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GOP Beauty Contests: Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, American Samoa - Open Thread

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Probably another virgin islands insident

Romney probably won the delegates but lost in the straw poll otherwise they would have announced the vote totals or at least percentages. I can see the media blasting this tomorrow "So we just got word that Mitt Romney just won the American Samoa territory with another 1st place win behind Paul" lol

The Vote Count is Only Being Projected!

Our percentage will not change much as the remaining 82.2% of the votes are "counted." Someone in the GOP obviously knows how to use excel to do projections.

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think im

Gonna hurl... i can understand Romney doing well (TON of LDS) in Hawaii, but how is santorum winning Honolulu?

Not anymore.

Looks like they (and I don't mean the voters) decided to give one win for Romney today. Santorum will finish second, apparently.

Good night, friends. Won't lose sleep over this latest farce.

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Something is real screwy.

Something is real screwy. Voting for Santorum is the same as voting for WW3 and the biggest future debt of all of the candidates. And worse, imposing Catholism into our government. What is going on?

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

That is what most Republicans want

They are pro-war/pro-Israel and believe we need a stronger moral basis in society.

Paul is an independent conservative and will need to run as an Independent in order to win. That is obvious after yesterday. The only other option is to get Romney out of the race and get the Northern, Western libertarian, and better educated Republicans.

And Gingrich

He could barely muster 6% in Maine and he's vying for third with Paul in Hawaii?

A super pac for Gingrich is

A super pac for Gingrich is running a real slick ad on radio. I don't know how many shows it's on, but it's on Coast To Coast 4 times a night. It's sickening. Coast To Coast is Ron Paul friendly. He needs ads there, and he needs them fast.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Well, Dr. Paul is winning on

Well, Dr. Paul is winning on the big island so far with less than 10% counted for that county.

where are u watching it broken down by islands?




But, I did see maps at another site, too. Just don't remember which one. Click on the sites in the main thread to find others.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Thanks...I don't see Molokai and Lanai on there.

Are they voting?


If they have a long line waiting to vote how do they know

what percent are in and how can they say 15% of the votes are in?


I think it's the percentage

I think it's the percentage of districts who have reported their numbers.


the rest doesn't really matter.

Looks like Santorum could win, it would be devastating for Romney 0/3 tonight and a Santorum sweep, yikes!

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this vote decides delegates

this vote decides delegates

The delegates are awarded

The delegates are awarded proportionately in Hawaii.

The rules can be read here:

Now third with 15 percent reporting

little under 40 votes behind Romney

Romney 31 ,,,Santorum 28 Paul 23

when I just looked


google shows Dr. Paul leading

google shows Dr. Paul leading on the big island. 11% reporting

Well, they wasted no time "fixing" THAT mistake



Currently in second with 11 percent reporting

5 votes behind Romney. We have 28 percent

what's taking so long?

Are we waiting for the stove to heat up so we can cook the results? 20 minutes and nothing yet...

Long Line

At my precinct, in Honolulu, they said that anyone who was IN LINE at 8pm could vote. There was easily an hour or more line when I left a while ago. So I don't know - it might be a while.


Hawaii Caucus
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11.1% reporting (5/45)
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Just VOTED for Ron Paul at Location that had 3 precincts

This was in Honolulu. The place was PACKED. I got there early, and had to wait 40 minutes to vote. The long was 5x as long when I left. Almost all old people. This discouraged me, but the couple behind me (~90 years old) could barely hear, but were voting for RON PAUL because he is "conservative" - this pumped me up. Very chaotic here, way more people than expected. We'll see.

Hey Brah...

Was just there too. Extremely chaotic, sparse parking and longgggg lines. Lines were divided up by last names, and mine seemed to take the longest of all--two other friends I brought to the polling place got through 45 minutes faster than I did. Upon getting to the front I realized the delay: the gentleman officiating was pushing 90, rather slow in his methodology to say the least. But good on him for volunteering all the same.

As you noted, there were 3 precincts aggregated into the one polling station. My question is, do you know if the Manoa precinct was included in this one? I sure hope not.... did not see too many college students at all. Average voting age was 50ish, by my guess.

Let's hope for the best all the same.

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