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Advice Needed: Demonized for Understanding and Implementing the Delegate Strategy

So, we have two people who have been validated as Ron Paul delegates in New York state. Both are organizers of Ron Paul meetup groups. I also have been validated as a RP delegate.

I have followed the strategy of getting involved in the political process inspired by Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty since 2008. I have attended the C4L Leadership Summit right from the beginning. I have petitioned to become a committeeman and was nominated for my towns chair.

This sounds like exactly what we are supposed to be doing, right? Wrong. The aforementioned people do not like that we are following not only the C4L training but what we are all learning here on the DP concerning handling the GOP via Roberts Rules and such.

We are being "villainized" for trying to explain the delegate strategy that is being implemented at conventions across the nation. We have a convention this Friday in Rochester NY where the state committee-people are selecting who is going to be the GOP candidate to run against U.S. Senator Gillibrand, a democrat. We are attending as guests because we know the importance of trying to smooze with those state committee-people. This is because they will be electing the at-large delegates available at our main convention in May that is after our April primary.

Here we are trying to work a way to maybe get some delegates and they are posting a meetup to crash the convention. The one person posted on Occupy Rochester to hook up with them for a sign wave at this.

Here is the following email the other RP committee-person posted. Two people responded on the meetup agreeing that our person is GOP establishment.

I mean this is really wild stuff. My question to you folks is how should we deal with these RP people that don't want to be involved in the political process, don't want to understand delegate strategy, and I guess, rip RP people who do?


Email sent to 289 people in the meetup link below:
Folks should be paying studious attention to posts on Ron Paul Forums and the Daily Paul concerning delegate strategy. This Friday’s convention is important for accomplishing this. Unless people are reading those website posts , there is not an understanding that “collaborating” with the GOP needs to be in a positive format.

This “collaboration” includes battling for victories by understanding Republican Party rules, and Robert’s Rules of Order. The front line in this battle is having a high number of Ron Paul people attending GOP functions, and especially these conventions, who don’t back down from the party when they try to pull shenanigans outside the GOP and Robert’s rules.

What is needed is knowledge, courage, and professionalism by the Ron Paul people. Victories in this eleventh hour will not come via “not collaborating.”

The advancement for Ron Paul and the liberty movement that is presently taking place across the nation is due to working within the GOP functions, and at the conventions. This is due to us being the leaders of honesty, fairness, and strict adherence to rules.

A positive sign wave for this Friday’s convention should be for supporting conservative Republican Ron Paul, and be conducted with a friendly demeanor towards those attending the convention. This would be a great service as grass roots representatives for Ron Paul.

We have a couple of conventions coming up soon. Our behavior is very important in that could influence any outcome that would be favorable to Ron Paul. To not do so, hurts the Ron Paul delegate strategy.


Here is meetup event. http://www.meetup.com/forliberty/events/55024332/
Check out the three comments starting at near the bottom where our person explains that her comment is the email sent.


Our person also sent a personal email to the organizer of this event concerning what they meant by this in the event description - "Of course those of you on the inside will have the best opportunity".

Personal email sent:
What is your goal for the people on the inside who are attending this convention as far as crashing the party?

What do you want those on the inside to do?

Is your strategy supposed to inspire those in attendance at these conventions to help Ron Paul secure delegates in NYS?


There was no response to this email only the comment on the meetup.


These are RP people, delegates, and organizers of meetups who are hurting our chances at trying to get some delegates.

So folks, how do we deal with situation?

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You must understand that at all levels,

and especially in leader and coordinator positions, that there WILL be plants and agents working against RP.
It is to be expected. It's S.O.P. for the establishment to do this.

It's my guess that you have encountered a few of these people.
I would recommend working to replace them with some other RP supporter who would be more supportive of the campaign goals, and not blockading against them.