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GOP "for the children."


Larry Craig got caught Santorum-handed, trying to get an anonymous, gay hookup in an airport.
I have a friend (a former Ron Paul supporter) who was passed around as a child, among politicians and law enforcement officials.
My neighbor in the house where I was raised had a severely disabled brother who was put in the care of Catholic priests. He was dropped off one day without an explanation, soon died of AIDS and they discovered the entire facility had been a molest-fest. All quietly settled out of court, of course.
My cousin was adopted by my uncle, a WW2 Vet. The uncle then molested him and my sister. My sister swears she cannot survive without antidepressants now, my cousin killed himself in his early 20's and my uncle was buried with military honors.
The "entertainment industry" is a cesspool that twists our children's minds. Motherhood is no longer honored, it is scorned and treated as if it were a topic the government needed to weigh in on. Mothers are supposed to keep an eye on governments, not the other way around.
The Republican Party is into child peddling, right up to their eyeballs. It was exposed decades ago as "The Franklin Scandal" and yet no one went to jail (except the victims.) Now we see Penn State being exposed, and covered up. Rick Santorum is implicated in the Penn State mess - nothing concrete but he knew all the right people at the right time. Wonder why he had such a meteoric rise to success?
I don't know what Dr. Paul knows or does not know about this issue, but I know what I know. My own grandchildren are now in the care of a pedophile, and I am helpless. Society has twisted my daughter's head so badly that she thinks she needs to help the pedophile, not protect her children.
So when you hear some politician claim he is doing something "for the children" I want you to understand that is code. They are doing the children, and you look the other way because they attend the right church.
The churches and the Republicans are running a pedophile ring. Our military and law enforcement are protecting them. Ron Paul does not ever discuss it, that is why I lost faith in him. I no longer believe he is involved, but I will not stand down on this for one more minute.
The hypocrisy in Idaho is blatant. They rant and rave about "the sanctity of marriage" while they bugger kids and cute staff. And good Republican Christians just keep re-electing the same sick turds.
This is the type of problem Idahoans have with joining the GOP. Not that the campaign is at all concerned about why they lost support in Idaho, but I thought you folks might be interested. (Eh, I realize now that you don't want to know the truth either. Oh well, I still like to tell the truth.)

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So you're just here to talk smack?

"I don't know what Dr. Paul knows or does not know about this issue"

"Ron Paul does not ever discuss it, that is why I lost faith in him."

"I no longer believe he is involved" Well if you did believe he was involved then WHY ARE YOU HERE? Just to talk s#*t?

If the molesting of kids was as wide spread as you claim then it would be considered normal behavior.

And If you are really that concerned about your daughter's dude then buy a shotgun.

The right to own weapons is the right to be free!
ABATE Wisconsin

You have been warned.

It is more widespread than I have indicated, it IS considered normal. Mental health professionals are being trained to PROTECT pedophiles from prosecution. As for my son in law, here is the funny thing. That is what EVERYONE tells me - "Just go shoot him." And this is from "nonviolent" people, from those who espouse peace as a virtue. And from those who will not sit in prison for the crime. And from those who have NOTHING useful to say. So thank you for joining the parade of people who offer useless and insulting "advice" and leave the pedophiles fully protected by the unwillingness of the masses to look at what is right under their noses.
Yes, I am here to "talk smack" about those things that no one will talk about. Why does Ron Paul not discuss them? I don't know. I used to think because he was involved in the cover up, now I suspect he just does not have time to dive down every bunny hole and does not know how rampant the problem is, or (more likely) knows they will kill him or kidnap a grandchild if he tries to blow the whistle.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.