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I'm not buying this Afghanistan rhetoric

Suddenly so many of the neocons are for "seriously re-thinking" the Afghanistan strategy and hinting at finally pulling out. True, the horrible attack over the weekend is atrocious and almost unspeakable; however, these neocons have never given a flying flip before about what happens to civilians in the countries of these middle east wars. Something is up. They know something and/or suspect something. Are they posturing for the Paul and Independent vote? Are they wanting to pull out all the stops in Afghanistan to gear up for Iran since our resources are strapped? Something is up. What happened to how important it supposedly is/was that we don't allow Afghanistan to become another breeding ground for Al Queada? That argument seems to have fallen by the wayside. As far as I'm concerned this recent reposturing just proves that was never the true reason for staying in Afghanistan all this time in the first place. Maybe if the troops leave, the drug money can flow more freely as so many eyes won't be around and then there will be more money to fund the next war, which appears to be right around the corner.

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It's damage control by the

It's damage control by the media, that's all. The story that came out this weekend upset many people, and more folks are wondering what we are still doing over there. It makes all the bloodthirst they have been spewing for Iran look very bad, so the media is softening their tone so people won't leave the fold. Also it is very likely Neocons are ready to position to Syria and Iran, so now Afghanistan can become the "unpopular" war, which they can rag on Obama about, while they plan for the next war.

If they leave

the taliban will crack down on drug production like it was before they came. Drug production is higher now than it's ever been because they are there

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I thought the same thing

I think they, Newt especially, are still desperate to siphon off some of Ron Paul's enthusiastic base. Also the majority of the public is uneasy about the wars, and Ron Paul is seen as the "anti-war" candidate, so they are trying to persuade those voters on the edge of undecided as well that they will amend our aggressive, pre-emptive foreign policy. They are obviously lying, it goes against everything they've said in the past. As Obama once said, "politicians will say anything during election time." He's a perfect example of that.

I think they saw the polls

about 60% of Americans want us out of there. Plus, Obama is not going to start getting us out of there until 2014. That is another thing they can bop Obama on.


The message is what happened to the tea party support and crushed it and it's clear message in the beginning. The process of indoctrination confused the message and associated it with Sarah Palin. She took the bait and the "tea party" with it. That was her national job. They (TPTB) used her like a roll of paper towels she took the fiat and went back to Alaska and speaks up when called upon. Most folks think the Tea Party is Sarah Palin who they know will never win anything besides Alaska.