTW!

Thanks :-)

Thanks for the thanks, and the mention!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Fantastic stuff!

Just printed up six of them - five to distribute to members of our homeschool meetup, and one for my dad to post up in his classroom in the private school where he teaches. Hurrah for long-term strategic advantages!

I'll definitely be printing up more this week, probably ten or so to distribute to my church.

Today, the church.
Tomorrow, the county!

Great to Hear!!!

Any problems with the link? were all the versions there? If there's any particular issue that you feel would be a tipping point toward Dr. Paul please let me know. I'd like address everyone's misconceptions about Ron Paul head on and show them why he's better than the other 3. I'm sorting out one for christian voters. I really want to nail Santorum with the Catholic Church's stance against preemptive war.



still behind in the info war..

.. time to change that with distributing flyers everywhere..

time to get them all out everywhere..

good news all over the country. Our job to follow up..