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GOP Beauty Contests: Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, American Samoa - Open Thread

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Paul behind Romney:

CD 1: needs 315
CD 2: needs 11

CD 2 is everything outside Pearl City and Honolulu.

Delegate Allocation Overall


Suddenly Paul's getting

Suddenly Paul's getting SMOKED in Honolulu, completely out of proportion to every other county in the state by a massive margin.

Vote Flipping Done From Paul to Romney

It's obvious that there was fraud.

On the bright side

we overtook Gingrich in Honolulu. Two more to go!

They took RP's votes in Honolulu

It's obvious!!!

was that

the mormon vote that just came in?

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

There actually is a huge

There actually is a huge mormon vote out here. I was looking at caucus locations in Honolulu County & there were 3 locations in Salt Lake, Hawaii. I never knew there was a Salt Lake out here but I did stumble across the biggest Mormon church I've ever seen last year while driving around.

k how did Mitt Frothy just

k how did Mitt Frothy just get 300 a piece to Ron Paul's 50 in Honalulu

Looks like Romney got this

Looks like Romney got this unless Paul can do better in Honolulu county.

"The true Patriot will repeal the Patriot Act..." - Ron Paul.

If you voted for Ron Paul on a provisional ballot in Hawaii

state it here! We might be able to add up enough votes to see if Ron Paul has enough to go over the top. It is pretty safe to say many people who have registered as a Republican in the last five years in Hawaii are Paul supporters.

Pics of long lines waiting to vote

Looks like a good mix of ages. Bodes well.



Paul behind Romney:

CD 1: needs 105 votes
CD 2: needs 11 votes

CD 2 is everything outside of Pearl City and Honolulu.

So the 4 reported precincts in Honolulu county...

are all in CD1 and the city proper?

Where are you getting CD level data?




Not sure if reported Honolulu numbers are all in CD 1. Honolulu County is split roughly evenly between CD1 and CD2.


I wasn't able to vote last turn around, I recently got my naturalization to become a US Citizen. The long wait is over i stayed in line at my precinct in Honolulu...my first experienced goes like this...

"You cannot complain if you did not vote" said by the person behind me "Can't agree more" said the person in front of me
In my head i said "I Concur". RON PAUL GOT MY VOTE!

I will have my vacation and stay to the island to whom Ron Paul got the most votes.Staycation.

If I was in that line.

I would be thinking about George Carlins view on voting.

University of Hawaii

is located in Honolulu, i registered to vote in my precinct, is it true that all the newly registered will not be counted tonight and will be counted in 4 days? Please let us know because i am pretty sure there is a lot of college students that registered like me in in there precincts.

It's true dude

Were you on the "paper list"?

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.


They gave me a half paper size republican membership to fill out, then a voter registration form, paper ballot to vote, to which i voted proudly with Dr. Paul , they staple it all together and i place it in the box.

There were so many people

There were so many people sending in provisional ballots, Ron Paul probably won. Dunno if they will give him the win though.

Just in the precinct in Kona there were 40+ provisional ballots.

Kailua-Kona? That's where

Kailua-Kona? That's where I'm from but I had to do a provisional ballot in Honolulu because I'm here for college.

Still nothing from Kauia County

Small island might be to our advantage

Current Delegate Allocation


So pretty much everyone is getting a piece of the pie

Its a pretty small pie but a win here is very important in showing the establishment that Ron Paul can win a state. I know that if he wins however the media will downplay it saying its just Hawaii.

What's happening in honolulu?

Why are we doing so poorly in Honolulu? I would have expected Ron Paul to do well there, I am sure there are many Dem's and Indies in that area. What gives?

They probably forgot to note the 1st of his 3 digits

They probably forgot to note the 1st of his 3 digits. obviously an honest mistake any Romney supporter could have made.

Excuse Number 1001 For the GOP's Fraud Against Ron Paul

Sunspot activity disoriented Ron's supporters into improperly voting for Santorum, Romney, or Gingrich instead of their man, Ron Paul.

We're ALL sick of the excuses for Ron's less than stellar performances in these MANIPULATED popularity contests. Any more? ;)

\ /

If newly registered voters

If newly registered voters aren't going to be counted for 4 days, most of the younger/college votes won't be included in these results.

Two words one vile being

Andrew Walden.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.