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I denied myself an opportunity, should I have? Video

When Frank Luntz was in my town of Myrtle Beach during #GOP #SCdebate week, he hosted a TownHall #GroupThink a couple nights before the MB,SC Debate.

I signBombed and VoiceBombed before the broadcast. Had an 18 yr old kid come up to me who I am now mentoring.

I shook Frank's hand and asked him an intelligent question (no video/audio...sorry, I know)

I asked Frank Luntz directly why VA Gov Bob Mconnell and SC Sen Tim Scott talked about smaller government for 5 minutes then talked about I73 for 10 minutes, more BigGovMoneyJobs?

Frank Luntz answered me with Rand Paul excuse a la 'smaller gov' but lesser gov.

Well I owned him on the News Timing at least. That's me at the right time right place

Some clips + Delegates in SC

Me w perfect SignBomb timing on local news

New SC Congressional District in SC. I will help Vet Dick Withington soon on Cam. he says 100% Ron Paul, we'll see after I interview him again soon

More soon from SC

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This is the video link I meant to put in the post


One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul


Luntz is not for smaller government.