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Ron Paul NEEDS to Address This on Wednesday at the University of Illinois

Next week, the U of I will be on spring break while the state of Illinois is voting (March 20). Early voting in Champaign County ends this Thursday, within 24 hours after the rally. He needs to remind all of the students that if they're registered to vote in Champaign County and will be out of town for spring break, that they MUST go the next day to the County Clerk's Office located at 1776 E. Washington St. in Urbana. The office closes at 4:30, so get there early!


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Is this the only visit Dr.

Is this the only visit Dr. Paul will make in Illinois? I want to see him, but I won't make it in time with work and the drive. I'm in the western chicago suburbs and I really would like to see the Dr. at least once.

It might be

I am shocked he's coming here at all.



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Important info!


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To get hundreds of more votes in Illinois!