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GOP Beauty Contests: Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, American Samoa - Open Thread

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Votes counted in private, one

Votes counted in private, one RP and one Santorum supporter allowed to oversee. No Gingrich/Romney supporters volunteered to watch the vote. Not many people had RP shirts or hats, but there were a lot of Paul supporters voting. They're just staying under the radar due to potential GOP pressure. My folks signed up to be delegates, apparently the delegate decisions don't happen at the caucus. Not sure why it's called a caucus, people showed up, voted, then left because there was nothing else going on.

Edit: Clarifying that this is the report from my parents at Kona Hawaii Caucus. They're also getting involved in the GOP platform development, so even if we don't win the beauty contest the GOP was happy to have Paul people help reshape the party.

Voting For Ron Paul In Hawaii

I just voted for ron paul in the state of hawaii. upon seeing that one could become a republican and vote on the spot I contacted my mother who was gonna pick me up anyway and convinced her to join and vote for ron paul :)
she was already a ron paul supporter but we thought she missed the deadline to qualify.

their seemed to be quite a few ron paul supporters. out of about 14 people that were there when I was, keep in mind it's a small community, at least 7 were probably ron paul supporters given that 3 had ron paul t shirts on, 2 I overheard speaking of issues such as government surveillance and agenda 21 in a disapproving manner, the other 2 are me and my mother.

Silly, NY Times has a time machine

Or they knew the results already, And they got the timing wrong or assumed that ppl are not going to check anyway... meh election fraud, what's new?

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Not supposed to get reports for another 15 minutes

The NY Times of course provides no information on turnout, vote percentages...just that Romney won all the delegates...Wheres the evidence to back that up? I think I'll wait for a more reliable source than this liberal BS

On MSNBC they are saying Romney will want Newt to stay in

Said Romney should call up Newt's Daddy Warbucks Sheldon Adelson and promise him the world if he keeps backing Newt. If Newt gets out, it helps Santorum. If Newt gets out, will it hurt Paul? I would think it would. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

IMHO we need a deadlocked

IMHO we need a deadlocked first vote, to unlock the Pro-Ron delegates that are pledged to others. So anything that splits the neocon and sheeple vote and keeps Romney or Santorum from getting a first ballot win is priceless.

Situation might be different if Newt's anti-Romney voters would go to Ron if Newt threw in the towel. But thanks to the MSM they'd expect voting for Santorum would be more effective.

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Newt just went on Fox and

Newt just went on Fox and pretty much said his only strategy now is to bring down Romney.

Just voted in Kona Hawaii

Still got 30 minutes left til the polls close. There were over 50% Ron Paul people when I got there. Some were wearing t-shirts with his Face on it!

But alas, here's the catch: Those who did not vote in the last election cycle were not on the "Paper lists". They then had to go get checked into the electronic system or re-register. This meant that their ballots were put into special envelopes to be mailed to David Chang in Honolulu to be counted within the NEXT FOUR DAYS!?!?! So the old guard repubs here will get their votes counted and reported tonite, a winner will be declared and then MAYBE on Saturday they will count all the "new voters" ie. Ron Paul people and perhaps then report that he actually "came close" but of course he will not win.

This is all based on the presumption that a republican is republican is a republican even in Hawaii. God I hope the sun, sand, and fresh air have done something positive to these people...

Peace Out from Kona.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

YAY for the votes, Boo for the fraud

It's amazing that ppl still tell me there are no fraud, then what is this? HOW DID NEW RULES PROPS UP IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE? oh wait, you're right, it's not fraud, b/c you know, "It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes." (Josef Stalin, totally "legal".

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
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which means if Ron Paul gets

which means if Ron Paul gets more votes tonight...they'll count the others behind closed doors and give them to Romney.

here's my findings from Mississippi...


Hearing from voters in Honolulu that the caucus was overrun with a huge turnout.... and DOMINATED by Paulers!

I think we're looking pretty fine in this beauty contest


I still stand by my theory of Newt dropping out after June 5th

I just don't see him winning anymore states or getting enough delegates to surpass Frothy. He's praying for 1,2 finishes like tonight to happen in other states...which is just not going to happen. But he will dilute the vote in hopes of hurting Romney...which I really don't see happening either lol. Once the June 5th primaries are done his purpose is over since the California and Texas wildcards will be over. He will give all his support to the Sanitarium to defeat Romney in the last state before the convention, Utah (a highly Mormon state). In addition, with no candidate getting a win first round, Ricky still gets all of Grinch's delegates for the 2nd round.

Santorum won't just get Newt's delegates

If Newt releases them, they can vote for whoever they want. Hopefully they are Paul supporters at heart, but if not they are just as likely to vote Romney than Santorum.

given Nevada and Idaho...

There is a 0% chance that Romney loses Utah. I would even venture to say he wins at 85%+ Such a disproportionate amount of Mormons are voting for Romney there's absolutely no chance for the "anti-Romney" to win there.

But, the rest of your analysis is solid. All this assumes GetRich's ego actually isn't surpass-able, which is possible.

when is hawaii going to be showing votes??


I heard 2 am est.... So

I heard 2 am est.... So another 45 minutes. I could be wrong on this though.


i thought that was for american samoa, hawaii was caucusing between 6-8pm, them being two hours earlier than me here in washington state, i thought info would be coming out very shortly after 10 pm west coast time

Hawaii begins reporting in 30mins and Samoa in an hour

Hope Ronnie Paul got everyone to vote =)

How so?

Newt got 2nd twice, and close ones at that. If anything the media will say Paul should drop out because he got <5% of the vote in each state. He didn't campaign there, and the south has no brains, but Newt had a good night. He beat Romney twice.

to be honest..

...if Newt drops out, it might not be bad for us. The last thing we want is Romney winning more delegates, and if Newt takes the votes from santorum in states where Sanscrotum would have, won, it only helps romney. Santorum is so far behind in theory, that I don't mind him winning if it hurts romney. If newt keeps taking votes from santorum though, that could help romney and hurt us. At least that is the case in the winner take all states. In porportional states, its good for us if Newt stays in.

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Goolge will report Puerto Rico Counties?

I scrolled down on the google election map and noticed this. I understand the island is very populated but why would they report a US territory's counties over a US state's such as Maine?

Or is it just that Charlie "Manson" Webster didn't want to see all that green up in his home state =)


POLL: If Newt drops out, who benefits most?
Vote: http://www.wepolls.com/p/8426171

78% for us!!

78% for us!!


Hmmm interesting

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
Quick Humorous Satire course on Ron Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_65316&...

I have 8 direct ancestors

I have 8 direct ancestors that took up arms against an invading tyrannical government that used the Constitution as toilet paper. Hundreds of thousands of Southerners died fighting an aggressive foreign policy, centralized government, economic protectionism, and sword-enforced 'morality'... and now their descendants fully embrace such tyranny.

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This is amusing

Rick Santorum...haaaaahaaaaaa. I hate conspiracy buffs. This is rigged it cannot possibly be true. The elite mist want Obama reelected. No way sorry no no no no. Ft. This is a joke.

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I agree with you on this!

I have watched many you tubes and studied about election fraud. It is a very easy thing for the establishment to do on those voting machines. I also know this because it happened to me in 2008! I saw the ticker tape come out after son and I slid in our ballots, and it said 2x in a row, defective ballot. I voted for Ron & so did son. In general election, I was alone & voted Constitution Party, and this time it said un-voted ballot. Where I am now, the ticker tape part is covered. But from those experiences, I am 100% positive that they fix those machines! I don't know if it's everywhere, but sure it is enough for the establishment to choose themselves whom they grant the presidency to and our vote truly isn't counted. However, I still go vote! The action of doing so gives me a voice regardless! But yes, you are right...Santorum really is a joke!

Unfortunately, this is not

Unfortunately, this is not rigged. Santorum waves the 'Conservative' banner and makes a few quotes about following the constitution and the 45-70 year olds fall in line like dominos. So I agree, it is a joke. Just not a funny one.