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DRUDGE poll: vote!

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Please do NOT click through on link but type drudgereport.com in your browser. Thx.

VOTED!..Let's Do It

NEWT GINGRICH 16.87% (38,877 votes)

RON PAUL 25.81% (59,735 votes)

MITT ROMNEY 37.24% (86,199 votes)

RICK SANTORUM 20.09% (46,495 votes)

Total Votes: 231,461

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NEWT GINGRICH 17.16% (31,878 votes)

RON PAUL 24.34% (45,211 votes)

MITT ROMNEY 38.07% (70,731 votes)

RICK SANTORUM 20.43% (37,955 votes)

Total Votes: 185,775

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Pretty Much Done with DRUDGE...


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So weird, so many warmonger votes

for a poll immediately below a big photo of Afghans burning an Obama effigy. Republican heads made of lead?

I'm thinking

it's probably rigged, unless a good portion of Americans are really this dumb..


I no longer give Matt Drudge ANY ad-hits! NO TRAFFIC - EVEN FOR A POLL.

Try Jeff Rense at www.rense.com .

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When our vote to Paul goes up, it seems to take the vote

away from Mitt....very interesting.


Paul Still in 2nd

NEWT GINGRICH 17.2% (22,810 votes)

RON PAUL 23.31% (30,921 votes)

MITT ROMNEY 38.92% (51,613 votes)

RICK SANTORUM 20.57% (27,279 votes)

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Ron Paul in 2nd place.

NEWT GINGRICH 17.21% (21,731 votes)

RON PAUL 23.24% (29,332 votes)

MITT ROMNEY 38.96% (49,188 votes)

RICK SANTORUM 20.59% (25,986 votes)

Total Votes: 126,237

39% to 23% Now, Mitt vs Ron-Please Vote Now if You Haven't ( :

( :


Voted but...

Dr. Paul in a rather distant 2nd place.

Let's get 'er done!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

It looks like for over 40 minutes the vote has remained

constant....very strange.


I stopped trusting Druge Report

Voted but I don't expect RP's percentage gain, not b/c there aren't enough of us, but b/c they fixed this poll :P

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On Druge:

Here's the poll as of 10:38 EST.
Notice the two top positions.

NEWT GINGRICH 17.29% (14,961 votes)
RON PAUL 22.69% (19,636 votes)
MITT ROMNEY 39.15% (33,876 votes)
RICK SANTORUM 20.87% (18,060 votes)
Total Votes: 86,533

On the same page is an article:
Republicans in three-way battle in Deep South http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/12/us-usa-campaign-id...

Ron Paul is not one of the three mentioned in this article. In fact the picture on Drudge shows campaign buttons for Gingrich. What a crock.

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I voted and Ron Paul was at 22% and Mittens was 39%



Same software as diebold this season---poss. psyop.

or we are running a little late this am.

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Just voted

22% Paul, 39% Romney

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Force Santorum and his voters to defend authoritarianism more

Neither the candidate nor many RP supporters have been visibly taking Santorum supporters to task for being OK with Santorum's statement that the pursuit of happiness was not meant by the founders to mean "doing what you want". It most definitely was meant that way.

If Ron Paul and his supporters can't capitalize on this slam dunk way to destroy Santorum and most of his support, Santorum deserves to keep scoring well.

Maybe we've been waiting to destroy Santorum until after he collects enough delegates to stop Romney from getting 1146 delegates in the first round of voting at the convention??

If that's the case, then when it's mathematically impossible for Romney to win on the first round (we should know within 5 or 6 weeks), then we need to come down harder on Santorum and the authoritarians.

It's not the media blacking RP out when it comes to what he has to say about Santorum. RP himself is not slamming Santorum directly or indirectly these days (for Santorum's authoritarianism).


2nd so far!Vote!

Mitt has a huge lead

Lets make it disappear