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In Urgent need of a Graphic Designer

We are in urgent need of a graphic designer to help Jacqueline Smith create 4 post card mailers that will go out between caucus and convention in the 1st congressional district of Utah.

If you don't know Jacqueline, please search here on the Daily Paul to see she is another liberty candidate trying to beat out the powerful GOP supported encumbent.

I am coming here because we are running a shoe string budget and so far the Daily Paul people have always come to the rescue. Please drop me a message if you think you can help.

We need good creative people.

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Not the former Charlies's

Not the former Charlies's Angel; right?

Wouldn't that be great if it

Wouldn't that be great if it was. That is a very common question and it would be great to see something grass roots spring up with that idea.