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It's on a small decline. Do you think that trend will continue until it hits around 30? I was about to buy a few hundred worth but I can wait. PLEASE someone that has experiance.

Also, I have been looking at apmex. Is that the best place to buy? Thanks

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Does any market experts know if silver would also gain on other

stuff after hyperinflation not silver to the dollar but rather silver to other stuff? like a silver dime could buy a gallon of gas right now but after hyperinflation would silver buy more than a gallon less the same? I mean i'm trying to say i'm not gonna get richer holding silver just maintain my current worth?

Silver is the Achilles Heel!

YouTube video, 6 minutes,
Top Comments under the video :-
[[In the origional Wizard of Oz, Dorathy's slippers were not ruby, but silver. The whole message of the Wizard of Oz is that by going back to silver we can go 'home'. 'There's no place like home.']]

[[Gold is money of kings, Silver is money of gentleman,
Barter is money to the peasants, but Debt is the money of slaves ]]

NO! NEVER buy precious metals online (in my opinion).

1. Write a check
2. Use a credit card
3. Give your name
4. Buy online
5. Leave any "paper trail"

1. Use CASH
2. Buy directly from a dealer (face-to-face)
3. Buy reputable silver (Any government-issued such as Canadian, U.S.A., Austrian, Swiss, South African, Mexican or
reputable mint like Northwest Territorial)

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Bullion Direct

BDI offers trading platform, Nucleo Exchange, where you can place your trade or buy what's available. For example, as of the moment of this writing you can buy American Eagle 1Oz coin for 36.69 at BDI and 37.73 at APMEX. Bars are OK, but well recognized coins is a much better choice IMO because coins are easier to measure and widely acceptable.


I use APMEX when ordering Silver. I live in Spain but have my order sent to Gibraltar where I work. I normally receive my order within 4 or 5 day after payment. I only buy Eagles and Maples, not bars because I have to pay a duty on the bars. Do not wait in hope for the price to fall below 30, start stacking now and stay in for the long haul if you can. At least 2 years or so.

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Consider buying from Peter Schiff

He has a precious metals company (europacmetals.net). I'm not paid in any way to promote Peter Schiff but I'm just a fan of his.

I bought my first silver from

I bought my first silver from APMEX. I chose their 1 oz. silver bars. Delivery was fast and order was as promised. As far as what is the "best" type of silver to buy, it all depends on what you want it for. If you have a lot of money and are looking to invest in silver as an inflation hedge, 10 or 100 oz silver bars are your best bet as you will save on the dealer price over spot. If you're the prepper-type, "junk" silver coins and smaller oz. bars are better for a barter type scenario typically seen during a hyper-inflationary period. Remember, you don't get into precious metals to make money but rather to preserve your wealth.

To tell you the truth, if you are looking to buy small amounts of silver, junk silver coins are probably your best bet. One of my buddies grandmothers left him a large amount of silver coins which he was trying to pawn. I bought the whole thing off him at 10% under spot. We both came away winners. Ask around and see if anyone you know has any coins collecting dust. A lot of people would rather have cash than some old coins their grandparents left to them.

$30 silver is history

If silver goes below $30 buy as much as you can. Silver is going on a steady climb towards $50. and beyond. The fact that the US government was sitting on 5 billion oz of silver just 30 years ago, and now nothing tells me something. Government silver was used to manipulate the market up to 2010, but now bankers are short selling to manipulate it. Silver right now is in backwardation, it will stay there until price gets too $50. If Ron Paul becomes President, he will put a stop to it immediately. He believes Silver and gold should be treated as a currency not a commodity. So silver could spring to $200 oz. One thing to remember the silver market is highly volatile, if you watch it all the time it may give you heart burn. If you haven't seen the talking bears on youtube "JP Morgan silver manipulation", you should watch it. I hate cartoons but it was informative.

I use silver as a hedge against the dollar, which I believe is going into hyperinflation real soon. Just like in Zimbabwe silver and gold will become the only currency in the future. Also keep your eye on China, they are buying a lot of gold lately. China has no debt compared to the US, they want to back the Yuan with Gold. They want the Yuan to become the new world currency, if that happens we are toast.

Provident metals is a good place to buy you should save $1. per oz on silver rounds. They also sell the Ron Paul 1 oz silver rounds.


Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

apmex is good

anytime is a good purchase. It is about getting and holding. Its dividends are in the future, not in the present.


What is the best buy on there?? Just the single 1 oz bars? Thanks for the input