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Delegate Delusions

Please stop this nonsense! You lose all credibility maintaining conversations of being awarded the nomination in Tampa. Are you showing up at the convention with your tin foil hats on too? Wake up! And please stop this conspiracy theory saying "they" are preventing Dr Paul from being the nominee. It is not a conspiracy, just a lot of individuals with the same political views in a position of power controlling what passive voters see!

Time for the strategy to change! If Dr Paul will not represent those of us who support the Constitution in the coming election as a third party, we must then unite and publicly pledge our votes, but not our support, for Obama! Are we willing to allow the Country Club Republican Establishment to manipulate the system to their benefit while denying the rest of us regulars our constitutional rights?! I say nay! If we are forced to eat dog food they will too! Besides, most Americans, Republican and Democrats alike, deserve Obama. When a building is on fire, there comes a time when it makes more sense to allow the building to burn to the ground, before rebuilding it, rather than trying to put the fire out. American is on fire and at the point of getting too far gone to save and the arsonists that lit it, are the ones that keep electing our current politicians! After telling them not to play with matches over and over and over again, and them not heeding the warning, they must now learn the consciences of their reckless behavior. I am not interested in trying to put the fire out only on the Country Club side of the building!!!!

Voting for Dr Paul as a "write in" is wasting your vote. This is why we need a platform to organize and get recognized!! Basically you can double your voting power by casting it for Obama. Down with the Country Club Republican Establishment! I want them to keep their wealth, it is theirs, but they must allow us regulars our liberty as that is ours!! (look at the number of small contributions to Dr Paul's Campaign vs Romney)

DR RON PAUL! PLEASE RUN AS A THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE! Represent those of us that have supported you. Stop this nonsense talk of being able to win enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination. It has become embarrassing. But either way I respect your decision! Your contributions to our liberty has been unsurpassed by anyone in this century! But please let us know soon what you will do so we can make our own plans.

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You sound like an Obama

You sound like an Obama supporter trying to imitate a libertarian...or a pessimistic libertarian who wants the country to just hurry up and collapse already. I'm not sure which is worse.

I am NOT an Obama supporter,

I am NOT an Obama supporter, but I will be voting for him! Romney and the Republicans need to be sent a message for trampling on my liberty!

Are you a Republican then?

Are you a Republican then? That's not going to send them a message... and even if it did, it would be forgotten by next election season. If you think this is just about sending messages to embarrass the GOP, you're wrong.

I am an independent who has

I am an independent who has always voted Republican. I can no longer tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats, except the later hands out free condoms.

Well then, your efforts are

Well then, your efforts are all in vain if you continue on the same path you have for decades. Is it not obvious, when you look at the size of the Federal government growing, that you have been failing miserably? Wake up! You need a new strategy! This voting for an un-electable candidate does nothing! Time to fight fire with fire! If you don't have the guts to do it, then get out of the way and let the people that do, make the changes for you! Start a website about conservatives voting for Obama to bring a crisis that we can use to make the changes we need and deserve!

Or just keep doing the same failed strategy over and over and over again as you watch government slowly take away your liberty.

Stopped reading after:

Vote for Obama. WHAT!!? He is polar opposite of Paul. Sorry, I am into PAULitics, not communitics. Paul or NONE AT ALL. WRITE IN IF I HAVE TO.
BTW I like DUE PROCESS, and the 1st/2nd/4th/5th/6th/9th/10th amendments that the last POTUS's have dissolved and I want them enumerated. If Obama/Goldmen Shacs is re-elected then kiss the rights we do have good bye.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

You sound exactly like the

You sound exactly like the troll who was here 4 years ago trying to get Obama votes once it was known that Ron was done for that election cycle. Vote for Obama... when hell freezes over and pigs fly. If Paul is not the nominee I will vote for the Constitution party candidate or Gary Johnson. See that double bird below.. that is to you and your vote for Obama bullchit.

Trolls attempt to tell other people what to do. like when you

state above "writing Ron Paul in is wasting your vote" ?? What?! Not for me! Voting for ANYONE who does not represent my ideals, truth, the constitution, the bill of rights, that is the wasted vote! Dont let anyone tell you that voting on principle is a waste of your vote. Not voting your conscience is a vote wasted. Any vote other than for Ron Paul, is a vote for the IDENTICAL (and perhaps worse) policies as we have right now. I am not just in this for a presidential election. I am in this as a very concerned citizen, exercising my right & duty to throw off oppressive government. I am in this as it states above on the Daily Paul Banner "Dedicated to restoring constitutional government to the United States Of America". That means getting involved locally. Getting involved in local government is one effective way to delude national government power. Changing ideas locally, across the nation will effect national government. To do that you need a dedicated group of individuals working in the states...mmm...sounds a little like what is going on with the R3VOLution that we are in the midst of.

james williams

It's too soon! I agree with

It's too soon! I agree with the premise, but NOT until the National Convention is over! I am winning MY county, YOU should be fighting in YOURS to send Paul supporters to the state convention! IF the convention does not nominate Paul, THEN will be the right time to bring this out. IF there is ONE supporter working as hard in all the other counties of the country, will still WILL win this! Put your head down and focus! Work on being a delegate and do it! THat's all that should matter right now!

Oh I see. "They" bump your

Oh I see. "They" bump your blog to off topic if you do not embrace the delusion of still winning the nomination. I guess it is bad for fund raising if people realize Dr Paul winning at this point is a dream. Shame on you.

Sad his campaign managers know he can not win, and still out raising money for him to pursue the nomination... Maybe he is more of a politician than I thought :-(

Are you Crazy ill never vote

Are you Crazy ill never vote for Obama! Or Romney or Santorum or the Grinch. My vote is For Ron Paul! Ill write it in if I have to!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

You may was well not waste

You may was well not waste your time voting then. But to each their own! At least my vote will count when I cast if for Obama! Please read my blog so you understand. I am getting too tired to keep repeating it. I don't understand people that only read a few word of a blog and then comment. They make themselves sound so silly.

Good night all! We are on the same team, it is just that I have a strategy to bring about real change, and your strategy is to keep being the silent supporter of liberty.

you are an idiot...

you are an idiot...

Perhaps the most obvious trolling I've seen as of late.

Its embarrassing to read this garbage.

james williams

I am not a "troll". I am a

I am not a "troll". I am a Ron Paul supporter! But above all, I dream of real freedom from federal over regulation. But face it, he is dead last with no hope of winning the nomination. A good leader must accept defeat and change strategy. Something that is obviously not coming from this campaign. I have a feeling this campaign is being kept alive to do what they did last election. Raise money for the same cause with a different name. Now that is questionable behavior if you ask me.

So what do you call taking over GOP in the largest most

populated county in Nevada? Precisely because of Ron Paul is "dead last" with delegates? If Ron Paul is "dead last" as you say, then who is in first? Who has clinched the nomination? You are either a troll or you watch way too much television & you are starting to buy the lies. Ron Paul is doing well with delegates & the proof is in the pudding, as I stated above. This same scenario will play out all over the country. No one knows the future, but if you are implying that Ron Paul did something wrong last campaign by funneling all the energy into a grassroots organization to build momentum for the future, then I think you are dead wrong & you are a troll, or you don't have the faintest idea what you are talking about. Revolutions (like the one we are spearheading) are long fights to change the hearts & minds of people. You are not wrong for saying Ron Paul MAY not win the nomination. You are wrong for saying he is dead last with delegates, and that he should drop out & run 3rd Party now. You aren't telling the truth.

james williams

Ron Paul is NOT dead last by

Ron Paul is NOT dead last by any means! Your thought process is however.

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!


... or a troll. Okay, I'll bite. Obama is far worse than any of the Republican candidates. How about one single issue, the Fed:

Ron Paul
wants to save the country from its destruction via the Fed because he believes it is inevitable if we continue down our current path.

The other three Republican candidates want to milk the American "prosperity" for as long as possible in hopes that someone will figure out another quick fix like what happened with OPEC in the 70s.

Obama wants to speed the destruction via the Fed as quickly as possible because he does not like our current system of government.

Hey you the clueless, if you

Hey you the clueless, if you had read my entire post, you would not make such silly comments.

I will assume for a second

I will assume for a second you are not a troll and respond based on that.

A third party candidacy run is completely counter to what Ron Paul is trying to do. For him to succeed (which in my opinion he already has) does not require that he wins the presidential election. Remember that first. Then get involved in your local grassroots Republican party, and you will eventually understand his goal and why he has won.

I contributed to his

I contributed to his "presidential complain", not to an educational movement.

And besides, people have been

And besides, people have been trying to educate the public about Liberty for decades now, as we continue to slip further and further and further away from it. So how is that working for you?


Definitely a troll folks.

Why do you call me a "troll"

Why do you call me a "troll" and what does that mean? I sent money to his campaign twice when he was trying to build support early on. I have no regrets in doing so! But to see his campaign carry on, on the national news talking about still being able to secure enough delegate to win the nomination is embarrassing. We need a better plan if we want a voice and if Dr Paul will not provide us the platform and pulpit for it to be heard.

A group of individuals with

A group of individuals with the same views secretly controlling the passive people is pretty much the exact definition of a conspiracy.

The only way to waste your vote is hold your nose and cast it for the lesser of two evils. I want to vote FOR someone for a change, not against his opponent.

Not a group of united

Not a group of united individuals. That is the difference. They are acting independently. Please leave your tin foil hats at the door!

Wow. I'll I can say is Wow.

Wow. I'll I can say is Wow. I've been working the delegate train for 4 years. You have got to be either the worst troll ever or have not experienced the delegate wars of 2008.

Look into the sore looser laws that make is difficult for someone to run independent after they exit another parties primaries.


Evidently you haven't looked into the sore loser laws yourself because with the exception of a couple of States THEY ARE FOR STATE ELECTIONS NOT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS.


November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

I sit correct according to

I sit correct according to this link too.

Does that mean that this link is just bogus info?