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MAINE...any updates?

I know there have been threads going around, I have read a few of them but still no definitive answer...

In the google search results it has the Maine Caucus at 87% reporting still: Romney 39% Paul 34%

Is there going to be 100% ever or will they simply leave it at 87?
Anybody know the full results or if they will release them?

And if not, what is the Paul campaign doing about the lousy GOP hacks in Maine for taking away a crucial victory...?

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I read somewhere today that Dr Paul

ended up losing Maine's 'Straw Poll' by 113 vote.

Delegate count too early to tell but we all know it's going to be a landslide for Ron Paul

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

he didnt lose

he won maine...i know for sure, thats why they delayed the washington county caucus at the last second

They won't be "doing" anything

since it's the delegates that count. Besides, at this point, nobody would even care, so it would make very little political difference.

Hoping we will take over the

Hoping we will take over the Maine GOP at the state convention! They deserve to be ousted. All of them!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!