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GOP Beauty Contests: Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, American Samoa - Open Thread

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Hawaii DOA

How genius the plan is in Hawaii:

Anyone not directly involved with the R party in Hawaii will see "100%" reported and consider it a done deal. Then the provisional votes get counted by ANDREW WALDEN and David Chang in Honolulu (they hate Ron Paul btw) and they may report them sometime between now and saturday, maybe. Well after the press headlines read ROmney wins, etc. etc. Genius plan I must say. So even if those votes put Paul ahead, noone outside of the party people (and I repeat ANDREW WALDEN HATES RON PAUL and he is the CHAIR OF THE CAUCUS) will 'lose a couple envelopes' are dq a few hundred and Ron magically comes in 2nd place, boohoo. But Romney already got all the press. and the news cycle is on to Illinois Primary already.

Boom! They're protecting the structure they built. Did anyone ever say they had to be honest? Did they ever say the party was open to anyone to overtake? Nope. Don't be surprised when the b.s. flies cause they aren't going to watch their own demise.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

maybe you're right -

Now the results are supposedly finalized, but it doesn't look
like there was any change from the numbers that have been
on Google since the election. Did all the provisional ballots
somehow get lost/disallowed?

The campaign manager reports

They feel good about the "NEGOTIATIONS"??!!?? Where do negotiations come into play when counting votes, I do not know...

Evil Andrew Walden holds firm that putting the numbers of provisionals is sufficient transparency an reporting actually who these votes went to in what Counties is "irrelevant".

I'm not starting rumors here. Stating facts.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

whistle-blower needed

What we need is a whistle blower inside the party. Are there no honest people left in the world?


Totally agree beefree

"Give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry

The honest ones aren’t in Honolulu.

Like I said before. Maui’s caucus in Lahaina was on the up and up. I have video of voting, but not of counting ballots couldn’t stay. Nothing of import on the video so no since in posting it.

"Give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry

There are...

But the party is not the world. Do not expect an institutional structure to hand you the detonator.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Love the Analogy

But the GOP's leadership is doing a pretty respectable job of lighting the fuse to their own harm through their shenanigans employed against Ron's campaign.

Although Your Remark is An Astute Observation,

it's ALREADY worn by time and history unfortunately. We have far too much precedent already to hope for any remotely HONEST count. Ron was right to focus on accumulating delegates. ;)


Ron is very good at spending his resources wisely.


However, the count=the delegates in Hawaii.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Sure it does, but

Sure it does, but proportionality won't change the overall objective, i.e. accumulate as many delegates as possible DESPITE the fraud. ;)


I like your honesty...

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Don't you agree

"Jeremy Faulk"

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.



A well thought out response....

coming from a man with all the right answers. Didn't expect to get found so fast did ya?

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

I'm sorry. I can't tell if

I'm sorry. I can't tell if you're being hostile toward me or not. I suspect you don't believe I'm Jeremy, and that's okay. However, I will tell you the same thing I tell every other fellow Ron Paul supporter: Being hostile toward people is the best way to send them running to Romney. Please, for Dr. Paul, take it down a notch.

Wait, you're for Dr. Paul?

Member this post by YOU?

"As Gingrich becomes a regional candidate and Santorum becomes the accepted Romney alternative, I wonder if voting for them instead of Paul would actually be beneficial."

And you called us Comrades too... Gross!!!

P.s No respectable DP member would've taken the bashing I gave you so lightly.

Your lack of backbone gives you away as GOP shill, who writes very similarly to a guy who owns the Hawaii Free Press...

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

2nd Round at Tampa

Yes, Matthew. I posted that quote, though you take me entirely out of context. My point there was that if Romney wins on the first ballot, as he is on track to do, Paul's strategy is moot. By voting for S or G in states like AL and MS where we knew Paul wouldn't fare very well, we could end up taking delegates away from Romney.

Also, what you see as backbone in yourself, I call childish immaturity.


If me calling you out for being the GOP Shill you are is going to stop you from supporting Dr. Paul, then "For Dr. Paul's sake" drop the charade and go support 'S' or 'G'. Cause you obviously aren't doing it on principle.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.


Matthew, I'm sorry this dissolved into an argument. That isn't what this website is about. The anonymity of the internet allows you to post what you like with no consequence and that I understand. I hope when you speak to non-Paul supporters, you give them more courtesy and challenge them more intellectually than you have me. Good night.


I'm so glad you had the courage to admit on here that you are not a Ron Paul supporter. It really means a lot to me.

Thank you and goto hell!

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Matt, I don't see anything

Matt, I don't see anything 'non paul supporter' in his previous statement. It is a reasonable consideration to help promote a brokered convention. I entertained the idea, but I would never do it. Take your stupid bickering to craigslist.

46 weeks?!?! you may as well have joined yesterday.


Lol. Forget to relinquish your commy lingo you picked up in grad school b4 you logged on here 10 days ago. Tard

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Paul behind Romney: CD 1:

Paul behind Romney:

CD 1: needs 574
CD 2: needs 1326

CD 2 is everything outside Pearl City and Honolulu.

CD results are updated.

Delegate Allocation Overall


Nothing devistating about

Nothing devistating about those results. Ron Paul picks up 3 delegates and the winner only picks up 4 more than that!

So Looking Ahead

What states should we expect RP to do well in? I know Texas is a ways off yet, but I have to believe he will do well there.....Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Oregon, and Kentucky are some other states I would like to think he would do well in. Also Puerto Rico.

Freedom is popular-RON PAUL 2012 til I die!

First results in from Kauai

Ron Paul 43.9%
Rmoney 26.6%
Santorum 19.1%
Grinch 10.4%

one of 3 districts reporting

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition, http://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous-Superstition-Larken-Ros...


Paul behind Romney:

CD 1: needs 574
CD 2: needs 1363

CD 2 is everything outside Pearl City and Honolulu.

CD results are behind 1 precinct.

Delegate Allocation Overall


Kauai County and Hawaii County for Ron Paul

At least we took half the the islands.