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Cops are the MOB - Scathing Report of Communities Standing Up - from LewRockwell.Com

What do you do when the cops are the terrorists, who are the foot-soldiers for the BARfly attorneys and judges, bringing home the "bacon?"

Great reporting once again.

Take a Bite Out of Crime: Abolish the Local Police
Posted by William Grigg on March 12, 2012 01:14 AM

For several years, the criminal clique in charge of Tenaha’s village government would conduct traffic stops targeting out-of-state motorists who met the “profile” of drug couriers. Anything of value found during the stop — including the vehicle itself — was stolen as “forfeited” proceeds of narcotics dealing, and the motorists were presented with an ultimatum: Relinquish their property, or face prosecution for “money laundering.” Rather than facing the prospect of a long, expensive legal entanglement, many of the victims simply gave up. On the other hand, actual drug dealers were often permitted to go free in exchange for surrendering their contraband.


EVEN IF the drug war was not a violation of the constitution, how could it POSSIBLY EVER be won with all the money involved? Peace officers: You know this is going on. Is "I don't want to lose my job" really a good excuse for letting it continue and turning a blind eye?

(Credit also due to FreedomsPhoenix.com for relaying the article. - Powell Gammill)


Let me say this: If I could find a constitutional sheriff that would disband the police forces in his/her county - I would move there to be an on-call UNPAID (reducing taxation needs) deputy, protecting and serving the PEOPLE. I have a feeling thousands of other Liberty activists would move there as well and the economy/new businesses (jobs) would explode!

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The local police have become

The local police have become the standing army the founding fathers warned against. It's even worse than you think:


Janet Napolitano and Obama

They have access to every local police force in the country. Then you have SPLC that is basically a front for the BAR association demonizing peace and Liberty activists and can send out a fax to every local PD - who then take the information as a factual update.