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Hello Fellow Patriots,

I am worried about the corrupt GOP system will hunt us down and keep our delegate numbers low. I beg you to stay quite and use absolute stealth concerning the matter of delegates. Please stay quite if you are a Ron Paul delegate or delegate for someone else (supposedly). You know how the system is corrupt and voter fraud has taken place. Let's beat them at their own game.

We know they want Mitt Romney to be the nominee so some of you delegates should pretend to be Romney delegates and some for Santorum. You get the point. Do everything possible to prevent Romney from winning and get Ron Paul elected.

Secrecy is key like the Fed. We will call it operation DP Alpha.

Outsmart your enemies and beat them at their own rigged game.

Shock the world, good luck and thank you

From Canada,

Dr. Liberty

Please Vote Up for everyone to see

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Why Are you down thumping it

You know that they check this website and when they see who is a delegate and who is not, they might crack down on you.