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"Republicans in Three-way Battle in Deep South" - No mention of Ron Paul!

Reuters didn't even bother to mention Ron Paul in this piece at all. I know that he's not polling well down there, but I'm absolutely dumbfounded how southern Evangelicals can be snubbing Dr. Paul and getting on the Santorum bandwagon! Doesn't anyone do their homework?!

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Ron Paul will win

just as many southern states as northern states. And the media will employ the same tactics as they have been the whole time. They did the same thing on CBS news yesterday. They even talked about the Afghanistan war and how Newt wanted to bring the troops home. It's all just a bunch of crap.

Even if Ron doesn't run third party I will write him in but it would make a bigger statement if he was officially on the ballot.

I wish I could say otherwise

I wish I could say otherwise but the campaign has pretty much decided not to contest Alabama.

I live in the South.

Let me tell you, that basic stock answer that you get from anybody around here if you ask them a question is, "Let me ask my pastor".
Basically, they're accustomed to letting other more "intelligent"(and more corrupt) people make their decisions for them. And their pastors are corrupt Pied Pipers who are led by even more corrupt people like the Gary Bauer/James Dobson/John Hagee/CNP warvangelical "Israel-first" brigade.

So, there's this really long parade of idiots, with a bunch of criminal con-men at the front of the line, weaving all through the entire south. A lot of not-very-bright people who think they should trust their pastors implicitly, and are led to slaughter by some of the most evil demons ever placed on the Earth by Satan.
The irony!

Maybe they take the "sheep" thing too far

I'm a Christian myself, but what I hear you saying is maybe they're taking this "sheep" thing a little too far! The blind leading the blind!

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

Amen, Brother!

It's the same with the eeevangelicals here in Iowa.
Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against there religion. (My mother is a lifelong member of the Church of the Nazarene and I was too until I left home.)

But there is no excuse for the way they let these Bible-belting psychopaths run their lives.

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