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GOP Beauty Contests: Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, American Samoa - Open Thread

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oh its the dems

That are voting for Santorum.



It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

What Happened to Dems and Independents

If we think we can convince the majority of Americans to vote Ron Paul in a General Election... It should be no problem winning by a undeniable landslide in the primaries. We need the General Election votes right now. 2 Presidential Elections, 40+ debates, Tens of thousands of youtube videos, The "ideological base" has heard the message. Now, we need the broad support we know is out there for grabs. Democrats and Independents need to be brought into the fold by being reassured on social support programs. Now or there won't be a later.

They hear "Republican Caucus" and puke

Literally, that's what a friend of mine did. She thought I had my brains eaten by a zombie I think.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

so true it hurts

so true it hurts

Neck-and-Neck in Hawaii and Maui

4 votes behind Mitt in both. But trailing in last place in Honolulu. Hoping those 4 precincts are very unrepresentative of the other 19...

New numbers

Mitt 531, 32%
Frothy 466, 28%
RP 435, 26%
Grynch 250, 15%

Hey RonPaul818

Do you happen to be from the San Fernando valley? I only ask because 818 is the area code here.

Born and Raised

Jordan! How about you?

Also born and raised!

Nice to see another Valley Ronulan on here! I've been trying to spread Ron Paul's message to friends and family but alas they remain apathetic. Ill keep working on them until June but I can always fall back on vote for him for me but I'd rather they decide for themselves and get passionate about the cause for liberty. Do you know if there's a way to private message on here? I would love to exchange information and get in touch with more Ronulans!


I am not sure about the private message, but that is awesome.

My wife and I are for Ron Paul (Granada Hills); I have a friend in Van Nuys who is for RP; a friend in Sherman Oaks who is for RP, and another in Anaheim. My parents live in Riverside County and are voting for RP again.


Paul behind Romney:

CD 1: needs 105 votes
CD 2: needs 8 votes

CD 2 is everything outside Pearl City and Honolulu

RP is surging back in Hawaii county

5 votes from Romney on top.

Romney shouldn't be on top he should take it from behind


Looks like more shenanigans

That whole bs of sending new voters' votes to be counted in secret is so typical. Right ow Ron Paul is last in Honolulu county I a third of the precincts reporting. Let's hope he gets a surge.

Are we sure its "last 5

Are we sure its "last 5 years" or is it just new registrees?

Not sure myself

Since I do not live in Hawaii but why does it matter to be quite honest? Why should voters who are new or haven't voted in 5 years not have their votes tallied at the site? Quite simply it's to smudge the numbers because they knew Hawaii should be a win for Ron Paul. Unfortunately we can't use our delegate strategy here since the delegate allocation is proportional (though we still can get Paul supporters for future voting rounds in an open convention). I'm getting sick and tired of this blatant fraud by the GOP. I hope our delegate strategy works and Ron Paul wins the nomination in an open convention so they can cr foul and see what it feels like.

Federal Law

Federal Law passed by the Bush administration requires that newly registered voters cast a provisional ballot to be counted once the registration is approved. It counts the same in primary elections. Not saying I favor that. That's just how it is. Doesn't seem to me like it's anything out of the ordinary.

Ahh but here's the beauty of it!

I'm not "newly registered" just not registered in my district. I've voted since 2007. I was told I registered at the DMV when I got my Hawaii license in 2010 but this was false it turns out.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

It'll take a while still

It'll take a while still before the votes are counted. The voting location closest to UH Manoa was still voting when I finally put my ballot in at 8:15. If you were not in your voting location for your local state house rep, then, you were put in a line that had to put their ballots in an envelope & mail in to headquarters. Myself and at least 4 other Paul votes that I went with all had to put our votes into envelopes. I don't know a single college voter that did not have to get an envelope.

So when is THAT count going to take place?

Another Maine-style firestorm?

If you weren't at your

If you weren't at your specified voting precinct, it's standard practice to cast a provisional ballot.

And who are you working for Jeremy Faulk.

Registered member 1 week ago!? I hate when people pull the "just joined card" but damn if it don't fit on some... Seriously, your posts about "strategically voting for gingrich and the ayatollah Santorum are truly enlightening".

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Yup nothing seemed out of

Yup nothing seemed out of order about the voting procedure. It is just that the provisional ballots won't be counted tonight. It is our first caucus & it was overflowed & I heard that many of the caucus locations were overflowed. I imagine that some caucus locations finished voting 30 mins after the supposed 8:00 deadline.

Well atleast Hawaii is making the effort to make sure everyone

Well atleast Hawaii is making the effort to make sure everyone gets the chance to vote. In my state, Washington, thousands of voters were turned away due to overcrowded caucus sites and party leaders just shrugged...

The chance to vote is great

But gimme the chance to have my vote counted in public with the rest of them. I had a Hawaii drivers license and proof of residency in hand. No question I was eligible to vote, why the wait? I'll wait for Jeremy's response...

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Is it true this count

will be done in secret?


Paul behind Romney:

CD 1: needs 105 votes
CD 2: needs 34 votes


Paul behind Romney:

CD 1: needs 39 votes
CD 2: needs 22 votes


Hawaii delegates are proportional, we will get about the same amount win or loss. It would be nice to have bragging rights, but would you rather have bragging rights in Minnesota or majority of the delegates?