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Ron Paul Talks Brokered Convention on CNBC 3/14/2012

thx for the CNBC link jmar:


YouTube link thanks to trigonx. Some short technical difficulties at beginning, clears up after a minute or so


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Shorter Ron Paul:

"Silly lady, it's not the price of oil, it's the value of the dollar. Thanks for playing 'Pretend To Be Smart.'"

Becky Quick is married to CNBC executive producer ...

... so you know she gets a heavy dose of "education" at home.


Paul looks very tired. My heart weeps that the country does not wholeheartedly embrace the message it was founded on. Absolutely weeps.

Fraud clip... heavily edited!

Take it down or get the original!

We have too precious little of resources to waste such time on this shoddy work!


Fiscal “liberals” have an inability to understand cause and effect. They often confuse the two and end up forcing the “fox to guard the hen house”. http://bit.ly/zATMvw


from 1:26 to her guilty little look @1:35

LOL @@


EVERY TIME RP goes on CNBC~~~they raise the stock market


To RUB IT IN HIS FACE & HUMILIATE HIM, because they want the viewers to think he's a loser and that the stock market has recovered and he was wrong.

They are jerks! And, don't think the FED isn't behind all this. YOU BET THEY ARE!

another bitchy broad tell us

another bitchy broad tell us we can't win...so yesterday...

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

Is it true that the software

Is it true that the software that is used in U.S. elections is owned by a Spanish company SCYTL that is owned and operated by Goldman Sachs former partners?

Is it true that many regulators of the Federal Reserve are former Goldman Sachs veterans? For example, William Dudley, who replaced Tim Geithner as President of the NY Federal Reserve Bank and was previously the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs for a decade.

Isn't Goldman Sachs Mitt Romney's biggest campaign contributor? OMG!!!

Yeah it's all dirty.

Not that it will be but I think things like crony capitalism ties need to be thoroughly legislated out.

Not sure how hard it would be to keep people from crisscrossing ties from being employed but it needs to be addressed as far as I'm concerned.

We've had ties in office to corporations in the top seats of power dolling out lucrative contracts.. Cheney and Halliburton comes to mind among others.

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CNBC propagandist is reading from a telepromter

She's reading programmed questions and after months of the exact same script she doesn't even know the script well.

Television programming script:

1) You're not going to win the nomination: "My question is, you are probably not going to be the one that wins the nomination in the end."

2) You're only getting the young vote.

3) What are you going to do about gas prices?

4) What are you trying to accomplish with your campaign?

5) Do you and Romney have an alliance?

6) Will you back the GOP nominee?

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Totally shocked...

...to think that there is even a possibility that this is a true recording. More research and checking into this must be done.

BREAKING Obama Caught on Hot Mic Admitting Election Fraud Against Ron Paul by TPTB.flv:


It is truly heartbreaking that there is no truth and real honesty in our election system anymore. There is no truth in media reporting. The whole tainted and yellow journalistic conglomerate of evil has taken over with no true justice in sight to stop it.

The good news is, we are strong as the One Force for goodness that we ALL are. This stuff is found and brought forth quickly by the ever vigilant watch-folks on the wall, for which we give thanks.

The vote rigging and fraud must stop. We will continue to shine the light on this as much as possible from the trenches.

Blessings and cheers to all.


This again?

Why do you keep posting about this, when there's no way it could be real and there are all kinds of ways that it's fake? It's a distraction. You whined before that this has been buried in the forum, but you post it in a totally non-topical manner, which is really weird. This is not the way to get legitimate attention and the clip is surely faked. Why can't you see that?

Where and how was this recording taken?

Is it authentic?

I don't think this only happened in Maine, but in other states starting from iowa.


Last bit of interview was the best

Ron Paul just predicted the Republicans would lose in November if Obama is viewed as the peace/sane candidate. Wow. That really gave clarity on how the republican party has self-destructed, can't wait for more evidence of that tonight when the results come in for MS and AL.

Romney Must be stopped,we need an open convention and enough

influence to either win it for Ron on a later ballot or choose the nominee to reflect a new Constitutional libertarian take.The old establishment GOP will not do....

Ron Paul'08

Third party is only option

and too many people are attached to gop and two party system to part ways with Romney.




God, I don't know why, but

God, I don't know why, but this interview made me tear up some. America's rejected its last hope for returning to the bastion of freedom and prosperity it once was. It's like this final descent has begun, as the prophet's been rejected, and we face a cataclysmic decline to total tyranny.

I don't know if any of you sensed it, but even the interviewers seemed to be looking to him for advice on what to do, affected by his somber warnings... in the back of their heads, knowing he's right, but now it's too late

Is it just me?

Or was Ron's audio being manipulated to sound choppy?
Great interview either way!

technical difficulties

The video drops two or three times, and the audio is garbled in a few places.

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Question about brokered convention win

Question for election experts and others:

If Paul manages to win on second ballot via the delegate strategy and the GOP accept the results, do Republican voters feel swindled since Paul didn't win the local primaries? Will the election feel stolen?

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If Ron Paul wins a brokered

If Ron Paul wins a brokered convention and is rejected, wouldn't his delegates who put so much time, effort, traveling, ect. feel even more completely swindled? I would'nt care if they felt swindled or not, gives them a chance to feel what we've felt pretty much the whole race.

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

Remember, many of these delegates are the.... 'WE'


That depends on the media and

That depends on the media and whether or not the GOP would try to sabotage their own nominee.

That is a dismal thought,

since the media and the GOP have both proven more than willing to do just that. We're going to hold them to their "anyone but Obama" mantra.

The media will shift to be

The media will shift to be pro Obama no matter who the Republican is. I think we can assume that much. But if enough rank n file Republicans rally behind Paul, maybe a couple well known names, I think the public could accept it, once they see that he is competitive against Obama.

He’s not going to back them at all let alone “wholeheartedly”

Doesn’t mean they wont try to sucker him into getting his support by pretending to change their attitudes and then just do a flip-flop. Not the first time.

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I wish to G-d...

Someone would groom Dr. Paul to flatly reject or strongly re-frame questions that presume he won't be the nominee. He walks face first into them every time, and that stuff has impact, like he's admitting defeat and justifying not being taken seriously. Somebody in the campaign, PLEASE help him stop that!

At the end

it seemed like she was tempted to say "Dr. Paul, I agree with everything that you said". But she didn't.