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How do I become a delegate in PA?

Hey! I was wondering if someone could help me find out how I could be a delegate for Ron Paul in PA. This is the first election I am able to vote in and im ready to hit the ground running!

Thank you for the help!!!

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Delegates are on the ballot

They needed nominating signatures and should already be set.

You should be able to find out the RP delegates in your district, and volunteers are needed to campaign for these delegates from PA 4 ronpaul:

If you want Ron to win you MUST elect the delegate candidates in PA. If you are available to help elect the delegate slate in your congressional district, please send an email to Type "Volunteer" as the subject line, list your name, phone number, congressional district, and indicate whether you would be willing to door-knock, work the polls on Primary Election Day, or both. A copy f the email will be forwarded to the coordinator in your congressional district. Let's do this!

Bit too late

You needed to get on the ballot ,, check out Scott Davis? In harrisburg, campaign for liberty, spread the word, march 23 or 26 th is the last day to register Republican to vote & keep spreading the word.

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