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"Ron Paul Volunteers Impoverished Themselves For The Cause" Article on BF

Just came across this an article on Buzzfeed of Ron Paul volunteers needing donations.

The article portrays the volunteers as true believers that have sacrificed much for the Ron Paul movement but have recently been abandoned due to the Ron Paul organization running out of money.

It really does make the movement look pathetic and standing on its last leg.

Hopefully something can be done to support those that have worked so hard without pay and thanks and I would suggest that someone from the Ron Paul organization been informed about this article so that a proper response can be prepared.

It looks bad when the volunteers are highlighted begging for food.

Ron Paul Volunteers Impoverish Themselves For The Cause
Video appearing in the article:

I'm not American and so cannot vote. I have been following Ron Paul's movement for a few years now and have watched all debates and many of his online interviews. He has given me hope for a better America as a member of this world community.

Perhaps, however, Americans are not quite ready to live in a nation of peace led by an honest president with no desire to make Americanism its primary export resource. All of you are young...educate your children and with time the movement will grow and dominate the political landscape.