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How to Expose Fraud in the GOP Conventions!

We may not have "proof" of rampant fraud in any one state, but we do have countless personal videos of GOP county conventions proving that the "establishment" does manipulate the rules to get whatever they want, even in the face of opposition by voting citizens.

An example is Denver county: http://youtu.be/aY6z15LcmAM

We need to compile short clips of the best-of-the-best from all these videos to illustrate what is happening right now all over America. If there is one thing that all Americans can agree on, its the fact that our votes should matter!

After watching many of these videos I notice that Ron Paul isn't really mentioned, and we can use this to our advantage! All the viewer sees is establishment politicians taking advantage of their power and abusing the system in order to get what they want. This would be perfect because the video would be way more likely to go viral with the "non-Ron Paul crowd" if his name isn't even mentioned. Now don't lose interest yet, I'll get to why we want this later.

We need everyone here at the Daily Paul to post what they think is the best-of-the-best from all these videos on this thread. Then everyone on the site can vote the video up or down by voting on the comment.

Then we need one or a few of the talented and dedicated followers with some real skills at putting together videos to take the highest rated clips and crop them to the smallest time that would give maximum impact and then put them all back-to-back in a fast-paced video that will keep the viewers attention until they're blood is boiling!!! Once the viewer is all pissed off about the local establishment then the seed of distrust has been planted. It won't take long before the viewer questions the "news reports" that call election fraud and abuse absurd and unthinkable. At this point the avalanche has begun!

If we want the older voters without arguing about Iran, Marijuana, or Social Security then just show them how their relentless and consistent voting in the current system MEANS NOTHING!

Here's another good example that boiled my blood years back: http://youtu.be/ywgUCdefSW8

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I can't figure out...

... what happened in Denver. Could someone post an explanation that will make sense to newbies like me? - preferably under a separate title: Denver Convention Chaos 101

Plano TX