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SHHH! It's against the law

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You know

My reply to my "Obama-bot" neighbor: "Obama DID bring change, BIG change, like the anti protest bill, NDAA, ACTA, etc. I mean That's A Lot of Change! I really wouldn't hope for more, honestly! Considering NDAA ripped the Constitution, Anti-protest killed the 1st Amendment, ACTA is NDAA internet user name. Yep, BIG CHANGES!"

Then I walked away before she hits me XD LOL

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
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The good Judge A Napolitano on HR 347!

His decisive diagnosis on yet another un-constitutional legislation.

You should probably put a

You should probably put a brief description of the video or say who's in it.

So, this is the Judge's new role. Come on to j@ck@$$'$ shows and explain to them how another right has been taken away by the executive branch of government, and why it's bad to have your rights taken. He ought to go one step further, and tell these talking heads that only one candidate will restore those rights to the people, but I digress.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin